Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pizzeria Traudi @ Jalan Sri Cemerlang, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

I’m sure by now Pizzeria Traudi has become one of the rather famous eating-out or birthday celebration locations for USM Health Campus students, because really, it is a rare miracle to have a proper Italian restaurant in Kelantan, not to mention, the restaurant was opened and run by a few real angmohs, not from Italy but from Austria however, whose kedatangan to Kelantan is still a mystery.. rumour has it that they came here to study traditional Malay medicine Lol.

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What I like about Pizzeria Traudi is that they have the traditional gigantic cement oven with wood fire. Thus, rest be assured that they are making real Italian-like pizzas, the one with thin flour-powdered crust, unlike Pizza Hut’s deep-fried-thick-roti which I pantang.

Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00010 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00012

Hand-tossed pizza base.

Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00014 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00016 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00017 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00019 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00020 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00021 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00022 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00023 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00026 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00028

Since they make the pizza from scratch, you have to wait quite long if there are some customers (yes, i said some, even if there are not MANY customers, you still have to wait some considerable time). This visit we were the only table waiting, lucky for that, we didn’t have to wait very long. Plus, the environment is very hottttttt, maybe because of the big slab of oven.

Price? its rm12.40 per person for 4 slices.

The verdict: I’m in Kelantan, so..I would say this is good, in fact, you can already say that this is the best italian pizza/pasta shop in Kelantan. If this was located in Penang, I would think twice, because there are still Mario’s, Bella Italia, Hard Rock Pizzeria, Michelangelo’s etc etc.

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