Friday, September 30, 2011

USMKK Penang Gathering 2011 @ Sakura Chinese Thai Restaurant, KB.

Its the time of the academic year again to gather all Penangites chinese currently studying in USM Health Campus, most importantly to meet the new juniors originating from Penang. There were about 40-50 of us present, none of the 5th years attended, only 1 4th-year attended, while 3rd-years scored the highest attendance. Actually, usually, Penang gathering is meant for 1st years and 2nd years only, but I was so desperate to attend Penang gathering Lol that I persuaded one of the 2nd years to open the gathering for 3rd-years too and luckily they did or else 1st years+2nd years turn up would be kinda low.

6.30PM we boarded on the USM bus. About 7pm, we arrived at Sakura Chinese Thai “Zhu Char” restaurant, somewhere near Tesco.


There were 7 dishes in total: burger-like-tofu, dono-wat-Chicken, Oyster Omelette, Braised mix vegetables, Seaweed Soup, pork leg with Mantou, Steam Fish..along with white rice, tea and fruits. RM26 per pax.

P1460141P1460143P1460148 P1460151 P1460153 P1460155 P1460157 P1460158P1460161P1460165P1460169

Group pictures by table..After dinner, the juniors also rotated among tables to introduce themselves to seniors.

P1460171 P1460172P1460174P1460177P1460179

The highlight of the night, as a tradition, each and every 1st year junior would have to sportingly perform something, anything at all, to entertain the seniors. I laughed until my abdominal muscles ached, thanks to Ah Tiong and Jeslyn who were super hilarious and sporting in their demo, I am a fan of both of them now hehe


Final group pic from Hai Feng’s camera:


Brief recap of last year’s Penang gathering 2010 during my 2nd year: (click link)


Brief recap of Penang Gathering 2009 during my 1st year: (click link)


Nasi Kak Wook & Nasi Kukus


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bread Love & Dreams

Baker King Kim Tak Goo – Tis my favourite Korean Drama so far, love ze plot, characters and emotion. Have been chasing after the episodes non stop for the past few days, so reluctant to play the last episode, finished it today, its so good that I miss all the characters now.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooking session

Hot and lazy friday afternoon, we were so free and bored we decided to have a cooking session to fill up our time. We made pasta carbonara, mashed potato and fruit salad. Good times, great taste.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day out with JiaYin, PeiYen, YaPing, PickLeng: 303, Pacific Bowl, Yati Ayam Percik, Tutti Frutti, Tengku Anis, Museum, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Tesco, Pizzeria Traudi.

Due to the many cancelled classes, we get to go out and lepak the whole day even on a Thursday Lol..started the day off with breakfast at 303 foodcourt.

page1 303

Next, we went to Pacific Bowl. Bowling was one of our frequently-failed-plans but finally we did it today YAY. Its so cheap to bowl. Only RM2.50 per game. My score has improved, no more 10 times of masuk longkang hehe, thanks to Ivan & co. who favored bowling during social outings. I even remembered to bring socks this time.


Lepak about KB Mall, popular, McD Sundae, Domokun <3 etc


Lunch at Yati Ayam Percik, 847 Jalan Long Yunus, Kota Bharu. This is considered as one of the famous Malay specialty/ local delicacies of Kelantan.


Upon entering the shop there is a wide array of local kuih-muihs variety spreaded out for takeaways.

Sep 22_00057Sep 22_00083 Sep 22_00085



The main course: Ayam Percik (choice of red sauce of white sauce), RM13 for 2 plates of chicken. Nasi Kerabu (RM1.80 per plate), I recommend the choice of Nasi Kerabu over plain whtie rice because the price difference is only 30 cents, but for Nasi Kerabu you get lots of extras like coconut sheds, fish sauce, ulam-ulam, spices etc, adding Keropok to this, definitely tastier. I like the ayam percik in white sauce, but was disappointed that the chicken was rather cold.


I’m uber happy that Tutti Frutti has made a wise decision to expand its business to Kelantan. Its located at Queens Park, next to Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian, opposite Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis. Life here just suddenly feels a little more colorful. Praise God! I hope this would spur every other food franchise business to get caught up with the frenzy of “opening branches in Kelantan” yeahaha! Heck, they even have the Explosive Juice Pearls (Bao Bao Zhu), which is currently in trend in Penang, and I saw a lot of it in Taipei and Hong Kong too. I’m just surprised that my friends from Selangor never heard of or tried it before so I forced each and every one of them to eat 1 explosive pearl Lol


Next, dropped by Tengku Anis park playgound since its just opposite.


Then we wasted a lot of time going to Museum Kelantan, Gelanggang Seni, Muzium Diraja-Istana Batu, the exterior of Istana Kota Lama etc but it was all either closed for visit or we weren’t allowed to enter at all so we just snapped pics outside. We visited the public library of kelantan though.


Next, we went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, but it was then drizzling.

Sep 22_00194

Sep 22_00200

Sep 22_00190 Sep 22_00192

Sep 22_00208

Then we went to Tesco to shop for groceries for tomorrow’s cooking session.

Last but not least, we had Dinner at Pizzeria Traudi. (click on link)

Fulfilling day ^^

Pizzeria Traudi @ Jalan Sri Cemerlang, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

I’m sure by now Pizzeria Traudi has become one of the rather famous eating-out or birthday celebration locations for USM Health Campus students, because really, it is a rare miracle to have a proper Italian restaurant in Kelantan, not to mention, the restaurant was opened and run by a few real angmohs, not from Italy but from Austria however, whose kedatangan to Kelantan is still a mystery.. rumour has it that they came here to study traditional Malay medicine Lol.

Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00001 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00002Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00004 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00005Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00008

What I like about Pizzeria Traudi is that they have the traditional gigantic cement oven with wood fire. Thus, rest be assured that they are making real Italian-like pizzas, the one with thin flour-powdered crust, unlike Pizza Hut’s deep-fried-thick-roti which I pantang.

Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00010 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00012

Hand-tossed pizza base.

Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00014 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00016 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00017 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00019 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00020 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00021 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00022 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00023 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00026 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00028

Since they make the pizza from scratch, you have to wait quite long if there are some customers (yes, i said some, even if there are not MANY customers, you still have to wait some considerable time). This visit we were the only table waiting, lucky for that, we didn’t have to wait very long. Plus, the environment is very hottttttt, maybe because of the big slab of oven.

Price? its rm12.40 per person for 4 slices.

The verdict: I’m in Kelantan, so..I would say this is good, in fact, you can already say that this is the best italian pizza/pasta shop in Kelantan. If this was located in Penang, I would think twice, because there are still Mario’s, Bella Italia, Hard Rock Pizzeria, Michelangelo’s etc etc.

Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00035 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00036 Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00037Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00040Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00042Sep 22 Pizzeria Traudi_00044