Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lomo Sabbath: Marshmallow Tower. Harvest In.

church. youth today: Denise, Derick, Daniel, Eugene, Aaron, Mabelle, Celine, Timothy, Thaddeus, Joseph etc.

Elder’s talk. Thomas Chin--friendship
mph lunch
Ecclesiastes 1 insight

Ay program--sabotage
marshmallow tower, cards tower


solving brain games on ipad & ipod
adventurers vespers

harvest in dinner with Den & Mab

reminiscence AY~history glory~10 years of memories~nostalgic memory lane~group amazing friends~interesting eccentric characters~一个都不能少~
precious life stories to tell

night, captain ball our boys lost to PCC tall guys

Friday, June 29, 2012

CG. Jian Ming’s Birthday.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carbonara. Laksa. Cendol. JL Fish Florentine. Sweet Sour Chicken Chop.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sabbath. Miami Green Pot Luck. Annalakshmi.

Peaceful morning, spending Sabbath @ Pg SDA Eng C. Started off with a session by Sabbath School Superintendant Uncle Edmund, I was rather disturbed by the fact that the content of his presentation was mostly taken from random facebook quotes, even a quote from Dalai Lama a monk LOL.

Next, adjourned upstairs for Sabbath School lesson by Aunty Cheng Chee.

Divine worship, sermon by Dr.Danny Oh about Christian view on riches, I shall get a soft copy of the sermon!


Elders Talk by Dr.Dicky Ng on common diseases and adventist healthy lifestyle, cant help feeling the increasing importance of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Pot Luck @ Miami Green. Celebrated Aunty Cheng Chee & Mrs. Chay’s Birthday. Ritz Banana Cheesecake! Durians! Ferrero Rocher! tried Lemon Meringue Pie as well


Quality DURIANS!!! thanks to Mr.Chayp1520171_副本

Followed Eugene’s car back to church. Thaddeus is glad that he finally found someone to discuss Marvel Avengers Alliance with :)

Proverbs 29-31. AY stretching faith. Napped in the library while Eugene beautified himself graphically on Joseph's recently-inherited under-utilized iphone.

Vespers Taj Pacleb on Mary & Martha.

After dropping Derick off at Beach street, Dinner with Yangson, Fyone, Daniel Chuah @ Annalakshmi Temple of Fine Arts. Poori, Pasembur, Mango Lassi.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Asian Adventist Youth Orchestra @Straits Quay. Adv Colg of Nursing Grad.

Sabbath amidst Study Week. My ears are so blessed with heavenly music today. First off, the Asian Youth Orchestra + Choir, which consists mainly of the Philippines Adventist Youth, plus some of our Penang Adventist Youth Timothy, Thaddeaus, Eugene, Joy, Joella, Justin, Joseph, played a series of mellifluous music pieces, and then round it all up with the very magnificent and majestic Hallelujah chorus, activating goosebumps on my skin sporadically.P1510990_副本
After church service, we proceeded to the Penang Adventist College of Nursing to witness their Graduation Ceremony. The Hospital church members presented a Jazzy special number, which again, makes my ears so happy. 真有耳福
I am also beaming proud of the Adventist Church for their driven efforts worldwide in enhancing HealthCare & Music.
Church Pot Luck @ Multi Purpose Hall.
Discussed Proverbs 23,24 for Bible Discussion.
Nap on the floor @ Tim’s house.
Went to Joseph’s house for Sundown worship. Programme by Dr.Calvin. Food by Aunty Michelle.
P1520025_副本 P1520028_副本 P1520034_副本 Evening, all orchestra youth along with their instruments, plus other church members and youth, helped to set up at the floating stage at Straits Quay to prepare for our public event of Orchestra performance & Tract Distribution.
P1520040_副本P1520049_副本P1520057_副本P1520059_副本P1520058_副本 P1520062_副本 P1520066_副本401815_297358850359668_247913326_n
Derick had lost Uncle Calvin’s car key and was rather panic. Accompanied him a few rounds from Tanjung Pinang to Straits Quay to search for the key. Finally found it in the playground’s grass field, where he suddenly picked up a key IN THE DARK and shouted “Praise the Lord!”.
Catch up with the Lighthouse gang before going home.