Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2 Free sets of McD breakfast :)


With minimum purchase of RM5. Master copy of this voucher is available at Nurani Photostat shop. Photostatted copy is acceptable. For 5 cents you get 8 coupons = 16 sets of Big Breakfast.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

CNY Night Appreciation Dinner @New Horizon Garden, KB.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ya Ping’s birthday @Kenny Rogers

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

USM Dietetics Annual Pre-Graduation Dinner ~Masquerade @Crystal Lodge

This is an annual event which 2nd years are in charged of. For everyone in the Dietetics family to gather together for dinner and as a farewell for final year students. Besides the president, secretary and treasurer, all 2nd years were divided into excos such as cenderahati, protocol, technical, MC, persiapan tempat (backdrop), transport etc. I was the treasurer this time.

Besides the course dinner and masquerade itself, we had video presentation, performances by year, formal speeches, photo session, lucky draw, games, gifts, plaque presentation ceremony for the 4th years, selection of prom king n queen.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00001

       Lin Hsin’s DIY mask. No wonder she’s in CNY Props team.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00008

Backdrop and VVIP table, we came earlier to set up the place. The theme was A Night in Utopia. I dont know why they chose this, but have u heard of the Utopian Eunuch?

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00009  Front desk receptionists and ushers and keh leh fehs

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00011 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00012 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00013Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00015 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00016Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00018 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00019 Pei Yen’s mask, nice right? surely its expensive.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00023

I’m a fan of Caleb Mok Chia Lit. He cut out cereal box into a mask shape, and then stapled with bougainvilleas which he illegally plucked from the campus compound, stuck to a twig which he plucked from a random tree. He complained that while stapling the flowers, many ants came running out.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00020 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00021   Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00024 Vincent’s mask

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00025

VIP arrival

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00027

Don’t ask me why they used chrysanthemum heehee.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00028

May the feast begin

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00037

Four seasons platter and pseudo-sharks-fin soup.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00042Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00044

3rd year & 1st year performance.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00046 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00047 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00048 Candidates for the King and Queen. Basically the men face no competition since they are so limited. As for Yun Fatt, the only boy for our year, would get nominated in every dinner menang tanpa bertanding.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00049Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00052Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00056 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00057 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00058Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00061 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00062 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00063 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00064There you have, our prom prince and princess, Caleb and Heng Bing. I think Caleb might just win every year.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00066Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00069

As for the lecturers category, Prof Wan Manan was the King and Dr.Shariza assigned as the Queen. Dr.Hamid Jan was laughing all the way.  Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00071

Group photo with lecturers by year 4,3,2,1Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00073Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00074Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00078 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00079 

As usual after every event, posing and spamming camera.   Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00083Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00082 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00081

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00084 My direct junior, my mentor, my mentor’s mentor, and I.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00087Diet 2nd year chinese

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00093Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00096Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00098Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00100Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00103 Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00104Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00107

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00108Caleb the poser with my cute junior Joh Ying.

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00109Me and  Joh Ying

Mar 19 Diet Dinner_00112