Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve. Cheng Mai Thai food

Booked 2 cars from 2pm til 2am. Whole day out with Jia Yin, Pick Leng, Lin Hsin, Yun Fatt, Jamie, Pei Yen, Xin Yi, Shi Yin.

Lunch at Xun Meng Yuan kopitiam.

      P1230118 P1230117P1230119     P1230113P1230124  P1230127 P1230126

Met this cute dog and I went ruffling my fingers among its awesome fur. The uncle asked me whether I wanted to buy the dog from him as he is lazy to take care of it anymore. I declined thinking that the dog might have had lung cancer 3rd stage already.


Went to KB Mall, wanted to bowl, but there was a competition going on, bowling plan failed, walked around boring KB mall, FOS and PDI is now open.

Dinner at Cheng Mai Thai food restaurant.

This is Pork Knuckle. I don’t even eat this thing. But since my friends are all fans of pork, they ordered this. Which is rather unfair for me, because this costs RM47, the most expensive dish tonight, and the total bill is divided among all, including me, even though I did not touch this thing at all. So this single photo alone is equivalent to me spending rm47 / 9 = rm5.22 man.. Appreciate this rm5.20-for-nothing photo.


Pandan Chicken. Rm2 each.

P1230136 P1230137 P1230138

Fried Bees. I LIKE. Oh my..I have been eating a lot of insects this month.


Kheng Som Fish.

P1230139  P1230141  P1230143      P1230149    

Went to Tesco for groceries. Where else can we go. What else can we do. 有时间, 有朋友, 有钱, 有车, 没有地方去, that’s what Kelantan is like even on a new year’s eve. Went to Wakaf Che Yeh wanting to buy some fireworks to play at the beach. In the end we couldn’t find any, and it was raining, so fireworks-by-the-beach plan failed. In the end we just sat at McDonalds eating Happy meal and telling lame jokes. We thought that when the clock strikes 12 midnight people in McD will all shout, but not a countdown sound was heard, 不知不觉 it was 12:05 already. Lame.

P1230158 P1230161   P1230162 P1230154        P1230166

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miraku Sushi with Teng Joo

Last day of my December holidays, went to Miraku Sushi Buffet with Teng Joo. You know that Miraku is good because, even before the restaurant is open, mops of Japanese were waiting outside eager to barge in and tear the place down. I think Teng Joo and I were the only locals around the big square table? The buffet is 2 hours per session, unlimited order of any Sushi and Temaki listed on the menu.


The sushi chef will make the sushi “live” in front of you, and the rice balls are hand-pressed, not squeezed out by some metal machine. The sushi we had tonight was not fancy and decorative, just simple, straight to the point, light, fresh, quality. Utter enjoyment. Sushi King and Sakae should feel shameful. I didn’t take many pictures of the sushi, since time is an important factor, and the sushi looked simple anyway.     P1230093P1230099P1230094P1230100 

After dinner, walked about Gurney Plaza. It is Christmas, year-end holiday season, but I find the crowded Gurney Plaza very boring. Sat at G Hotel instead, had Gelatissimo ice-cream for dessert =D , and then we actually sat at GSpot lounge to talk about religion. =.=

  P1230104P1230107     P1230110

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Sabbath: Musical, Doctrinal, Pot Luck, Caroling, Vespers, BBQ Party.

Christmas morning falls on Sabbath worship service so there was a mini musical programme of recycled musicians, no sermon today.  

  P1220968 P1220970 P1220973 P1220975 

Doctrinal study, Uncle Calvin was throwing Pearls, we were the Swine.

P1220978 P1220977 P1220981 P1220985   P1220987 P1220988

Thaddeus gave each of us a gift, I had fun scratching the black coated colour paper, Im going to stock up a lot of this coated paper to scratch whenever I am stressed, it is relaxing beyond belief.


Highlights of Christmas church Pot Luck: virtually a solid BUCKET of Haagen Dazs Macadamia ice-cream **squeaks**, and also awesome cheesecake. We looked as though we were fighting over the ice-cream, and I like it when Chawin used his National Geographic commentary Australian accent to say,”Observe the species competing for limited resources for survival”

  P1220997P1220996  P1220993

afternoon, CAROLING. Visited Uncle Pedley, Aunty Jenny, Uncle Timothy.

P1230002 P1230004    P1230008  P1230012 P1230015    P1230018 P1230019 P1230020 P1230023P1230021 P1230024   P1230026 P1230028       P1230035 P1230036 P1230037 P1230038   P1230041       P1230051 P1230054  P1230056   P1230061  P1230063 P1230064 P1230065 P1230068 P1230072 

Vespers and BBQ party at lighthouse

P1230077  P1230080   P1230086  P1230088 165254_1496345610359_1285661106_31069050_4550811_n