Monday, October 21, 2013

Circus Café @Mt Eden. Sun World Dim Sum @Newmarket. Devonport Mt Victoria Summit. Devonport Chocolates. Home-roast-dinner

day out with mum and Auntie Hooi/Catherine in her cute Nissan March

1) Circus Café @447 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024 NZ.


Quiche for brunchimg_4778_副本

2) Sun World Chinese Restaurant 新世界海鲜酒家 @2 York Street, New Market, Auckland 1023 NZ.

After having cheese, cheese, cheese, chips and chips for every meal, the Malaysian monkeys were craving for some very-Asian-food, even though when I first stepped into NZ I smirked at mum’s anticipation and idea of eating Dim Sum, 2 weeks later I found myself demanding, “lets go eat Dim Sum”.


蛋塔, 虾饺, 芝麻球, 莲藕饼, 叉烧包, 牛筋, 肠粉.  香片=茉莉+乌龙 Total NZD$40.10


The women went shopping for sheep placenta, rotorua mud, manuka honey & propolis, kiwi fruit essence, lanolin etc 土产 after lunch.

3) Devonport—a town across northshore with lovely quaint cottage homes parading/competing their beautiful porch floral gardens.
Mt Victoria Summit—view of Auckland city skyline from Devonport; urban vs suburban.


please forgive my wind-restyled crappy hairimg_4814_副本IMG_4811_副本img_4830_副本

4) Devonport Chocolates, 17 Wynyard St, Devonport, Auckland 0624 NZ.


Chocolate high-heelsimg_4847_副本img_4872_副本

view on the way backimg_4853_副本

5) Home-made Roast Chicken

with crispy skin, gravy, Yorkshire Pudding, baked potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, onion

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