Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodbye 311. Sakae sushi. Hello home.

P1120336 P1120337 

Woke up by dad’s call at 7:40am. Reaching liao!! Rupa-rupanya he started driving at 1am, quite extreme I thought. Rush rush rush. It is very tiring to pack pack pack store store store and carry luggage and boxes and bags down 3 storeys repeatedly all by yourself since the hostel forbids the entrance of any male.

After finished carrying all my stuff either into the store room or car, then it was the moment of cliche, mixed feelings, happy to finish Uni Yr1, leave Kelantan temporarily and go home to Penang, but sad to leave room 311 and roommates Siew Ping, Zhi Ling, Azwa, whom I am so used to living with them already, it feels weird to depart from them forever after living together for a year. Goodbye peet peet, tofu, pig, garfield, ke ai de xiao mei mei, eh siano, mei you la, lohl..Arghh..I even miss their handphone ringtones and alarms.

Had toast for breakfast with dad at deKlasik kopitiam. Then the long and winding journey whereby I had a looong chat with dad about everything under the sun. I knew that dad as a medical rep was knowledgeable in pharmaceutical stuff, but was very surprised that he knows so much about physiology and nutrition!! very much like what I studied in the first year, it was as though he was orally testing whether was I really done with 1st year in school of Health Science, he has been reading I guess. He is going to take up a long-distance degree in complementary medicine.

Then we talked about things I never thought I would be discussing with him, about how nature was in abundance and was initially perfect, then human creation destroyed the world, rich and poor inequity, the poor is deprived of health and education opportunity, the rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer, what for losing life for money, doctors overcharge and blunder insurance, the only good soul is dr.fam, who quoted:”give what I cannot keep, to gain what I cannot lose”, money on earth vs. treasures in heaven, born naked from womb, take nothing and leave nothing, go back to dust. I love such talks, pretend to be intellectual and get some mental stimulation. Then we discussed descriptively about Japanese food and pizza.

Stopped by Sunway Carnival Mall’s Sakae Sushi for late lunch. This shall be labelled as “my first luxury meal after leaving Kelantan for long break”. We dined at Sakae Sushi NOT because its my favourite, but because its the nearest Japanese food outlet accessible along the journey.

P1120341  P1120344 P1120395P1120392 P1120394P1120357


Salmon and Mango Roll. BAD choice. Its rm5.90 for each of this piece of crap. I expected something more extravagant, something juicier and flavourful, but what a disappointment, both the salmon and mango are NOT chunks, just a thin and stingy slice, and the “mouth-feel” of that temaki is rather dry and tasteless, other than the annoying dash of mayonnaise.

  P1120359 P1120362 P1120365 P1120370 P1120372     P1120387P1120386 P1120385 P1120391    P1120400    P1120418

Home sweet home. Mom bought my favorite kuih. Deep fried tri-layer of sweet potato, tee kuih and yam. (^.^) Going to sleep in my old bed. Air-con room. Hot shower. Diamond water. Clean environment. No bugs. No solats.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Redang Island trip

6am woke up and walked out like a zombie out of campus with USM backpack, while a van persiaran was waiting for the 6 of us (me, Lin Hsin, Jamie, Yun Fatt, Jia Yin, Pei Yen). Ate yesterday’s chicken siew pow as breakfast in van. Listened to songs, apparently many Jay Chou songs was in Jamie’s handphone too, sang along out of boredom.

Reached jetty, saw nutri and speech gang, they all dress a like in mooncake Tshirt and all carrying USM purple backpack, very uniform. Next, bought Marine Park ticket and sat on long boat ride, watched waves turn from green to aqua to light blue to transparent in color as approaching island. Felt fortunate that I have no sea-sickness or whatsoever.

P1120115 P1120118 P1120124

It was really an eye-opener this time!!! we trailed about 7-8 baby sharks which then swam pass right in front of my goggles! I got the chance to grab some sea cucumbers with my bare hands, but it is actually very stiff although it looks gelatinous. And off course, NEMO!! made famous by Walt Disney. Next there is a deeper area where there are dozens of obese fishes of purple, red, yellow, green, orange color. Also there are some extremely thin and long fishes which looks like a sword, and I have also proudly disturbed some congregation of thousands of mini silver fishes.


P1120138 P1120157P1120163

Reached Redang!! but walked a long long way under the glaring sun to reach to our resort which is at the end of the island, because the nearest port to the resort is currently under maintenance, but the good thing of it is that we got a brief view of everything in the island while walking, great sights! Almost feel like in paradise.P1120172 P1120168 P1120192

Reached “Redang Holiday” resort, where we were greeted with fake Hawaiians, and a welcoming orange drink to quench our thirst. Had lunch after being clueless of what to do. Tell you a secret, we were cheated. We paid for the 3D2N package, but leaving the island in less than 24 hours because the ferry ride is limited, there are no other times out.P1120204 P1120206P1120211P1120218P1120220

If you are in Redang Island, you better snorkel your heart out no matter what, or else there is nothing else special to do. Rented some snorkelling equipments, got on and squatted on a boat like refugees with multitudes of other tourists, to Pulau Lime, Teluk Kalung.

Got lifejacket, mask and breathing tube, put hands on pelampung, guided by the guide. As I slowly looked down and sink my head into the water, very deep!!I little scared but was mesmerised by the wonders of literally immersing self into another world, sort of like back to nature, God’s creation, wobbly corals, colorful and lively fishes, cooling waters, “complete relaxation enjoying the beauty and wonders of nature”… Too bad the most beautiful and memorable event of the entire trip could not be captured on photo as my hands were busy and my camera is hydrophobic.

Didn’t want to leave to snorkelling place but the refugee boat is leaving soon so I was forced to hop on and say goodbye to Pulau Lima. NO REGRETS. Truly enjoy the experience of snorkeling.

Tea-time, everything tasted salty.

Next, off to snorkel again at a different location, this time no need to take the boat, just walk a distance. 5 of us (excluding Jamie sleeping in the air-con room) were blur at the new snorkelling location as we had no guide and we all cant really swim. Fortunately, while waddling the sand I bumped into an expert guide who randomly picks a lucky tourist, held my hands and float away without pelampung.

Although I drank a lot of salt water and water keeps seeping into my eye mask, it was a trip worth it. Went quite far and returned, saw the other 4 of my friends sharing 1 guide only and still touching the pelampung instead of the free-floating trip like mine. I supposed they cant move freely, cant explore far, or didn’t see much.

Next, returned to the beach to meet up with Jamie who is more willing to come out after the sun is going down. Actually I do not comprehend why she does not want to snorkel, she is not having her monthly friend, and she is the only swimmer among us, the rest of us who dont know how to swim pun jump into the sea jugak. Kesian her no activity, so we attempted to play beach volleyball but it was hurting my wrists. Next, buried Yun Fatt, another kind holiday guide accompanied us to sculpt a penyu out of sand, we wanted to leave for dinner already but since he was so sincere in making the penyu and decorating it so meticulously we were paiseh to leave him just there and then.P1120221 P1120234 P1120244 P1120245 P1120248

Dinner, ate a lot, talked alot, bathed, karaoke-ed for free at the small bar but the microphone was super insensitive. Go on and expedition to look for blue sand, I do not know what is the chemical explanation behind it, but by scraping the sand on a particular wet stretch of the beach, an instantaneous blue glow is visible for only a few seconds, and you are considered lucky if you see them. Vain-ing at MoMoCha Inn. Then the 6 of us just lied down on the bench watching the moon and stars so bright and near and the clouds evolving like animation. It felt like I was in a virtual world, the thought was kind of scary. Night, sleeping together with Jamie and Lin Hsin. Pillow talk with Jamie until 2 or 3 am? while Lin Hsin sleeping away.P1120254 P1120255 P1120264 P1120289 P1120300 P1120287 P1120308 P1120302P1120303P1120305P1120307


Next morning, breakfast (porridge, rat’s tail, pao, roti canai, omelette, toasts, eggs), pack up, check out, explored MoMoCha Inn, take breeze boat out of island, sleepy, van, sleep, return to campus, last sembang with roommates, troublesome packing.

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