Saturday, October 29, 2011


Christian Youth Motivational 2-day-camp. Learnt a lot! Was blessed with much love, tears and hugs too. Full account jotted down in private spiritual journal.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Usmkk Pcghs Gathering@Ritz Boutique, Kota Bharu.

Today 1pm lunch @1stop Kopitiam with MingHan, LayFen, KhengJoe, KuanMing, YingSze, Jiayen. Eventhough the cafe is very near, we still insisted on squeezing into KhengJoe’s car. You might be wondering what an odd group we are, whats the connection between us right? Well, now I’m just sheer joyful I’ve already briefed the juniors and passed on the Folder for CNY protocol and special task. Come to think of it, I might not even attend CCN next year.

After lunch went for a Golden Key meet up at Murni Hall.

Next went to Jie See’s room to load up my hard disk drive with CSI Las Vegas season 11, Fringe, Leverage, Mentalist.

4-6PM Bible Study by Tee Ming with other CF members at Murni Hall. I never knew that, Christians will be immune from being judged for their sins, all along I have the impression that even after you have accepted Christ but continue to sin, you might not receive salvation, eternal life and kingdom of heaven. I’m confused regarding the most important matter in this world and lifetime.

Evening, ex-PCGHS girls gathering at Ritz Boutique Zhu Char Restaurant. There are 2 new 1st years juniors originating from Peng Hwa. Both Dental students. 1 of them is Puan Chan’s daughter, Hui Ern’s good friend. The ex- Chung Ling students of Usmkk are also having their gathering at the same time and same restaurant, they took upstairs, we took downstairs.

Night, went back to campus, attended the Food Talk at Nurani Hall by Dr.Wan Rosli. Was talking a lot to Mike & Jamie. I am in disbelief that Mike joyfully admitted, “yessss we medic people enjoy gossiping about SK(health science) people” o.O It is also eyebrow-raising what kind of totally ridiculous false rumours people whose existence you dont even take notice of can be doing an erroneous case presentation about you, AS IF they know you.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cervarix @HUSM

Today at Hospital USM I had the first dose of the vaccination (intramuscular injection at my left deltoid) called “Cervarix”, a cervical cancer vaccine by Glaxo Smith Kline, designed to protect females against the disease caused by infection with Human Papilomavirus (HPV) strain types 16 & 18 which accounts for approximately 70% of cervical cancer.

This protection would last 10 years. I heard the price elsewhere is RM500-RM1000, but the cost here at HUSM is only RM200 for 3 doses, another benefit of being a health campus student Lol.

Spontaneously did the injection together with Lin Hsin & Pei Yen. Not as painful as I expected. Ok now, pray that I do not get any of the side effects which may include redness, soreness, dizziness, fatigue, fever, diarrhea, vomiting etcP1460239

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kao Yam/Cow Jump @ Kb Sda Pot Luck

I’ve been having much fate/’jodoh’ with Kelantan’s local delicacies lately, namely Nasi Kerabu about 10 days ago, Yati Ayam Percik 1 week ago, and Nasi Kak Wok just yesterday.

Today, Sabbath at Kb Sda church, we had the communion service followed by a pot luck lunch which is held once a quarter. One of the highlights of the pot luck is none other than Kao Yam/Khao Yam, pronounced as “Cow Jump”, a Thai/Malay style salad rice, which is another of Kelantan’s specialty.


(info from internet) Kao Yam Pak Tai is a one plate meal that originates in the South of Thailand or North of Kelantan and consists of several ingredients such as colored rice, Budu fish sauce mixed with Chili and coconut milk, sliced lemon grasses, thinly cut kaffir lime leaves, bean sprouts, pomelo, asam/thinly cut torch ginger flower, thinly cut cowpeas, chopped cucumber or onions, ground roasted dried chilli, roasted grated coconut etc.

The rice that is eaten with Kao Yam can be cooked with morinda leaves or the juice of butterfly pea flowers, which imparts a pleasing aroma and natural color.

The Budu fish sauce, is made with fishes fermented with salt in a jar and placed under the sun for several years Lol.

I’ve been spoonfed information by Un Sze that, Thailand’s Kao Yam and Kelantan Malay’s Nasi Kerabu is almost the same, the only difference is that the rice of Thai Kao Yam is green in color and is served with only 1 sauce—Budu; the Kelantanese Malay’s Nasi Kerabu’s rice on the other hand, is blue, and the dish is served with 2 types of sauce, Budu + Tumis.

P1460205  P1460211

All the ingredients are heaped onto the rice, drizzled with the Budu (fish sauce), mixed thoroughly together and eaten along with smashed Keropok Ikan.


Other dishes in the pot luck: