Sunday, July 24, 2011

Azuma Japanese Restaurant @Queensbay Mall, Penang.

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July 24_00035July 24_00037July 24_00042   Complimentary home-made vanilla oat ice-cream

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Borneo Trip Day 4: Little Italy @ Hotel Capital, Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

After coming down from Kinabalu Park, our rented van dropped us at Little Italy, which was recommended/ reviewed/ rumoured to be the best Italian restaurant in Malaysia. Hrmm lest see how true it is..
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I really liked the interior/ambience/atmosphere though..warm and romantic
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Alfredo Fettuccine. RM22.90. Sliced chicken, turkey ham and garden peas in cream sauce. The waiter recommended this, but I find nothing extraordinary about it, surely you can make this on your own easily with the aid of Prego sauce, definitely not worth 22.90.
Hawaiana Pizza. 9 inch. RM26. Topped with pineapples, turkey ham and black olives. I would say its not bad, but typical, you can get this standard of pizza from most of the above average Italian restaurants in Penang. Whoever came up with the remark of Little Italy being “the best Italian restaurant in Malaysia” must have been by someone who hasn’t been dining around enough. No doubt its good, but normal, definitely not ‘the best’. I’m sure you get countless of this in KL too.
  Crespelle al Forno. RM 23.90. This is awesome! Really mouth watering. Its similar to Lasagne, but the soft pasta is lightly rolled and coiled like snails to envelope the sauces and cheeses into a flavourful succulent bundle. Glorious. Next time you’re here, just try this will do. Spag n pizza negligible.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

火锅之家 Steamboat buffet @Macalister Road with Alvin, Derick, Edwin, Jerome, Robert, Yangson.

July 17 steamboat house_00001 July 17 steamboat house_00002 July 17 steamboat house_00003 July 17 steamboat house_00004

RM22.90 per pax for the weekend buffet, consisting of unlimited steamboat ingredients (fishballs, mushrooms, tofu, vegetables, egg, noodles, seaweed, beancurd skin etc), barbeque ingredients (marinated meat: chicken, fish, seafood; corn etc), freeflow of DURIAN, freeflow of Dim Sum (steam and baked pastries), Lok Lok, Salad, Fruits, snack appetizers, Desserts, Drinks, Soup, Ice-cream etc, and you have the Satay station, Grill Lamb station, Ais Kacang station.

July 17 steamboat house_00005

July 17 steamboat house_00006

   July 17 steamboat house_00010July 17 steamboat house_00008  July 17 steamboat house_00012 July 17 steamboat house_00013 July 17 steamboat house_00014 July 17 steamboat house_00015 July 17 steamboat house_00016 July 17 steamboat house_00018 July 17 steamboat house_00019   July 17 steamboat house_00020July 17 steamboat house_00021  July 17 steamboat house_00022July 17 steamboat house_00023 July 17 steamboat house_00025 July 17 steamboat house_00026 July 17 steamboat house_00027July 17 steamboat house_00030 July 17 steamboat house_00031 July 17 steamboat house_00032July 17 steamboat house_00034July 17 steamboat house_00036

We excitably took too much food, and then with much regret, forced ourselves to finish it to avoid the per 100g fine for wasting food. SO BLOATED. Feel like vomiting ==

July 17 steamboat house_00037 July 17 steamboat house_00038 July 17 steamboat house_00039July 17 steamboat house_00043 July 17 steamboat house_00044 Left with a horrible feeling =.= felt like a garbage bin. everything pun masuk