Friday, November 25, 2011

Master Potato: Cooking Competition @PPSK Kitchen, USMKK 25.11.2011

Remember the pumpkin cooking competition last academic year? This year the competition is back, and the current theme is POTATOES!!

There were 14 participating groups, each group consisting of 3 members. Potatoes, sugar, salt, oil is provided, the rest of the ingredients purchased by the group members themselves (most likely from Mydin) according to the recipe of choice.

However, the potatoes provided by this event organiser is rather low-grade, greening and sprouting potatoes, high content of solanine I would say, a glycoalkaloid poison whose toxicity may lead to gastrointestinal and neurological disorders, as taught by Nutritional Toxicology lectures LoL

Here are some of the end-products, viola!

Nov 25 Potato_00024     Nov 25 Potato_00030 Nov 25 Potato_00032

Nov 25 Potato_00036 Nov 25 Potato_00028 Nov 25 Potato_00040    Nov 25 Potato_00044

A flower made by potato slices. This is the winning dish. Maybe because the outward appearance looked sort of fine-dining. I tasted the daging bergedil, aka beef & potatoes patty, and I thought, it tasted somewhat exact to the ones available in Kafe Murni, hence nothing eyebrow-raising.

Nov 25 Potato_00043

Nov 25 Potato_00045

Nov 25 Potato_00020

Nov 25 Potato_00046 Nov 25 Potato_00047 Nov 25 Potato_00049Nov 25 Potato_00051

Tis’ my favourite dish, potato lasagne and potato snowman, so cute and yummy!

Nov 25 Potato_00052Nov 25 Potato_00058

Sneak peeks during preparation:

Nov 25 Potato_00002Nov 25 Potato_00004 Nov 25 Potato_00005 Nov 25 Potato_00006 Nov 25 Potato_00003Nov 25 Potato_00007 Nov 25 Potato_00008 Nov 25 Potato_00009 Nov 25 Potato_00010

I know…some way another, I cannot escape from telling about what my group made, however embarrassing it may be.

I teamed up with Jamie & Pei Yen, trying to produce Potato Doughnuts, like kids having fun in the kitchen with boiled potatoes, egg, milk, flour, sugar.

The batter was not successful at first, too watery to form dough if we followed the random internet recipe exactly, so at the last hour or so we just kept adding in flour. I was in-charged of deep frying. Then we tried to sprinkle the rainbow rice on top but they refused to stick. We have a whole cup of leftover rainbow rice. Jamie vowed to dash it all on my bday cake soon.

After I sneaked to every other group to spy on their dish, I concluded and revealed to Jam & PY that, our group’s dish looked the lamest hahaha

But from the beginning until the end of this competition, we had one die-hard fan lol, dont understahd why she liked our donuts so much, she kept asking us the precise ingredients, the step-by-step progress, kept exclaiming “So Nice So Nice”, so “Crispy & Fragrant” etc. Haha even I myself didnt see the beauty of our product, but well, I appreciate our one and only customer.

Nov 25 Potato_00014

The 3 judges. I envy them. Not just for cooking competitions, throughout the academic years and semesters of Principles of Food Preparation courses for Nutrition & Dietetic Students, their job is just to sit at the kitchen and eat and comment on all the food that we have prepared. Even though they live in the kitchen, they dont even have to clean the kitchen, we students do. Hence, their occupation qualify to enter my list of dream jobs-- USM’s PPSK’s food lab helper.

Nov 25 Potato_00059Nov 25 Potato_00062

The main point of this event is not the evaluation of food preparation techniques, but the sheer bliss and barbarianism in feasting. Foods are tastier if you have to fight for it.

Nov 25 Potato_00063Nov 25 Potato_00065

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This evening, Siew Ping, Lin Hsin, Sing Hiong, Siew Mui, Robert and Le Fei together we celebrated the birthday of Jie See (Nov 24), Lay Fen (Nov 26) and mine (Nov 27) together..How sweet of them..Oreo cheesecake..Many thanks <3

314613_326666004015628_100000166927306_1523859_727539336_n 387254_326667880682107_100000166927306_1523863_176329089_n P1460993 The crazily cute Wong siew ping.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

International Cultural Night 2011 @ USM Health Campus

This event held at Puma Hall was organised by the postgraduate international students of USM Health Campus, mainly originating from Arab, Iraq, Somalia, Romania, Palestin etc. I know these people exist in our campus, but never really got to mingle with them in our mainstream campus activities, suddenly they multiplied and was everywhere surrounding us and became so prominent. I attended the event with Jia Yin, Pei Yen, Pick Leng & Sing Hiong, we were the very few Chinese at the event. Culture Shock! Unique experience lol

For RM7 you get a series of weird/unique performances, chanting in unknown language, pretty good food served, some never-tried-before middle-eastern desserts, a door gift/souvenir & also merit marks.

P1460725P1460733 P1460737P1460752P1460764P1460775 P1460777P1460778P1460784P1460819 P1460821P1460829 P1460832P1460841P1460863 P1460867 P1460874