Monday, December 28, 2009

Smart Choice

Quit CNY drum team Join CNY make-up team
pratices 3-5 hours a day classes 1.5-2.5 hours
everyday until CNY! only 3 classes
minimum 80 hours maximum 10 hours only
carry drums in and out, “thunder” the drums, tiring physical activity, arms and legs pain sitting, look at mirror, draw, brush, pout
taught by fierce unappetizing students taught by a humourous professional make-up artist from Mary Kay, free of charge, can use Mary Kay products
no contribution to my future can apply the skills anytime, on myself, on my female friends, or for skit and choir performances in uni or church

Sunday, December 27, 2009

1st day of 2nd sem

first day of second semester

so busy and stressful already

early morning 3 hour lecture

dilemma compulsory Epidemiology 6 hours lecture on Sabbaths

met up Penasihat Akademik talk about results and courses

went Pejabat Akademik settle tedious paper work

queued up to re-register PPKT’s Wi-Fi

confirm one by one VIP’s attendance to Jamuan Convex but they are always not in their office

my drum skills are now very rusty due to missing all practices during holidays, now tired and discouraged

could not attend PSK exco akademik meeting because of drum

Kafe Nurani closed down for renovation, so inconvenient

Wrap hampers for Jamuan Convex

Finally found happiness down Nurani Hall, where there is preparation for USMKK’s Christmas Night 09/10.

I am in the choir singing carols (although Christmas is already over but nvm it feels great lol)

I am in the sketch acting a very minor but fun role as disco girl

I enjoy decorating the hall with fellow CF friends

And off course, I appreciate the cozy free food, red bean, green bean, barley, sandwiches, cakes.

I saw Buddhists singing alleluia also.

Convex Hicom meeting until 1.30AM. Grrhhh..

Friday, December 25, 2009

Domino’s. Andrea S’ hse. New church at Lost Paradise.

Merry Christmas!

Lunch at Domino’s with Ronald, Hui Ern, Mabelle, Alyssa using the carolling money earned from Audee last night.


Initially we all agreed to go Dome, especially me and Mabelle supporting the idea, but Ronald says its too expensive, he suggested Pizza Hut, and I know that Hui Ern, who is in-charge of the money, might just listen to him, so when they all agreed on Domino’s in the end, I just shut up, it is already far better than Pizza Hut, be content.


New York Wings



cinnamon stix


Classic Chicken, Thin Crust, Regular


Pepperoni, Cheesy Double Decker, Large


Banana Kaya Dessert.

Dropped by Andrea S’ house, the youth there were watching Jennifer’s Body, something that will piss Ellen G White off out of her grave, even me myself (quite worldly) also think that it is a bad movie to watch, but the AY leader and 2 missionaries were there watching also LOL.


Ivan saved me from watching Jennifer’s Body at Andrea S’ house. Went to Lost Paradise instead with 3 Lees and 1 Edwin. Manatau, became free labour pula, for the Chew’s new church.


Explored the new church around with Cheryl.




The design is very Dr.Chew.






This place looks suspicously like a Sauna, and its really hot too!P1100173

Had a great pot luck!


P1100201P1100203P1100199 P1100200 P1100204 P1100206 P110020722436_256445957305_761337305_4431254_4049649_n 22436_256446262305_761337305_4431270_7398226_n


Led out praise and worship with Art, Railey, Edwin, Mabelle, Beverly, listened to testimony and sermon, lighted candles, chit chat, and bye people (T.T) I’ll be in Kelantan tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sam Hui & Celine’s hse with Daniel Adrian Alvin Celine. Gurney Drive & The Ship & Rummy with Ivan Victor Derick.

Around noon, Daniel, Adrian, Alvin, Celine appeared at my doorstep to kindap me and my books.
P1090915 SPM books donated to Alvin.
Remaining Form6 books for Celine to inherit.
Went to 1stop’s Sam Hui cafe for lunch.
My pillow and I.
Orange Fish Rice.
Curry chicken rice with melted slice of cheddar cheese.
Ma Po Tao Fu rice.
Sweet and Sour Fish Rice.
I forgot what dish is this.
Relaxed at Celine’s house. Webcamwhore.
18861_215179431730_703971730_3317618_5101602_n 18861_215179436730_703971730_3317619_3716311_n 18861_215179441730_703971730_3317620_1298219_n 18861_215179446730_703971730_3317621_3411751_n 18861_215181676730_703971730_3317642_1209784_n 18861_215181681730_703971730_3317643_3094264_n 18861_215181686730_703971730_3317644_7501181_n 18861_215181691730_703971730_3317645_145647_n 18861_215181696730_703971730_3317646_4517945_n 18861_215183061730_703971730_3317654_7723654_n 
Dragged them all to church for caroling practice. I was 1 hour late, but never mind, the organiser was 1.5 hours late. After practice, Ivan picked me up go Gurney Drive minum minum.
Supposed to meet at Tean’s residence at 6pm for caroling, so at 5.30pm Ivan dropped me and Derick to church to catch the van, but the van left already!! Unexpectedly early.
As much as I want to go for caroling, I want to spend time and have fun with my 2 koko and 1 leklek as well, change of plans, went to Toys R Us, Ivan bought Rummy board game.
Victor decided to go to The Ship! for dinner! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA so happpppeeeeeeeeee
Ivan’s oxtail soup.
P1100075 P1100076 P1100079
Victor’s French Onion soup with a piece of melted cheese floating, tried this thick rich broth and its so tantalizing, I am salivating now that I am blogging thinking about it.
P1100080 P1100089
I ordered Grilled Salmon Steak (rm30.90). Eat already feel so high.
Victor, Ivan, Derick all ordered Ribeye Steak (rm48.90) and they let me tried. It is unexpectedly juicy and flavourful with well tenderized texture and slightly chewy meat composition. Do you know, this is my first time eating steak?? Heehee, because since young I was restricted to eat beef, and after I have grown older, the beef I ate was only from Prosperity burger, 1901 sausage, and pepperoni on pizza. I never had the guts to order one big chunk of expensive not-so-cooked beef. Well, now I have the chance! And they say The Ship has the best steak in town so I was really lucky!
P1100092 P1100093 P1100094 P1100097   
Victor Tauke belanja us. Next year’s December I belanja him back la.
Ivan bought Rummy board game, but we had no location to play it, went to church but it was all dark and locked up, so I requested for time to do express emergency tidying up of my house before they can come in heehee
P1100106 P1100109 P1100114 P1100116
I LOL-ed at the sms Derick received from AndreaS.
P1100117  We played Rummy at my house until 1am.