Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mille Crepe. Humble Beginnings @Straits Quay, Penang.



Tried the Lemon Cheese, French Vanilla & Swiss Chocolate Velvet Mille Crepe @RM9.80 each.

p1590048_副本p1590051_副本CNY deco is up!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sri Ananda Bahwan @Penang Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Assorted sweet & savory snacks


Egg Thosai RM1.80


Plain Roti Canai


Mango Lassi


Garlic Naan Tandoori Set RM6.50


Cheese Naan


Restoran Sri Ananda Bahwan

55, Penang Street, 10200, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, 10000

04-264 4204 ‎ ·

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Isaribi Tei. The Impossible.

Lunch & Movie with Dad.


110237_glgRealistic and emotional depiction of the disaster and the after-effects of the destruction. Suitable for all those who are interested to shed some heart-warming tears. Strip of all material possessions and we are nothing, nothing at all, when disaster strikes. Our lives are extremely fragile. Appreciate life and your loved ones more. Warning: Gory bloody scenes.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Summary of 4th Year 1st Semester

Academic Courses:

GTD 310/4 In-patient Ward Dietetics Practical I

GTD 322/4 Special Unit Dietetics Practical I

GTD 406/3 Outpatient Dietetics Practical II

GTN 401/3 Food Service & Industry Practicum

Total 14 units



9 Clinical Briefing @DK8, PPSP for OPD2, IPD1, SU1

Sep 9- Oct 10 Special Unit I Clinical Placement  @Ward 8S, 4TD (Pn El); 2D (Pn.Isma) @ HUSM

10 Tube Feeding regime tuition. Jamuan Raya Harmoni. Bad coughing.

11 ABBOTT product talk

13 Jamuan Raya @ DU

14 hang out new block Murni DM5,6

15 Thosai breakfast with TJ, discussion. Celebrate Yun Fatt’s Birthday @Foh Cheong & Bubble Ice Café

20 KBBC Home Fellowship Bible Study @Dr.Fong’s House

22 SU COPD MNT Assignment

23 Paid semester fees RM1283.70. BALI trip booked RM355.

24 Enteral Feeding Talk by Pn.Azima

25 NESTLE Product Talk


29 GZ-ZJJ trip kaki Mooncake gathering @Astaka. Mooncake, pomelo, lantern.


2 NESTLE Infant Formula Talk. CF Welcoming Night.

3 Meet-up 15 Dietetics Chinese 1st-year juniors

4 DKC Seminar Kebersihan & Keselamatan Makanan JKNK. Maxis Sim. Home Fellowship.

5 Campus 丑闻上报 monk brainwash med students into quitting. KBBC Welcoming Night.

9 Submit Food Service Management Practical’s complete report

10 Special Unit I Case Presentation. Septicemia Shock. End-Posting Pizza Hut.

Oct 11-Nov 8 Outpatient Dietetics Practical II @KDPL, HUSM

18 Submit SU Case Report. Home Fellowship @Dr.Tee’s House.

19 Malam Lip-Lap Hari Raya Keluarga Dietetik

20 USMKK Penang State Chinese Gathering @Jin Man Lou.

21 Kuan Heong, Tesco, Keng Som

22 WYETH product talk

23 VALENS product talk

24 Ms.H PMS unreasonable psycho

26-27 CF Family Camp @Tanjung Chap Beach Resort

29 Ms.H unreasonable psycho Part II


1 Home Fellowship. Apple Crumble.

2 “Program Finishing School”. USMKK-PCGHS Girls Gathering/welcoming dinner @Xin Guang & Ozarah

5 Nasi Kerabu Golok. Lynn

6 OPD 2 Case Presentation. T2DM & HPL.

8 OPD 2 Practical Exam FTT & Metabolic Syndrome

Nov 9-17 Mid-Sem Break

Nov 18- Dec 16 In-Patient Ward Dietetics Practical I @Ward 3U, 3S, 1TD, 2S HUSM

18 Baju Kedah. Submit OPD2 Case Report

19 DUMEX Danone product talk.

20 CF, Hayaki.

22 Captain T, Four Seasons, Bubble Ice Café with Nadia, Salasiah, Farhana, Alifah, Bibi.

23 Kuan Ah

24 USMKK Chinese Dietetics Senior Farewell Dinner/Gathering @168

26 early birthday dinner @Joe Peppers

27 airport welcome Pr.Ng Wah Loke. Yati Ayam Percik. CF. Oriental Kopitiam.

29 Home Fellowship. Durian Crepe.

30 Foh Cheong. Secret Recipe with Beh. Ichiban.


7 <Borneo Cultural Night USMKK 2012>

8 Help out making Popia Salji with PKT’s CG. Prayer meet. Xmas Night Prep. Choo Soon prank.

11 Print GI poster. Xmas Nite 1st run flow. Practice Carol.

12 Kelantan monsoon starts.

13 SDR Case Pres Review I made a big mistake

14 <Christmas Night USMKK 2012> The True Gift of Christmas

16 Last day of Practical. Rainy day, pet with trolley full of durians.

17 IPD Case Pres. AML-M4. Jamie’s Birthday @Ozarah Café

18 CF Tang Yuan making

19 <Winter Solstice Festival USMKK 2012> Lost in Winter, Found in Love

20 Home Fellowship.

Dec 21-Jan 5 Study Break

22 Three Tong Sui delivery to my room today. Prayer meet. DeKlasik.

23 Submit Hypercholesterolemia Menu. Dav&Khai McD.

25 Christmas Open House @ Dr.Tee’s

26 Submit IPD Case Report. Chim Chum with Khai, Hannah, Assillah

27 KB Mall with LS, JS

28 KBBC Bruschetta. Joint CG steamboat.

29 Pesta Durian Nurani

30 Jie See Tomato Koay Teow.

31 New Years’ Eve with KBBC youth. Secret Recipe Dinner. Games (Query 2, Team Uno, Bluff, Reversi) Snacks. Sharing, reflection. Count blessings. Countdown. Prayer. Song.


2 Beijing Gathering @ Keng Som

3 GZ-ZJJ Trip Gathering @ Four Seasons, Up2U


8 FSM2 FINALS. Dr. Foo Briefing GTN407

10 Home Fellowship

12 Yue Rong visiting campus

14 SU FINALS. JiaYin’s Birthday @Four Seasons.

17 OPD2 FINALS. Kbbc youth outing.

18 Kuan Ah. Last dinner with Pei Qin & Deb @Ichiban.

19 Firefly with YaPing, Ken, XiaoJun.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Exam Paper today. 9-11am OPD2 Finals. Then received briefing from Dr.Sakinah & Pn.Mona regarding IPD2 & SU2 Practical/Clinical Posting. Relaxing lunch with YaPing & JiaYin at Pizza Hut. LinHsin left to Langkawi already, leaving me in a spacious but quiet single room now. Evening, dinner outing with KBBC youth, and then played games at McD. Headed back to campus while some of the others went to have a drink. Somehow I prefer Adventist lifestyle.


Monday, January 14, 2013

JiaYin’s 24th Birthday @Four Seasons Restaurant, Kota Bharu.

Post-SU/ICU-Final exams. Relax and celebrate before OPD2 Finals.


Dishes: Marmite Prawns, Steam Siakap Nyonya style, Braised Lohan Vegetables, Sizzling beancurd, Mango Chicken, Squid fritters. Served with rice, tea, fruits. Total RM182.


Happy Birthday (in advance) to my small wife Loo Jia Yin <3


Fruit & Almond cake from Muhibah.p1580666_副本p1580668_副本

Since Yue Rong was in USMKK for data collection, we kidnapped her along. Hence, mini Peng Hwa/Pcghs gathering at Kota Bharu too. (Hui Wuen my buddy during Lower 6, Yue Rong my buddy during Upper 6, Ya Ping similarly Pcghs->USM Dietetics)


After dinner, strolling around Captain T, Sungai Kelantan (notice the brown-colored water)