Monday, June 20, 2011

JenxDan Lifestyle Vegetarian Cafe @ Chow Thye Road, Penang.

For those vegetarians who are already bored of Lily’s..

June 20 Janxden_00001

As you can see they have more western and italian, pizza and pasta, brushcetta and salad selections

June 20 Janxden_00002 June 20 Janxden_00003 June 20 Janxden_00004

Spelling error of *Green tea

June 20 Janxden_00005 June 20 Janxden_00006 June 20 Janxden_00007 June 20 Janxden_00008 

The menu…

June 20 Janxden_00010June 20 Janxden_00012 June 20 Janxden_00011 June 20 Janxden_00009June 20 Janxden_00013

They even have proper-looking eggless cheese cakes. But I’m not sure if the cheese is from cow’s milk or not. If not, then Timothy and Thaddeus might be able to try this..yay

June 20 Janxden_00014

Lavender Enzyme drink. Made posh by the wine glass. RM4.50. Other selections of Fruit Enzyme Drink include Passion and Grape. You need an acquired taste for this. Not everyone can stand the smell of enzyme drinks.

June 20 Janxden_00015

Mushroom soup RM5. Quite aromatic, with a sprinkle of olive oil, but overall a little too salty and peppery for my taste. I go home very thirsty after this

June 20 Janxden_00016

Vietnamese Roll. RM4.50. The roll is Lily’s is cheaper bigger and tastier. So for this particular dish you should go to Lily’s

June 20 Janxden_00017

Mixed Fruit Yoghurt, RM5.90, I absolutely DO NOT recommend this. Not worth your penny. I expected something more extravagant, at least like Frogurt or something, but turns out to be just a pour out of RM1.60 Marigold/ Nestle/ Dutch Lady cup of original yogurt from the supermarket and just cuts of fruit cubes. Even kids can make it. and at a much lower price. June 20 Janxden_00019

The Rainbow Sushi Roll. RM5.50. Not your average sushi. But not bad at all actually. I kinda like it. Im glad about the fact that they dont use fake japanese rice, aka squashed chinese/siam rice attempted to be glued together, with cucumber sticks only like what the other vegetarian places usually do. In fact, this one has no rice at all! You can eat guilt free, compact with a lot of natural colorful strips of “liao” in it. Good to try.

June 20 Janxden_00020 June 20 Janxden_00021

   Spinach Pizza!! RM13.90. Crispy Italian bread, spinach, brinjals, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozerella cheese, olive. THIS IS SO GOOD. I’m actually amazed at the standard of italian pizza a vegetarian cafe run by chinese can offer. It is very italian-like, I like this much much better than Pizza Hut and US Pizza, and this is cheaper than your usual pizzas too!

June 20 Janxden_00024

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