Monday, January 31, 2011

Day out with WY, TY, YF, HW. Hike. CNY Cookies Parasite. Kek Lok Si. Agua Mediterranean restaurant@Straits Quay.

  • 8am hike to no.5 with Wey Yin, Tee Yee, York Fuan
  • 10.40am hop on WY’s car dropped by Pulau Tikus market for fresh soya milk, ban jian kuih & big curry puff
  • TY dropped me home to bath
  • too late for “homecoming” movie
  • loitered at GSC, MPH of GP
  • Hop on YF’s car with HW to TY’s hse
  • parasite on CNY cookies at TY’s hse, did FFQ
  • TY is different, she only mixes with Penangites in her Uni, and when she is back to Penang for holidays, she goes out with her Uni coursemates who are also her housemates. o.O
  • genting cafe for late lunch, Ti Shen tauhua, saw unc vincent
  • WY arrived TY’s hse
  • WY’s car to Kek Lok Si to pose with 7 other girls (SP, GCSL, KSY, CXY, LC, LCG, etc)
  • pheng’s hse parasite cookies again
  • Straits Quay jalan jalan cakap cakap
  • met jose josh daniel sylvia! mr.lau & xin yu
  • Agua Mediterranean for late dinner

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

  • 1pm wake up. missed paint ball.
  • finally finished 义海豪情
  • Cityville, RC
  • korean noodle, pineapple tarts, ribbon pia
  • din go pf
  • gurney plaza with mom
  • for cny night, red silk cheongsam rm150 T.T
  • eating xuan xin for dinner feeling very chinese
  • for beijing trip, Rofina winter clothing: black cashmere long john, black winter coat, Scottish scarf, Christmas socks, dark brown earmuff, total damage 433
  • korean bling bling earrings rm29
  • totally overspent but only once a year?
  • met Robert, surprisingly close to my mom
  • each a cup
  • met Anne, she is getting PhD soon
  • cold storage, mom forgot to bring recycle bag again

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