Friday, February 26, 2010

Malam Kebudayaan India

sleep sleep sleep till noon

watch CSI

read one paragraph of psycho

4pm, went to Dewan Utama early to make up for MKI (Indian) performers. I like them much better than CNY (Chinese)performers. MKI performers are more polite, appreciative, they don’t complain, their organisers do not quarantine us, they serve us nice curry puffs, they even took tissue for each of us make-up artists personally after we have finished eating, all of them worked happily together, their seniors are not fierce to the juniors, they don’t scrutinize them, just one big happy family of siblings alike, united. These are some of the things that we Chinese should learn from them.

McD delivery is a rip off. RM12.50 for a small burger, soggy fries and regular Iced Milo.

6pm, visited Murni, watched Japanese Dramas in Ying Ning’s room.

7pm Malam Kebudayaan India. IMPRESSIVE. Although the Indians lack man power, only about 25% or even less of the Chinese population in campus, yet they still managed to deliver a huge event in Dewan Utama, achieving results comparable to CNY, big success! They had to recycle their performers, one student had to do 3-5 dances, and their dancers have really good stamina, they shake so fast non-stop.P1110475 P1110478

the candle dance. lights swirling against dark background is always nice.P1110479 P1110482

They call this the “Protocol?” Dance.P1110484 P1110485

The person who took the highest number of pictures today is this overdressed human mascot.P1110488P1110489 P1110490

Village dance. Someone’s job was to hold and shake the scarecrow left right left right the whole time throughout the dance! So CUTE!!P1110491

The huge sunflowers were dancing too :DP1110492 P1110494 P1110496P1110501 P1110506

Sketch. The sketch is very funny yet meaningful. Quite creative, the first scene was recorded in campus, a green angel, story linked until the green angel walked to Dewan Utama, so then the audience in the entire hall all turned their heads to the back anticipating the green angel to appear live.P1110511


The decoration at the entrance made of rice. A lot of work you know.P1110515

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

letter to sakae sushi

I just wrote an e-mail letter to Sakae Sushi, giving them a suggestion to open a new branch in Kelantan, right opposite USM health campus. Think of the benefits!! Cheap rental, no competition from other Sushi restaurant, students will flock and infest the place, sure good business and big profit!! Any course-mate’s birthday, whole gang can go celebrate there, because there are simply no other better place to go.

I hope Sakae reply me

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1st day of 2nd half of 2nd sem

8-10 AM Society Lecture. Really not that appetizing to open the second half of second sem. I see many people still not back in campus. Why am I such a stupid little good girl?

passed up Journal Reflection 3 by slipping it under MIB’s door

took notes I forgot to take before holidays

dropped by HEP regarding PPSL

wanted to pay 2nd semester’s yuran but counter was closed, they asked me to come back at 2pm

12-1PM English class. Watched other people’s Oral Presentation.

waited in the library for 2pm to arrive and JBend to open

waited outside JBend for another hour while eating cornflakes and talking to random strangers about how inefficient the counter is

finally paid rm1218.20 cash for 2nd semester’s yuran. I now feel safe to walk around without the stack of notes in my pocket.

passed up rm81.40 for last December’s hostel fees, the one which I only put my stuff but have to pay while my medic roommates rot in the room for free.

activated Matric Card. took less than 5 seconds

2.4 km run. I started running, then jogging, then fast walk, then slow walk, then strolling, then crawling to the finishing line. Even so, I sweated like a pig. Hopefully this is the last time I am doing this during my 4 years of study. Next semester I won’t take Sukan anymore.

I (Chinese) felt very SatuMalaysia when sembang with Kumar(Indian), Azrul(Malay), Carl(Borneon) at the outdoor gym.

8pm CF first-years meet at Nurani Hall to plan CF Seniors’ Farewell Night. I am in-charge of Praise&Worship and Song Dedication.

9pm walked in the dark to Murni. Gave briefing to Convex Intro Station.

Gave CNY gift to Ann


its your choice not to be stressed

you cannot change the situation, but you can change how you react to the situation

you can choose to be miserable OR you CAN CHOOSE to BE HAPPY

Christianity is all about Character

have faith even in the small little things

have high EQ

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Dad drives me and luggage back to university, Amah who is always eager to go out and eat air, happily tagged along.P1110428

Had my last “nutritious” meal at KB mall Secret Recipe before going back to eat jail food.P1110422P1110421

Since the tomato paste was swimming gleefully in oil, this chunk of lasagna can easily surpass my daily caloric need of sedentary lifestyle. But who cares? I am going back to campus, I am sad, and mozzarella cheers me up. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP1110438

Amah, vegetarian, eat vegetarian fried rice.P1110432

When I ordered, I told the waiter to serve the ice-cream after I finish my meal. I did not expect them to prepare the ice-cream since the beginning and then just leave it on the counter while I eat main course. Noob!P1110444 

Grandma was here in my room!! Dad could not enter girls dorm.P1110446  

She insisted to pose.P1110448 Then she left. Back to desktop life. Off course, I sulked the whole day today. P1110451

Friday, February 19, 2010

nostalgic kitchen

Okay, initially I did not want to go to CG because I did not think I would gain much from it, but then again, if I dont go, I would feel weird and guilty, and there is nothing else to do, so I dropped by my previous CG, Joseph’s house, to see how it has been going after the reallocation of members.

The first thing that I wanted to have a look and refresh some memories was--the kitchen!!


And it laid there staring back at me life-less-ly, so quiet and WEIRD without Yangson, Mei-Xian, Jerome, Alvin, Edmund, Art, Celine, Crystal, Chareesa etc MESSing in the kitchen. When can we do that again? I miss those days~~

Were my efforts last year in CG in vain? Every week you call people up, plan who to teach what, who to cook what, who to clean, do prayers, arrange transport and outings etc. Yea I truly enjoyed and was blessed. But now that I am back for a visit, the members changed, it kills me when they look at me as though I am an alien to them. Back to zero. Game Over Nee Nee!

Oh well I didn’t really want to attend the CG leaders sleepover that they had last night at Edwin’s house. But I was a little bit, a tiny bit hurt, that they did not bother to inform me anything about it, it was as though my efforts last year count for nothing, non-existence. Even people like Art, Edwin, Ivan who weren’t attending CGs in Penang for the majority of 2009, who are equally leaving Penang CGs soon like me, but they still get to be part of it. Me=outcast.

OK lah. I shall rant and release tension to God later before bedtime. I forgive their ignorance. Happy Sabbath. Going back to Klateh tomorrow T.t

Thursday, February 18, 2010


P1110395 P1110398 P1110403P1110411 P1110405

facebook app hits me

On this day, God wants you to know...

... that it's time you let go. Yes, of course, you want to control so everything happens in just the way you want it. But at the end of the day, we control nothing, - it's all in God's hands, - has always been, and will always be. So, do what you can, and then let go, and let God handle the rest.

Chili’s with Art, Aaron, Daniel



Wahoo!!! One more foody mission accomplished. Notice that it is very easy to ambil my hati eh? Just feed me good food!




Yea we had to wait very long to be seated, most probably due to CNY holiday season. Daniel and Aaron didn’t want to wait initially, they wanted to leave and eat at other place instead, but I insisted.


Bottomless Fruit Juice. Choice of Apple, Guava, Mango, Pineapple. Nobody took Tomato. Daniel gobbled down 4 or 5 cups, I only managed 3.



Kickin Jack Nachos. Thin crisp nachos, topped with CHEESE!! and pickle? Love the sour cream and the bunch of vegetables which tasted so Mexican.

One bite = complete flavours and textures! *squeals*





Oldtimer burger. When ordering, Aaron claimed that it will be very huge, but it turned out to be much smaller than what we expected. Anyways, the beef was really thick and juicy. I am embarrassed to say this but, I felt that even the bread was really nice..o.O Love the fries too, which tasted more like wedges.


Mushroom Jack Fajitas. Combo of chicken and beef. Quite interesting and wholesome. Wrap yourself.



P1110382 P1110383


I want to eat some more…