Sunday, September 11, 2011

My new hostel room

It’s the start of my 3rd year now, I’m no longer staying at the Quarter Room of Puteri Block at Desasiswa Nurani, USM Health Campus. Now I’ve moved/upgraded to Nurani Block B’s Double Room with Xin Yi, fellow Pcghs+Penangite as roommate. Praise the Lord for all providence.

The new room is more spacious than the old room, that we do not have to double deck anymore, the decker is replaced with 2 single poster beds instead. Now I get the wind of the fan directly. I’m satisfied. ^^

Sep 11 new room_00001 page1 

The food & books shelves for the upright desk have shrunk. But the drawer is now larger I can spread out all spiritual & personal journals, CDs, notebooks et cetera in the drawer.Sep 11 new room_00008 Sep 11 new room_00009Sep 11 new room_00011Sep 11 new room_00012 


What I like the most about my new hostel room is THE CLOSET, which is double the size of the previous closet, ample storage space above, with full length mirrors, sliding doors, multi compartment & lockable drawers. =D Its so much better than the old locker-like closet.

Sep 11 new room_00022  page5 Sep 11 new room_00033




Nearby facilities..Study Room, Pantry, Fridge, Water Cooler, Ironing device etc. Forgot to snap the TV room.


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