Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meal of the moment: Perak Road Economy Rice


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gurney. Sakae. Gelatissimo.

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Tsunami Sculpture

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Yoo!老油鬼鬼@Gurney Plaza,Pg.

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Its funny how common local street food like Eu Zhar Kuih has now evolved into franchise commercial cafe in shopping malls. Off course, the price has gone up as well as compared to buying them from the roadside stall. But what I like about the Eu Zhar Kuih here is that, to my surprise, it’s NOT oily, and relatively crispier, wahoo! Its not soaked in oil, it does not ooze out oil when you pinch them. And the soya is not sweet at all, which is good.


Xuan Xin Ramen @Gurney Plaza, Pg.

P1270517P1270521P1270524 P1270536P1270531P1270527P1270533  Can u spot Sylvia? hehe..bump into her every study break.

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