Monday, November 30, 2009

Canoe + Swim + Jacuzzi day

Morning, roti canai breakfast at Subaidah with Ronald, Robert, Shaun, AndreaS, Leo.

Canoeing at sea outside of Lost Paradise. New friend Vivian. Edwin emerged from the gate.

Swimming in pool, underwater photos, jumping splash water photos, water captain ball.

Jacuzzi-ing in the jacuzzi.

Robert and Jerome soak in pool for so long.

Hunt for food outside lost paradise.

Late lunch at Charlie roadside hawker with numerous youth.

Jamming Edwin’s house.

Skit practice, I plan story and direct, along with Shaun and Joseph.

Watch the messy fancy drill.

Wait for Edwin buy ball in Young Ones.

Dinner at lame food court with Edwin, Jerome, Robert.

Happy paid for Robert’s dinner because he scrape every bits and lick bowl.

Pictures from my camera, Shaun's camera, Iise’s camera:

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P1090442 P1090443 P1090444 P1090445 P1090449 P1090450 P1090459 P1090461 P1090462

Sunday, November 29, 2009

lame buffet | Dominance

I had the lamest buffet lunch ever at Flamingo Hotel (previously Copthorne Orchid) with grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunty, mum.

The buffet offers: Hokkien Mee. Teh Tarik. Pesambur. Rojak. Cuttlefish & KangKung. Curry Puff. Walls ice-cream. Mee Goreng. cakes hard and too sweet. Cucur Udang. Sushi stuffed with fruits. Farmer’s vegetable soup. Bread hard like stone. Nasi kunyit. Nyonya kuihs. etc


Luckily, luckily, luckily we had a 50% off coupon, so we only pay RM20. NO WAY am I going to pay RM40 for the food mentioned above!

Afternoon, 2nd leadership craft session by Aunty Mei Huey, did a Personal Style Survey, to find out whether you are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness or Conscientiousness type.

My results: High Dominance, Medium Influence and Conscientiousness, Very Low Steadiness.

Dominance strengths:

-get things done


-takes charge

-accepts challenges

-makes quick decisions

-solves practical problems


-works hard

Dominance Weaknesses:

-insensitive towards others

-overlooks risks and cautions

-takes on too much

-too demanding of others


-inflexible and unyielding

-inattentive to details

-resents restrictions

Saturday, November 28, 2009

2nd Sabbath of sem break

Morning, 4 Sabbath School Secretaries subconsciously spent time listening to Boon Chong’s “sermon” on life issues instead of the actual sermon. Whoops.

Next, church pot luck, rather empty, much disappointment.

AY about storytelling. Know your story, see your story, modify your story, live your story, feel your story, aim, climax, extras like eye contact and gestures. I refused to put “tell your story” as one of the storytelling tips.


Practiced skit for cantata.

Afternoon, I saw a big group of people singing as though they were angels from heaven, but evening comes, all the angels immediately flew away from church, don’t even bother about sundown worship, what was their purpose of singing then.

Dinner at kopitiam opposite church. New friend Thomas Han.


SOCIAL NIGHT!!!!! Haven’t had one for a looooong time~


Social night done by Iise, will surely have tomato and flour.

Games for tonight: colgate 7-up, Fresher, FiFa, watermelon eating contest, stick face into flour, tomato fight.


13833_189820841236_608641236_3443305_4878819_n15964_1157411971666_1118732695_30382123_6913584_n 13833_189821916236_608641236_3443336_1045118_n 13833_189822156236_608641236_3443341_8136726_n 13833_189823201236_608641236_3443365_1176303_n

15964_1157412611682_1118732695_30382128_1930393_n 13833_189823941236_608641236_3443381_6898083_n (Pictures from Iise and Shaun)15964_1157417531805_1118732695_30382163_1513652_n

tired. stinky. happy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

20th Birthday


Received a 3D sparkle birthday card and glow-in-the-dark keychain of my surname from Xiao Gu from Taiwan.



Breakfast with Tee Yee at the Dim Sum place beside Red Rock Hotel. ‘Variety’ is the word to describe the food here.




TY pick n choose from the overflowing of brown bamboo cases of Dim Sum.








Tan Tea Pot holding the teapot.




Dropped by church for leadership meeting, or rather, splitting meeting, since Dr.Chew is building a new church at Lost Paradise, there shall be major changes as some of the people will switch to the new church, AY has to split, CG has to be reshuffled.

I don’t get it, I thought people only build new church when the old church is overflowing with members until they have no place to sit, cannot sustain, then only we build a new church to cater to the number. But in this case, main church not fully filled, they build new church to pull existing members pula.

First they discuss about the splitting of the youth, then they discuss about having combined AY. Split to combine again. Just like divorced to get re-married again. =.=

There are two explanations to the building of new church.

One of the explanation is too private.

The other explanation, is that main church of roughly 100 over members, they are too comfortable with themselves, forms barrier to new visitors, the church doesn’t grow, the adults stay inactive, outreach is inhibited, church stays static, stagnant.

So if we build a new church, taking away some people, then main church will start to get out of comfort zone, get independent, reach out to fill the empty spaces in church left by those who switched church.

At the same time, those who are in the new church, because they are new and small in number, will be motivated, on fire to develop church and get new people, and visitors usually feel more welcomed in small homely churches.

So all in all, there is supposed to be a nett increase of SDAs in Penang, IF IT WORKS OUT, as there is also a risk that both sides will burn out.

If one side success and one side failure, I consider the project defeats the purpose, because it is only a transferring, not building anew.


So that was how I killed a few hours of my birthday. Lame celebration right?


Lunch with uncle and aunty at Bayview Hotel. RM12.90 per person for main course + drinks + dessert + free-flow soup + free-flow salad.







The spaghetti I cook is better than this noodle-and-sauce-only-without-other-ingredients.


The desserts are really lame though.

Then I went to Penang Times Square in the afternoon, rather disappointed, after much publicity, the building is empty inside, its a good location and a classy building, why don’t businessmen open shops in Times Square?

Next I went to Gama, on sale, Gama has very rude shoppers who shove you away as they pass by, so I shove my way through and bought two 50% discounted shorts.

Went to Care Group.


Dinner cooked by Edmund the No.1 househusband.




Roti Canai is the instant answer to inadequate food. Cheap and filling.


Our CG loves sparkling grape juice.

Because I have done a number of birthdays for the youth in my Care Group, I knew exactly what was going to happen tonight for my birthday.

When Art, Aaron, and Jerome were late for CG, I knew they were getting the cake ready, may it be bake or buy, but since Aaron is involved, I guessed bake.

When dinner was starting, but the cake just arrived, they would smuggle the cake swiftly into the kitchen, and I shall pretend not to look.

When dinner is finishing soon, some of the boys would sneak into the kitchen, I knew they were lighting the candles.

Then lights off, a pianist would rush to the piano, and a cake with candles would appear.

Although a predicted surprise, Im still happy.

But the next birthday in CG, Im gonna have to plan for a different route for the cake to appear.



Pound cake baked by Aaron, Art, Jerome. So what if I don’t have a boyfriend? I have 3 guys to bake cake for me, better still.


Pound cake, salty sweet, crispy crumbs outside, tender moist compact inside, goes well with ice-cream sundae.



Butcher knife!


I still remember the UN-predicted birthday surprise 2 years ago, it was after Chemistry tuition, then I went to church multi-purpose hall for fancy drill practice, we fall-in, luruskan barisan, then to my horror, all of them did some other formation, not the correct sequence and steps, how come they changed the formation without letting me know??? then there was a very loud UP, all of them salute, Sky started playing birthday song on piano, Yangson brought in a chocolate mud cake(I think Ivan bought) lighted with candles, people clapping and singing =)

ahhh memories…