Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Night USMKK 2011/2012

Theme: Love Beyond Measure
Performances: Long Sketch with message, Mime, Choir, Dance
Venue: Nurani Hall
My job: cut watermelons, serve sponge cake, clean up
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jamie’s Birthday @Pantai Timur Chicken Chop

Jamie’s 22nd Birthday :)
Dinner at Pantai Timur Chicken Chop
Playing Charades at Riverview side
3 slices of Secret Recipe cake with Happy Bday star candles @ McD

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Solstice Night 2011 USMKK

It felt as though I just stepped into USMKK as a 1st year to take part in Mooncake Festival 2009, then without a notice, Mooncake Festival 2010 was already over, and tonight, Winter Solstice 2011 too! Time flashes by!!
(For your information, every year, new batch of first years chinese juniors in USM Health Campus would all join forces across faculties to deliver a cultural night event, last 2 years was mooncake festival, but due to the academic calendar change, mid-autumn was already over by the time school reopen, so “winter solstice” is to replace “mooncake festival”)

I felt cheated, last 2 years was much better, tonight was quite disappointing actually.. dont understand why all the seniors are posting “congratulations juniors” on facebook, fake compliments to ambil hati or wat?  There was this MC trying to do a funny talk show, but nobody really understood, it was kind of an awkward situation :/ As for the sketch, most of the time I was laughing, at how lame it is =.= Have u watched 2009 Mooncake sktech? So far, no sktech in usm has managed to defeat that. I dont know, the overall feeling that I get from the 1st years this year was that they were not well-prepared.

P1470623P1470637 P1470617

But they are not ALL bad, I must applaud them for their AWESOME COSTUMES!!! their 古装 looks real professional, as though for China’s or HK’s movie making. And besides, even though not-so-eco-friendly, they packed and served their food right to your lap so you dont have to line up with 700 other audience, save the hassle.

I really liked Sunshine Boyzz 阳光宅男, SO CUTE, the kids all dressed up like nerds, big black frames, checked shirts, bow on the neck, braces belt, flower pants tugged up high, cartoon tshirts, silly girl hair tie and neat kolot hair gel for the guys, all sing and danced to the music of pink panther, 卖汤圆, and off course, 阳光宅男 by Jay Chou. Nevertheless, just like any other events, my husbands copyright was frequently violated

The other ok/good/better performances: Traditional dance, Singing, Flag dance, Korean dance, Hip hop dance.

Since they call this “winter”, I was anticipating for fake snow or icy gas sprinkled down onto the audiences in nurani hall tonight as the grand finale, but no, no sign of such wonderful surprise.