Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beijing 1st Anniversary Gathering @ deKlasik

2nd time OPD practical this morning.

3-6pm OPD group 3 @ Study Room

6.45pm belanja Beh pizza

7.30pm CF movie Letters to God

10pm Beijing 1st Anniversary Gathering @ deKlasik


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sabbath. Shaun & Joshua’s farewell. Cherry Sweet Thai Food.

Sabbath morning, church. Elder’s talk by Uncle Ronald. Pot Luck @ Teans. Bible Discussion John 13,14.

P1500345408989_3159794601348_1459790895_2882252_975493470_n419196_3159801721526_1459790895_2882259_70364877_n423584_3159800401493_1459790895_2882257_1554790877_n545919_10150726842581686_1239030657_nP1500352P1500375P1500395p1500399_副本Shaun & Joshua’s Farewell Program.

Dinner Cherry Sweet Thai Food. Tesco McD card games.cherrysweetthai

Thursday, February 16, 2012

morning, Thosai for breakfast

went to Hope to use Wifi and print results

3rd Year 1st Sem Results 3.95 Thank you Lord!



Red Box karaoke with Mab & Den 2-5pm

turned down offer to go Tao with Shaun, Yangson etc

Culture salon re-Curl hair

Putu Piring dinner

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Fruit Rojak, Chai Koay, Chee Cheong Fun, Char Koay Teow @NWP Hawker Food Court

NWP hawkerp1500238_副本

Friday, February 3, 2012

Neway Karaoke & J.Co Yogurt with WeyYin, Abigail, Avy, Tiana, JiaYing, YaPing, Guama.

Followed Wey Yin & Abigail to meet up with Avy Sim, Tiana & Jiaying today, accidentally saw Ya Ping for the 3rd time this holidays lol (FYI, YP is my coursemate and I see her everyday in USM KK).

We went for a 4 hour Karaoke session at Neway, Queensbay. for RM16.25 we sang from 11am-3pm, got a meal, a drink, and a semi-buffet. Quite Tat right?

409439_10150536357188751_595303750_8734940_2052398026_n_副本 421341_10150536350248751_595303750_8734909_359736461_n_副本 427391_10150536353333751_595303750_8734924_36720676_n_副本 P1490657_副本 P1490658_副本P1490676_副本P1490678_副本P1490666_副本 
Yi Wei is an extreme fan of Lady Gaga, so for the first half hour or so, I suffered and mentally moaned “somebody SAVE ME"…” I saw YP’s face was in shock too due to the very sexually explicit and provocative content of the music videos. But good thing YW’s musical taste is quite diverse, and swiftly proceeded to other more acceptable genres hehe. Anyhow its very fun to karaoke with Yi Wei because she can practically sing any song anybody chose with much enthusiasm and never-ending stamina dancing around entertaining the crowd. very cute girl.

P1490687_副本 P1490694_副本

LWY battery flat liao

After 3pm, Yp left, Guama joined us, we went to J.Co to hang out, 7 of us shared 1 “Sharing”. it was gone faster than piranha food. Taught them to play the 10 finger game and Terrorists.(AY taught me well lol).
I realised, I cant just be friends with anyone, I’m finicky and exclusive regarding the selection of friends, including their educational level and background (pcghs/clhs, Uni, Med-related degree), it is so important to have friends of the same mentality, and I truly appreciate this gathering, no unreasonable vain bimbos here ;)
Ow ya we bumped into Bun Bun again, she is everywhere.