Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pcghs+Usm girls gathering at YPK,UP2U


The aim of this gathering is to meet our new 1st year juniors, but apparently only 1 came, the other 3 went back to Penang maybe due to acute homesickness.

P1200077   P1200087P1200078 P1200086P1200082 P1200093 P1200094 P1200095 P1200096 P1200099 P1200073

Good news! Next to YPK Thai Food restaurant there is a clothing store selling Taiwanese and Korean fashion! This is the first that I have seen in Kelantan, that I happily burst out my true thoughts and non-stop praises of this miracle to the owner of the shop, but apparently I forgot that she herself was a Kelantanese, she didn’t take it as a compliment but sounded quite offended =.=

P1200100 P1200101 P1200102 P1200103 P1200104

Chit chat over desserts at Up2U. This 师奶协会 actually discussed birth-planning, birth spacing. SO SCARY!! I am not ready! I am still playing kiddy computer games. Then I observed that Pei Wen, the 5th year Medic beauty who was once a prefect in Pcghs, she is engaged already! her boyfriend graduated Usm Medic just 2 months ago, an ex-Chung Ling student. o.O I really admire her. She is on the right track. I am so far behind T___T. Even when we were dining at YPK, saw Zhong Yang meeting his in-laws. Even Pei Yen said she her mom has been preparing 嫁妆. Argh~ I cannot cope. I refuse to depart from carefree youthfulness. I wish to be forever single and free~!

P1200106 P1200109 P1200111

Friday, October 22, 2010

Borneo Cultural Nite 2010 USMKK


This is the “tribal” publicity counter outside of Nurani office selling tickets and dedication souvenirs.

P1190945  P1190948

Exhibition conveying Borneon culture. Again, more bamboos chopped.

P1190947 P1190951 P1190955 P1190950P1190956

Multi coloured layered cake above and “BAMBANGAN” (fermented mango) below, I really do not know how to appreciate the fermented mango which was very pungent in smell I immediately spit it out. oops.

P1190958 P1190959 P1190960  P1190973 P1190977     P1190991 P1190997 P1200005  P1200009

Once bitten twice shy, learning my lesson from last year, whereby I lined up for half an hour for “Sorry no more food”, this year, before the MC even announced that the audience could proceed to the food counter, I have already swiftly sneaked to the back already. SUCCESS! Fyi, I’d rather be embarrassed looking like a cheapskate than to risk paying RM10 for no food.

P1200011  P1200016

Sarawakian Laksa. Although I am a Penangite, who is supposed to eat Penang Asam Laksa, but due to the many Sarawakians in Penang SDA church, plus Mrs. Chan and Kakak Sumarlang’s hobby to cook Sarawakian Laksa for pot luck until I am sick of it, you could say that I, a Penang girl, have eaten Sarawakian Laksa for N times already. Therefore I think I am qualified enough to comment that this bowl tasted rather bland, not spicy enough, Mrs. Chan the Chinese and Sumarlang the Indonesian can do better.

P1200019 P1200023

Ever since watching Step Up 3, I am now response-less to any form of modern dance, threshold for excitement much elevated.

P1200035 P1200038

More golf course bamboos! Heehee!


Ziyad spinning on his abdomen on top of the bamboo!

P1200044 P1200050 P1200056

Finale the whole hall danced, acting as though we have joyfully gone back to our dear kampungs.

P1200059 P1200064 P1200066

I still think that RM10 is too expensive for such a simple Nurani Hall event. At the same price of RM10 you could already attend MKI at Dewan Utama, add another RM2, you could already attend the much more grander and higher quality CNY NIGHT!! Nurani Hall events like Mooncake Festival is priced RM6-RM7, Christmas Night is FOC!