Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pcghs dinner. Earth Hour. MacB. room Disco.

PCGHS students had dinner together at Pizza Hut just across the street.

P1110821P1110824P1110827P1110831  P1110833  P1110838

In total, we ordered 3 large pizzas, 1 regular pizza, 2 spaghetti, 8 soup, some garlic bread, 2 jar of soft drinks. RM10.80 per person.


Then it was time for Earth Hour, went back to campus for “USMKK Without Light” activity. They sembahyang. We write name and matric number.

Went to MacB for a fruit blended drink with Jee Leng, Shi Yin and Xin Yi. Together we bonded by criticizing Kelantan and praising our various hometowns. I am definitely not the only person who have cried of homesick :P

Went back to room, since Azwa is not around, I gave a spontaneous idea to create our very own Disco in our room. I cincai blurt only, did not expect both Zhi Ling and Siew Ping to agree immediately. (=.=) I was quite surprised, they flew to switch off the lights, turned on loud dancing music on the laptop, started flashing torch lights in every direction, simply dancing in our pyjamas with apparently no proper dance steps, plus throwing the lame packet of sugar which makes the shuffling sound. Zhi Ling seriously turned so not serious. Siew Ping and Jie See, odd to see them dancing, but fun too. We laughed and sweated a lot. Guess everyone just wants a release from daily life’s stress and go wild once in a while too. We should do room-disco more often. Next time need to prepare more MVs of Hot Korean Guys so we can just mimic their dance moves.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Room-made Spaghetti Carbonara ^^

RM17 would be adequate to cook 2 Italian meals for 3-4 person



The illegal slow cooker.


Rupa-rupanya ZhiLing and I, although sudah university students, we still do not know how to use the can opener properly, and muscles built from drums proved to be in vain as well..


Just boil pasta with water plus pinch of salt, heat the canned cream and stir well with water. THATS ALL. SO EASY. I LOVE PREGO for providing this convenience.


TA-DA! This meal only costs me RM2.70, tastes better than the RM6.90 spag from the cafe outside. We had more than enough, too much leftover for Siew Ping she donated some to Lin Hsin who said it was delicious ^^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Watched Slumdog Millionaire. Thumbs up! I like movies which raises real humanity issues such as poverty, discrimination, and most importantly, great success is possible for everyone, no matter how low the society ranks them. The touch of poor rural India slum really adds flavor to the showbiz other than the ordinary Hollywood movie of US urban cities which frequently revolves around casual sex, high-tech guns and nothing else.


Watched Yes Man. Lesson: SAY YES TO LIFE, or else you will have no life! say yes when your heart really wants to. But other than the minor lesson its just another cracko comedy.

Yes Man

When I was in Methodist Church, someone called me on the phone to tell me that someone is getting married =.=| WHAT FOR?

I plan NOT to get married. I shall be a playgirl with a variety of 20 over boyfriends throughout my entire life muahaha.. Besides, I have much confidence that I can support myself financially quite sufficiently. I do not see what is there to gain from marriage other than temporary infatuation, bigger belly, more housework, more arguments, risk of divorce, risk of having an unfaithful husband, risk of sexually transmitted disease, risk of regretting choosing the wrong husband.

Lagi-lagi, psycho research that we are working on lately proves that there are no significant differences between married and unmarried elderly women. The ones that are positively associated with severe loneliness and depression are the widows. Technically speaking, if I don’t get married, I will not become a widow, less chance for severe depression. There are also findings that indicate that single women live longer than married women.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pantai Timur Western Food

Went to somewhere near Parkson with Jia Yin, Pick Leng, Yun Fatt, Jamie, Lin Hsin to eat Pantai Timur’s Western Food.

We rent a car and Yun Fatt drove us there. His driving is really lousy today, I wonder if its because “someone” is in the car. He even drove into a no-entry one-way lane the opposite way in and all the cars were heading face-to-face in front of our car!! We shrieked our lungs out as he had almost gotten us killed, and moi, knowingly a sadistic, after the event, love to remind him the guilt and see his face twitch. Just for the fun of it ^^v.

Ok. Back to main topic. Pantai Timur Western Food. The chicken chop, RM11, famous for its big portion, compared to the other eating place near our campus which offered western food only bigger than a burger patty.


The chicken tasted alright, I love the potatoes, and they were generous enough to give extra protein, in the form of a fried egg. But I was offended by the sauce. The sauce is just chili sauce and tomato ketchup mixed with water. Hello, you should at least cook up some brown sauce of black pepper and mushroom.


JiaYin’s Fish and Chips with Egg. RM15. P1110781


LinHsin’s Fish and Chips with Vegetables. Big PORTION alright, but I am thankful I did not order that, it was drizzled with mayonnaise madness. Yuck. It costs RM18. So BO TAT. RM18 can buy salmon liao. Rm18 might as well dine in restaurant.



I like this photo with Jamie. My 自拍skills improving.

23518_379349085783_706635783_3952081_5284934_n (1)


I give the environment rating no stars at all. It is some back lorong with black and grey buildings which were once white, tables and chairs were sticky, mad birds were chirping too loudly as though alarming the end of the world, diseased alley cats were strolling very nearby, as in one metre away. No ambience at all for western food.

P1110800 P1110801 P1110802

I MISS FRANCIS WESTERN FOOD in Pulau Tikus, Penang, who offers nice garlic bread of french loaf and herbs toppings instead of a stupid plain bun; who offers pineapple salad or mango salad instead of defrosted peas, carrot cubes and corns; who offers baked potatoes in foil with melted tartar rather than shoelace fries; whose western culinary is not limited to Chicken Chop and Fish and Chips only but so much more at a reasonable price; in fact, Francis’s F&C is only half price of Pantai Timur.

Dropped by Parkson to sniff in some air of civilisation. Dropped by McD to eat Chocolate Sundae and bungkus French Fries for roommates. So full then. Back to Campus.

Discuss Nutri presentation with Yu Chao at Kafe Nurani. Discuss with Kai Ping about Beijing Trip. Chatted with Hun Ching about Community Service. Chat chat with anyone at the cafe.

Actually, Lord, I love you. You have given me more than sufficient.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Have you ever attended an interview to become a member of an organization in which your name has already been printed on the documents as high committee? :)

Have you ever been tested knowledge about something you yourself wrote but the interviewers were probing you because they did not know you wrote them? :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Went out with Jamie, Kenneth and Chee Mein for dinner, walked a long distance, near Bilal, just in order to eat Chinese Noodles. Then Yun Fatt appeared at the same place ngam. His face turned considerably darker looking at my table hahaha..but I’m not going to talk about complicated relationships.

Food pics are my main concern.


Char Hor Fun. They dashed in too much thickening starch. But I liked the crispy noodle that they added over there, on the left side of the plate.


Hokkien Char. I have never really liked Hokkien Char anyway. And I dislike the taste of that yellow noodle. Boric acid or something.


Yee Mee Goreng. I like Ichiban’s one better, with more chicken and egg.


Char Koay Teow. =.= Off course cannot defeat Penang’s.

But OK lah, it was a good meal with enjoyable companions. Then we walked to 7Eleven and bought Cornettos to indulge and also to tempt Jamie who is scared of getting fat.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

CNY Night Appreciation Dinner 新春晚会庆功宴

All Chinese first-years and second-years of USM Health Campus gathered and we took a group photo before leaving campus for the dinner.

When I opened facebook the day after I got a shock of how beautiful the photo turned out to be. The master-piece photo was done by Edwin Pheng.

I tell you the truth, the sky was actually not that dramatic-looking that day, no stormy feeling, and off course there was no fancy graffiti of CNY NIGHT LOGO on the boring tar road.

DSLR + Photoshop can work wonders that I do not believe in the photos I see nowadays. It is nice but fake, it is fake but nice. I cant make up my mind.

Group photo--credits to Edwin Pheng26177_405394731662_724831662_4969549_7925208_nOK the rest of the photos using my cheap old camera..

Orchard Garden is located in Tumpat, 1 hour away from campus. Using the same time length, could have reached Redang and Perhentian already you know.P1110723P1110727 The people buzzing about. And I guess they are mainly excited for 2 things, which they cant easily find in campus, or rather they cant easily find in Kelantan, which is:


Remind me again not to pick a seat abruptly without checking whether the karaoke speakers were above. My ears suffered throughout the dinner listening to high-volume out-of-tune sounds. Although they sang a few Jay Chou songs, but they sort of ruined the song and thus ruined my mood. I rather they just played the original song sang by my imaginary husband.P1110728The deep fried little piglet on plate. They were all so excited for this, but not for me, since pigs eat all the other farm animals’ shit. In the end they commented that this was not as nice as they expected.


As for me, EVEN IF this is a clean food, I am still disgusted by the look of the head on the plate. SO…NO THANKS.P1110747

The chicken is very plain and normal. No sign of any coconut although the dish is called 香烤椰鸡P1110729

Tomyam soup again. I prefer New Horizon’s.P1110731

A big plate of shredded mango. =.=P1110732

Claypot Tofu. OK lah.P1110737

Big Fish. Dont care nice or not. Hantam. Since all the other dishes so normal already.P1110738   

罗汉斋 was quite bitter for my low thresholdP1110742P1110725Presents for lucky draw. I didn’t win any.

But they give each and every one of us RM20 Mydin Gift Voucher..YAY!!

Although the food was not so special, but since it is FOC, plus I get RM20 Gift Voucher, I shall be satisfied.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

travelling plans :>

28-30 April 2010 Diet holiday: Pulau REDANG

May 2010 KOREA? or TAIPEI visit small aunt?

11-15 June 2010 AYC Port Dickson

June 2010 Cruise to PHUKET

July 2010 Diet holiday: Langkawi?

12-16 Dec 2010 Cambodia

Dec 2010 HONGKONG or Phillipines?

Dec 2010 Kota Kinabalu?


Friday, March 12, 2010

A message from June Tan of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar

Hello hello~!! Queenee, i've heard so much about you since the start of the previous convex, but i had no idea this active junior with a great reputation is my next door neighbor!! lol =p

You did very well in the interview girl.. all of us really like you, but we noticed that you already have so many high posts and will be very busy in convex till september.. please don't take offense at not being chosen as our pembantu.. But rather, we wish to have you as director of certain programmes we may hold in future.. meaning director of a programme under MPP..

Because this way we believe it will not overly burden you and your role as a student leader will be stronger because you can hold a programme of your own rather than be just small fry under us.. ^^ Thanks so much for wanting to join.. we really appreciate it! Hope in future you may become MPP yourself!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

partial Diet gang Day Out-Secret Recipe. New Horizon. Tesco. Kimochi. Wakaf Che Yeh.

1st stop-KB Mall to indulge Secret Recipe cakes. 5 of us each buy one slice, by sharing, we get to taste 5 different cakes today!

Oreo cheeseP1110565

Choc moistP1110569

Blueberry Cheese-the blueberry covered all the cheese taste.Cis.P1110573

Cheeze Choc=my favourite, because the cheese tasted more cheesy, and the whole chunk is really spongy moistP1110581

Mango Delight=something I will never order in Secret RecipeP1110587 P1110588

Loh Ya Ping, Loo Jia Yin, Yeon Pick Leng, Hoo Yun Fatt, Chua Quee Nee.


2nd stop: New Horizon. Pei Yen’s birthday celebration. Pei Yen did not know that we will all be there with a birthday cake, we pakat-ed with her roommates to keep it a surprise.

P1110592 P1110595


Deep Fried Chicken with Almond and Japanese special sauce. The special sauce turned out to be thousand island mixed with some other unknown substances, whats so special about it? But all deep fried boneless chicken makes me happy =DP1110605


Nestum Prawn=Ya Ping’s favourite. She was so excited to find this in Kelantan. And the prawns were huge.P1110616P1110624   P1110640 P1110641

Pei Yen and her closely attached roommates in that special room in Block B. They are more like sisters. I think they will be very uncomfortable next academic year when we reshuffle roommates, and they will also have to leave the luxurious block B.P1110617

The fish, no flesh, not fresh.P1110644 P1110650 P1110651

Kailan with salted fish. I love kailan but this is too salty.P1110652

Claypot tofu. GOOD! Lots of treasures in the pot.P1110654

Red Tom Yam, really thick and aromatic, even Pei Yen who cant tolerate spicy food at all, still insist on drinking this because it smelled and tasted real appetising.P1110663P1110669 HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY PEI YEN!! Since you cant celebrate it at home with your family, we promise to make this special for you.P1110671 P1110672 P1110673 P1110675  P1110678 P1110679 P1110680

3rd stop: TESCO, where there is Big Apple Donuts, I still cant believe it o.OP1110681

A chinese guy appoached me outside this shop to sell Astro to me, I said I am not from here, he asked whether I was from Penang. Wow is it that obvious?


Yun Fatt shops like an aunty XD. We sapu Chipsmore XDP1110683 P1110684

Diet students are SO healthy lolP1110687

4th stop: KIMOCHI for desserts.P1110690

Clearly this place is also infested with USM seniors.P1110693 P1110694 JiaYin said this mango dessert taste horrible. But the last time we went to Up2U she said her dessert was horrible too. Its either she hates desserts, or she has no luck in ordering desserts, or she is just saying this so we dont curi scoop from her haha.P1110698

This purple porridge reminds me of Taiwan. :(P1110711

Last stop: Wakaf Che Yeh pasar malam. We walked into the maze of stalls, but could not wait to exit and leave the place, we left in 15 minutes, none of the things sold there suited us, and it is dirty smelly crowded, it amazes me how Ya Ping and Jamie can spend 3 hours in there.