Thursday, June 16, 2011

名香泰 Ming Xiang Tai –Trishaw Egg Tart @Burma Road, Penang.

Awesome Chinese pastriesss!! right opposite Chew Thean Yang aquarium, Eugene recommended the egg tarts, and he’s right! Right now I have totally changed my mind, I know I used to keep promoting saying that Max Gourmet Egg Tarts are the best, now my faith has been shaken, I feel like I am cheating against Max Gourmet and my loyalty for egg tarts have now shifted towards Ming Xiang Tai!! You really gotta try the texture of the pastry and the egg custard yourself! as for the taste, to my liking, its not too sweet.

ming xiang tai_00001

Well they are also selling Bird’s Nest with Bean curd, didn’t buy today, will try next time

ming xiang tai_00003 ming xiang tai_00004 ming xiang tai_00005 ming xiang tai_00006

Besides egg tarts, they have pork or chicken char siew pastry (in original, kochabi, or black pepper flavour), salted egg pastry etc etc.

ming xiang tai_00007

I like salted egg pastry too, but the price of rm1.30 is a little too expensive for its small size. For best results or maximum enjoyment of its palatability, eat it when its still HOT, if possible, within half an hour after purchase, and never never ever keep it overnight.

ming xiang tai_00008 ming xiang tai_00009 ming xiang tai_00010ming xiang tai_00013 ming xiang tai_00014 ming xiang tai_00015

P.S. Kelantan’s Kebun Sultan’s pastry stall should feel ashamed of the hard, layer-less, tasteless, thick-shell, minimal-filling, goo/gum/stones/rocks they serve

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Food_Lover said...

Hi NeeNeeBoo,

I just LIKE Ming Xiang Tai at Facebook. Apparently they are opening a branch at Suntech CyberCity @ Bayan Baru this Jan 2012.

Check out their Menu:

I like their Bean Curd. So smooth and tasty. Try it the next time you're there :) Enjoy~