Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kopitiam. Board Game. Kopitiam. Board Game. Hiking.

  P1150324P1150320       P1150329  P1150326 P1150339 P1150342  P1150347 P1150348 P1150349 P1150351 P1150352  P1150354 P1150355 P1150364P1150356    P1150361 P1150357P1150359  P1150368 P1150372 P1150376P1150375  P1150378 P1150379 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A-Team. Dragon-i. PHOP. Visit Dusty.

Watched A-Team with Hui Wuen. A-Team is a guys show, but I love it! Action non-stop and humorous. Its worth watching because they most probably spent lots of money during production for the many helicopters, planes, ships, bombs, destruction, guns, tanks, cars etc. the-a-team-poster

Next, we dined Dragon-i. Both seizing every moment for good food and good fun realising that the clock is ticking and Kelantan will be barging into our lives again.P1150267P1150269P1150270P1150272P1150273

Piglets Tausah Pao so cute right? But we didnt order, its just tausah pao with additional flour nose and flour ears and sesame eyes.P1150278P1150279P1150283P1150284P1150285P1150289P1150292P1150294P1150299P1150300

Brought mom to PHOP for Treasure Box again. I sort of have a craving for it.P1150307

Visited Aunty Betty and Uncle Vincent and Dusty.P1150314P1150316

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sakae sushi buffet (4th) with Yangs, Caryn, Art, Edwin & Co.

Went to Sakae sushi buffet (4th time, so no more elaboration on food deal, kindly view other posts) with Yangson, Caryn, Art, Edwin and his 3 friends. Next, 1stop shopping for tech and spiritual stuff.

P1150250 P1150251  P1150254 P1150255 P1150256

The suicidal handroll!P1150258P1150259P1150260P1150261P1150262P1150263P1150264