Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lib. Winter Warmers. Punished. Tart. PF

Morning, went to public library. Borrowed James Patterson’s Judge & Jury and John Grisham’s Ford County.

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Lunch with Dad, Grandma & Jeen-Yi at Winter Warmers, Sunway Carnival.

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Watched a HK movie “Punished” starring Anthony Wong and Richie Ren. No, its not a horror movie, its just a thriller, but Grandma was so cute, she kept mumbling in Teowchew..”Aiyooo..teok cheh kia” and comforted herself by tapping chest lightly repeatedly XD

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Afternoon snack, Ming Xiang Tai’s egg tarts and salted egg pastry.

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  Pathfinders, Lashing and football.

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