Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cuisine Bou (2)

 30.11.10 cuisine bou_00005  30.11.10 cuisine bou_00008 30.11.10 cuisine bou_00011 30.11.10 cuisine bou_00014  30.11.10 cuisine bou_00019  30.11.10 cuisine bou_00024

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ivan is back. New World Park. Cristin’s Kaya. Bowling. Lighthouse. PSC Badminton. Viva food court.

Ivan is back!! =D and we are going out for lunch! as usual the familiar face picked me up from my house with that familiar car with that familiar smell, but I didn’t hear the same old music this time. Waited at main church to meet Art and Yangson, had a long chat with Uncle Vincent there, then had lunch at New World Park food court sharing cheap variety of hawker food.  29.11.10_0000129.11.10_0000229.11.10_0000329.11.10_0000529.11.10_0000429.11.10_0000629.11.10_00007

       Visited Cristin’s family kaya and tausa business mini factory. 29.11.10_00009

Went bowling with ivan, art, yangs at Penang Bowl. I should remember to pack my socks everytime I go out with Ivan, this isn’t the first time they dropped me home to take socks. 29.11.10_00010 29.11.10_00011 29.11.10_00012 Yangson went home, Ivan and I went to Art’s house to see Iise studying SPM Moral. Went out to pick up Rayne from drum lesson and bought soya. Went back to lighthouse, played iPad with Rayne, I lost to him in every game. 29.11.10_00013 29.11.10_00014  29.11.10_00016 29.11.10_00017 Went to Penang Swimming Club with art, iise, rayne, ivan, jerome, kevin to play badminton. I lost to Rayne again =.=29.11.10_0001829.11.10_0001929.11.10_00020

Dinner at Viva food court around Tanjung Bungah. I like this place! Ivan ordered 2 big ikan bakar, he over-ordered again, even though 7 of us sharing.29.11.10_0002129.11.10_0002329.11.10_0002429.11.10_0002529.11.10_0002629.11.10_0002729.11.10_0002829.11.10_0002929.11.10_0003229.11.10_00030

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miraku @G Hotel, Gurney Drive,Penang.

Supposed to go miraku sushi buffet dinner with yangson tonight but apparently he didn’t book, it was fully booked, we couldn’t get a seat, and I was already very hyped for miraku so I convinced dad to bring me there for lunch. After lunch, drove about neighbourhood in dad’s car which is AUTOMATIC, not MANUAL thank goodness. Afternoon went to Clark Hatch with mum. Next, slept 3 hours. Next went to Prangin to buy Digi broadband, went to Chamelon to buy scrunchy which always disappear, dinner at 600cc. Night finish off a little bit of Gong Zhu Jia Dao while eating Beryl dark choc almond balls.

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