Thursday, March 29, 2012

Safari CG Outing: Chicken Chop & Pantai Cahaya Bulan

8-10am Research Methodology class. With Ya Ping & Ken discover possible new career paths. Sneaked out with Beh to buy kuih-muih kelantan 10-11am Food Service. 11-12 MNT2. Lunch library with Agnes & Beh. Meet SDR. Meet Pn El. nap

6-10pm SAFARI CG Outing with Shirlene, Titus, Pei Kuen, Jee Leng, Prasintia, King Wei, Corinne, Pei Kuen, Amelie, Stephanie, Yuen Wern, Joel, Marlene to Pantai Timur Chicken Chop and Pantai Cahaya Bulan.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ya Ping’s Birthday ~ εїз ~

kimleng hudieP1510385_副本

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chinese Cultural Night USMKK 2012 神话“The Myth”

Photos credits to various sources. I forgot who (strangers on fb)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kai Ping & Jia Rong’s Birthday @ Secret Recipe

Celebrated both Kai Ping & Jia Rong’s 22nd Birthday with Shu Wen, Yun Jie, Chee Keong, Mike & Kit Kei. USM students frequented Secret Recipe ever since their smart opening opposite our campus, not to mention, the Buy 3 Free 1 Anniversary promotion.March 21 KaiPing's Birthday_00026_副本1 23

Those who have prepared bday gifts also presented their gifts after dinner. Jia Rong has got a new striped tshirt. While Kai Ping got a hat, a scarf, and a checked shirt. We bullied Kai Ping by forcefully dressing him up like some middle-east terrorists/osama/taliban muahahahaMarch 21 KaiPing's Birthday_00051_副本March 21 KaiPing's Birthday_00027_副本March 21 KaiPing's Birthday_00046_副本March 21 KaiPing's Birthday_00057_副本

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pulau Teluk Renjuna. Tina’s Bday.

Joined the preliminary exposure trip to Pulau Teluk Renjuna under “Projek Membasmi Kemiskinan”. Basically its just to give us an idea of how a poor village far from town looks like and we were encouraged to do any community health education projects with our coursemates in the near future. We took a bus ride and a boat ride on suspicious-looking brown water in order to reach there. The village has infinite coconuts. After dozing off during the primary school principal’s long speech, we toured around the village shielded with umbrellas and cautious of the cow dung landmines. Err truth to be told, I dont think that they are very poor lol, I see that they still have television, refrigerator etc. Besides, the public primary school there is very well-equipped, it is even a wi-fi zone lol

P1510077_副本P1510082_副本P1510102_副本 P1510109_副本 P1510119_副本P1510122_副本P1510125_副本 417180_10150624499190784_706635783_9435188_1303551100_n_副本P1510128_副本 P1510129_副本P1510133_副本P1510136_副本 P1510140_副本P1510141_副本The boat drives-thru KFC!

P1510146_副本 Human-trafficking =)

  424174_364966846859331_100000380561816_1181699_1807387833_n_副本  Night, celebrated Tinagaran’s Birthday @ DeKlasik with Khai, Hannah, Chee Keong, Ezzah, Puteri, Asyari, Nasrinsa. 1Msia lol.421101_364972953525387_100000380561816_1181710_516990637_n_副本429788_364969820192367_100000380561816_1181709_1291006576_n_副本 431043_364973396858676_100000380561816_1181711_789952264_n_副本427160_364977076858308_100000380561816_1181717_1610712326_n_副本