Thursday, August 18, 2011

细雪長流 Japan Snowy Ice Floss @Little Oasis, Prangin Mall, Penang.


The flavours available are Chocolate, Lychee, Strawberry, Green Tea, Peach, Durian, Milk, Lemon, Orange, Mango…

P1390826 P1390833

I ordered the Green Tea Ice Floss which is served with Red Beans, Sago Pearls & Peanut toppings. RM8.90


Ice Floss would appear as thousands of layers of thinly-sliced flavoured-ice instead of the icy chunks of Ais Kacang. Enjoy the moment it melts on top of your tongue to unleash the aroma of green tea. yeahhhh ^^

Zooming in to view the texture of the fine delicate layers slowly deteriorating by warm temperature.


I haven't been eating much Snowy around recently except for this one and Xian Ding Wei’s snowy a few weeks ago. But just comparing these two, I would say this is way better.


Cute pigs pastries @名香泰Burma Rd Pg

After lunch with Aaron & Crystal, Aaron wanted to show me where is “The Sun”, requested to stop by Ming Xiang Tai on the way to buy my beloved tarts, and guess what I found? Cute pigs sitting in mini baskets hanging everywhere!!! Sho Chubiiiii

Aug 18 cute pigs_00001  Aug 18 cute pigs_00003  Aug 18 cute pigs_00005 Aug 18 cute pigs_00002

Ingolf’s Kneipe @Tanjung Bungah with Aaron & Crystal

  • It was spontaneous.
  • QN: Aaron u wana have lunch ar?
  • Aaron: OK. Call Crystal too. She might want to go Ingolf’s
  • QN: Crystal u wana have lunch with us?
  • Crystal: OK come fetch me
  • All decided in less than 3 minutes HAHA

Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00001 Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00002Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00006Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00005 Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00007 Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00008 

Aaron should have ordered his signature dish. Aaron’s Swiss style Porkham :)

Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00003

Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00009

One piece of grilled boneless chicken breast served with mushroom sauce, grilled tomato, french fries and salad garnish. RM12.80 inclusive of tax and free ice lemon tea.

Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00011

One veal sausage with red wine, served with onion sauce, hash brown and salad garnish RM12.80 too inclusive of tax and free ice lemon tea.

Aug 18 Ingolf's Kneipe_00016

We were supposed to cabut right after we finish eating because Aaron has to go home and study his dreaded MALAYsian studies haha, but in the end we dragged the time talking talking talking. Crystal talks to the waiter “one-kind”, abnormal, then only I found out that the waiter is her boyfriend Lol.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

粤翠轩Jade Blossom Restaurant @ 1st Avenue, Penang.

Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00001Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00003Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00006 Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00007 Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00008 Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00009Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00011 Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00012 Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00013

Beijing Roast Duck. RM35 for half a bird. I remember eating the very original Beijing Roast Duck in one of Beijing’s famous resturant, the duck is supposed to have the juicy succulent flesh/meat? and not just the skin?? I’m dissatisfied that what I get here is just “skin only”. Should still leave some meat beneath. Anyways, the skin is still crispy enough.

Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00016

The moment I saw this, the first question in my mind was, “Is this edible?” Lol

Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00020 Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00021Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00024Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00026

Apparently, there was no meat at all on the Beijing Roast Duck dish because Jade Blossom decided to scrape all 100% of the duck meat to be stir-fried into Kong-Pao flavor. Rubbery texture. I miss Beijing.

Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00025

Venison “hor fun”. 1st time eating venison. Rubbery texture also.

Aug 11 Jade Blossom_00029

Sunday, August 7, 2011

family Karaoke @Red Box. CPR course @PAH. Sam Hui Cafe @1stop.

It’s grandpa’s birthday today, usually we would go for normal dining, zhu char or buffet, but for a change, grandpa requested for a karaoke session o.O so here we are.. with grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunties, cousins, babies etc at Red Box

Aug 7_00001Aug 7_00007Aug 7_00003Aug 7_00005Aug 7_00009 Aug 7_00010 Aug 7_00011 Aug 7_00012 Aug 7_00013 Aug 7_00014 

1.30-4.30PM Pathfinders. CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) course at Penang Adventist Hospital Nursing College in collaboration with the American Heart Association. Course instructed by Dr.Patrick Tan. Had a fun time laughing at everyone doing synchronised CPR according to the tempo of BeeGee’s “Staying Alive” playing in the background. Now my palms are aching.

Aug 7_00015 Aug 7_00016 Aug 7_00017 Aug 7_00025Aug 7_00018

Some photos from Iise’s DSLR. I need a DSLR T.T

Aug 7_00019 Aug 7_00020Aug 7_00028

Early dinner with Andrea K, Derick, Joseph, Yangson at Sam Hui Cafe, 1 Stop Midlands. Well it was the only proper food outlet available in 1 Stop, the soon-bankrupt mall.

Aug 7_00029 Aug 7_00030 Aug 7_00031 Aug 7_00032