Friday, December 28, 2012

Bruschetta Fellowship @ KBBC

Sheau Lin’s Cherry Tart. Cherries halves and cream topped on flaky French puff pastry. p1580491_副本

Cheese cakep1580495_副本

Youth helping Lynn our head chef to make Italian Bruschettas.

French loaf/baguette, spread butter, dice tomato, onion, chopped garlic, mix with Leggos sauce (tomato, risotto, spinach), mixed herbs (oregano, basil etc), drizzle olive oil, top with cheese shreds (parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella). Bake til cheese melt/golden brown.


Absolute delish!p1580527_副本2p1580536_副本p1580539_副本2p1580540_副本2

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CHIM CHUM buffet with Khai, Hannah & Assillah @ Food Village Restaurant, Jln Pengkalan Chepa, KB Kelantan.

“Chim Chum” is a Malay term for Steamboat & BBQ buffet, similar to Seoul Garden, but this is my first time eating the local Kelantanese Chim Chum after 4 years lol.

Had a great time catching-up and reminiscing with Khai, Hannah & Assillah, fellow PPSK friends from Beijing trip. Truth is we never really gathered ever since the Beijing trip 2 years ago, since all 4 of us are in different courses with different busy schedules. I’m glad that we could still talk and laugh just like old times. Its really a joy to have Hannah around.


Attacked the BBQ beef which I’ve been deprived of for a very long time, I need the heme-iron. Besides ingredients for steamboat and selections of marinated meat for BBQ, other sides were provided such as Soto, Ais Kacang, fruits, rojak, fried noodles etc.


After dinner we went to Mydin and bought a tub of ice-cream to finish. A lecturer walked pass, saw us and said, “patutlah saiz XL”


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CF: making 汤圆

Post Christmas Night Appreciation + Making 汤圆 for 冬至Winter Solstice


Photos from JoannaThina

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jamie Chong’s (节米虫) 23rd Birthday @Ozarah Café, Kota Bharu.

Sweet treat after end of IPD Case Presentation—Oncology AML-M4


Grace & Beh~p1580276_副本

Tom Yam Spaghetti with Croutons~p1580278_副本p1580282_副本p1580287_副本p1580294_副本

Hokkaido cakes + Banana Cheesecakep1580299_副本p1580303_副本p1580308_副本P1580315_副本2p1580317_副本P1580319_副本Little Miss Trouble~

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

中国风Obsession: 周杰伦《红尘客栈》


周杰倫十二新作【紅塵客棧 官方完整MV】Jay Chou “Hong Chen Ke Zhan” MV


天涯 的尽头是风沙
红尘 的故事叫牵挂
封刀隐没在寻常人家 东篱下
闲云 野鹤 古刹
快马 在江湖里厮杀
无非 是名跟利放不下
我只求与你共 华发

剑出鞘 恩怨了 谁笑
我只求今朝 拥你入 怀抱
红尘客栈风似刀 骤雨落 宿命敲
任武林谁领风骚我却 只为你 折腰
过荒村野桥 寻世外 古道
远离人间尘嚣 柳絮飘执子之手逍遥

檐下 窗棂斜映枝桠
与你 席地对座饮茶
我以工笔画将你牢牢 的记下
提笔 不为风雅
灯下 叹红颜近晚霞
我说缘份 一如参禅不说话
爱恨如写意 山水画

剑出鞘 恩怨了 谁笑
我只求今朝 拥你入 怀抱
红尘客栈风似刀 骤雨落 宿命敲
任武林谁领风骚我却 只为你 折腰
过荒村野桥 寻世外 古道
远离人间尘嚣 柳絮飘执子之手逍遥
任武林谁领风骚我却 只为你 折腰
你回眸多娇 我泪中 带笑
酒招旗风中萧萧 剑出鞘 恩怨了


Thursday, November 29, 2012

recent USMKK craze: Durian Crepe!!

77050_526340224051304_5475059_n14582_358113620954028_432941260_n14721_309138672520022_1906037383_n6995_10200132079806035_5422005_n16031_4278439592191_757399319_n76996_10151300513999208_1978427563_ndurian crepe380796_591993517494404_1360254009_n

Click here for Durian Crepe recipe from Cik Epal.


Other crepe varieties~Pandan durian, Cempedak, Nangka, Blueberry, Strawberry

377870_10151227732879825_1048249798_nCredits to various sources as circulated/advertised on facebook.