Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Cafe @ Prima Tanjung

P1130953 P1130956  P1130965 P1130982 P1130991

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dropped by kdu

Got cheated by Aaron today to go for KDU’s food fair. When we arrived all the stalls were closed already, except the Bubble Milk Tea stall. One achievement for today: I have tried the worst Bubble Milk Tea in my life. It is even worse than the Milk Tea Lorry outside my primary school who uses weird colored powder. And the Pearl, ew ew ew, some hard goo. In the end, Aaron dined at the cafeteria while Crystal watches him eat his usual canteen food XD.

P1130942 P1130946 P1130948 P1130944 

I realised that the students in KDU is so so so different from the students in USM. KDU students are richer, cooler, party-goer, and probably not so serious academically. One more thing, I don’t like college boys, I like Uni guys. To me, Uni guys are like Art, Edwin, Ivan, Iise, Derick, Chawin, Sky, Nelson etc /PROPER GUYS. College boys are like Bill, Abel, Robert, Jerome etc / boh nya jiat eh ta po. By the way, I LOVE NERDS. I want nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd. (v^.^v) So girls out there, go go ahead for all the cool, flirty, pretty&useless handsome guys, then leave all the remaining spiritually faithful, clever intellectuals, weird dorky alien nerds with no style for ME!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pizzeria @ Hard Rock Hotel @ Batu Ferringhi, Penang.

Checked out Hard Rock Hotel to see what the fuss is all about.P1130851P1130853

A lot of The Beatles everywhere. Satanic lol.P1130854

Display of suits and guitars used by them before.P1130855P1130857P1130858P1130861

The exterior design of the hotel is rather disappointing.P1130864

Penang’s beach not so ugly after all if you forget about Gurney Drive.P1130866P1130868P1130915P1130871P1130872P1130875P1130881

Rockin Chocolate. monin chocolate sauce, fresh banana, low-fat milk and plain yogurt. Chocolate+Banana, very thick, makes you very happy.P1130885P1130898P1130901P1130904P1130906

Uber satisfied with the crust. This is exactly how a pizza crust should be!! Not too thick not too thin, brick-fire roast, powdery touch, partial crisp, partial softness.P1130911P1130918P1130919

Explored Hard Rock Cafe. Still haven’t tried out. OK I will dine here next time!P1130941P1130921P1130922P1130923


Monday, May 24, 2010

Shrek4 with Rail, Mab, Josh


Watched Shrek 4 with Railey, Mabelle, Joshua. Their ticket RM10, my ticket RM6, once again, I love my Matric Card very much, I am going to brush and polish and sayang it like a pet. Shrek presents the stupid kind of funny, but good to de-stress and roar with friends. Next, makan at food court with them. Ow yar, I passed my P license this morning, but I am not excited at all and I don’t intend to announce it to anyone.P1130846P1130845

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yaki Teppan (bad). Crispy Station (good).

P1130806 P1130809  P1130812 P1130813  P1130815   P1130821 

RM16.90 for a bowl of normal Malaysian/Thai beras (instead of the Japanese Calrose rice), 2 stupid fishball wantan (instead of proper gyoza), fried taugehs, weird mackerel, a pile of thousand island sauce, a slice of watermelon (ok normal), a bowl of miso soup (this one OK).P1130827

Mackerel is not supposed to look like this!!! what kind of mackerel is this!!!P1130828P1130836P1130840

     Smiley Face Pizza Crepe :) P1130843