Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kerala. ShareTea. Dkny.

Lunch with Aaron & Joshua @ Passions of Kerala, New World Park.
Ate vegetarian Banana Leaf Rice set, Deep Fried Bitter Gourd & Mango Lassi.

Hang out at Aaron’s house. Watched “Enchanted”.
Lepak Gurney (again) tried ShareTea

I bought perfume Lols..DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple & Fresh Blossom. Great, now i just have to remember to use it.


Monday, January 30, 2012

槟华小学Peng Hwa Primary Classmates meet-up @Chicago Ribs House, Gurney Plaza

from 槟华小学 class 6H batch 2001

Its great that we could finally catch up after a few years apart of meeting each other (last reunion: year 2008 @ Noordin Street), it was kind of a random spontaneous meet up, many of our ex-classmates couldn’t make it, most are overseas  (Australia, UK, Sweden) while some are in KL. Peng Hwa Primary has gone international. Its sad that even though our class had about 40 people, we are all dispersed far away and rarely stay connected to each other. Anyways, its a good start! Should make continual effort to gather ourselves more completely and consistently every year :)

People: Abigail Law, Joey Thum, Hai Fang, Tee Yee, Wey Yin, Christopher, Ee Xin, Ee Wei, Aun Qi, Gabriela

P1490465_副本3   P1490464_副本 P1490468_副本 P1490471_副本 P1490472_副本   
P1490478_副本 P1490480_副本 
Ee Wei’s Mocktail labeled with the word “BEST” on the menu, she let us all tried, it tasted soo weird, in which she spent the rest of the dinner time flipping, playing & talking to the leaves, “are u spinach?”" XD

P1490481_副本 P1490482_副本 P1490484_副本 P1490485_副本
Potato Skins appetizer. NICE

P1490488_副本 P1490494_副本 P1490506_副本 P1490513_副本P1490523_副本   P1490521_副本

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Penang Georgetown City UNESCO World Cultural & Heritage CNY Celebration 2012 初七人日庙会

Went with Wey Yin & York Fuan
24 season drum performance
Le Dragon
Le Chingay. Spot tiny LWY beneath le flag.P1490257_副本
Le Drum Performance by kids. I watched from the back view =.= was not able to squeeze myself to the front.P1490269_副本
Cute Indian cirl doing Chinese Drums, and shes good at it!!P1490271_副本 
Ah Quee Street. My street.
P1490273_副本 P1490276_副本
Le traditional facial using what looked like dental floss to scrap your skin
P1490278_副本 P1490285_副本 P1490290_副本
Met Zou Lee& Suez Blue.
Aqua Tunnel.
Cheah KongsiP1490314_副本
Zodiac: Snake
P1490319_副本 P1490323_副本 P1490329_副本 P1490337_副本
Le perfect couple
P1490342_副本 P1490343_副本
Khoo Kongsi!!! Didnt know that this place is so beautiful, and if you were to look closely in real life, the carvings on the entire building, extremely complex, highly skilled carvings, one of Penang’s tourism attraction. P1490354_副本 P1490363_副本 P1490366_副本
fashion show. Models parading clothes made entirely of angpows (red packets)
P1490369_副本 P1490381_副本 P1490383_副本
BAba Nyonya place
P1490399_副本 P1490400_副本
Main Stage
(Teowchew) 潮州会馆
P1490416_副本 P1490424_副本 P1490427_副本 P1490432_副本
11pm 50 something minutes, Photographers all setting their cameras ready for the grand finale fireworks which lasted about 10 minutes.
(P.S. Some photos copyright of Lai Hock Lim & Lee Choon Gim)

These are not ink graffiti, these are metal sculptures.
Passed by this antique cafe on the way back. P1490453_副本
Penang is awesome