Saturday, October 31, 2009

Official 42nd ConvEx HiCom posting. I got Timbalan Pengarah.
Im doing quite alright in activities, assignments, academic. But very poor in spirit, very lonely, homesick, stressed, deprived of love, fun, care and security.
I very much look forward to the 5 weeks year-end holidays, the December one with Christmas in it, highlight is the reunion of best friends coming back from different foreign land, I’m sure its going to be a blast, simply the happiest time of the year.
However, I also have great fear. The happier I am in the holidays, the more despair I will be when university starts again; when that blissful holiday ends, I know I will surely cry blood cry until I blind when I’m going back to Kelantan for the 2nd semester.
There are some people whom I love and enjoy being around with, I want to just let go of myself and go ahead and have fun spending time loving them, but I always do have reservations, I am afraid that if I’m too close to them, I won’t be able to cope when we depart from each other again. I am too sentimental you see.
Actually I don’t mind being a pet animal. Like a sheep which eats grass and drinks water and meh meh meh all day long. Or an indoor puppy who gets dog biscuits, pet grooming, and attention from the master. Their basic needs are always instantly fulfilled, they do not have to postpone happiness, they do not have to TAHAN and suffer for a very long time in order to get a brief moment of happiness.
So would anyone like to adopt me as a pet? I only need food, water, bed, bible, AY activities, internet, and lots of love. No need to pay for my education, I can stop studying if you menyara me =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


P1080998 P1080994






Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear egg tart, I love you, I want you


Revisited Max Gourmet for egg tarts.

See the layer of “egg juice” shining on top?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

bus tickets are wonderful

Whenever I thought of the fact that mom and cousin will be leaving Kelantan tomorrow morning and that I had to go back to campus to live the lonely, homesick, fun-less, stressful, low-quality life again, the corner of my lips will naturally turn downwards.

So what would a spontaneous, rash, impulsive girl like me do at times like this? Walk to the counter and immediately buy bus tickets. I am going home to Penang tomorrow morning.

I DONT CARE what’s stopping me.


By the way its the last Japanese class today.

Ivan, if you have forgotten how your cousin looks like, she is the one squatting in front of me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mom come visit me in jail

It is study week=no lectures.

Morning until afternoon, eagerly anticipated the arrival of Mom and Cousin Chia Lynn. They are taking a bus down to Kelantan to visit me in jail. Some of my jail-mates told me they are so envious!

Mom and cousin reached about 4pm. I walked out to the gate to meet them. First sight of mom and I cried already. I know that when God created me, he gave me extra lacrimal glands and gigantic lacrimal sac.

We checked into Avee budget inn. Cheap. Clean. Comfy.

Mom said that she checked her cholesterol level and its way too high, now she is eating all vegetables, fruits, fish and oats only.

Took a taxi down to KB mall. Not enough attraction to impress mom and cousin.

6PM, ate Kyros Kebab, because the other dining places like McD, KFC, PIzza Hut, A&W are naturally eliminated from our list.

P1080916 Chick Pea salad


Tandoori wrapsP1080910

Black pepper spaghetti


Rendang croissant


Celery and tomato booster

P1080914 Strawberry passion.

7:40PM, was walking about KB mall halfway, when mom’s face turned pale, hands very cold, heartbeat increased until 170 to 180 beats per minute. So we immediately took a taxi to the hospital of USM. Mom did ECG. Will need to do function test back in Penang. Just so you know, my biggest fear in life is to lose my mom. Kept praying.

Went to nearby pasar malam with cousin while mom goes back to inn to sleep.


Kuih manja


mini murtabak

P1080924 cousin with sticks of balls


P1080928 A cute fishball which tastes horrible.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival Celebration 09 USM KK

(I have more pictures and videos but no time to upload them all yet)

The beginning:

It all started during Wushu AGM three months ago with the election of 25 committee of various disciplines (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Stage Director, Dedication, Decoration, Food, Games, Booklet, Publicity, Technician, Emcee, Protocol, Special Task)

Then, followed by many committee meetings, planning everything starting from scratch, brainstorm, paperwork, delegating tasks to all first-year Chinese, ordering of food, selling of dedication souvenirs, knocking on doors to sell ticket, invite VIP, making the booklet one by one, setting up the sound system, making costumes, performances practices and rehearsals, painting and making of 3D props for decoration, sleepless nights of stressful preparation in Nurani hall and many other background hard work unseen by the public eye.

Months of efforts, pure titik peluh, summed up into a few hours of grand presentation, to be evaluated by 700 audience, as one of the most major events in campus.

The night itself (Oct 16):





arrival of guests, show ticket, receive bookletP1080793




guess lantern riddle

VIP arrival, everybody stand up and clap hands

singing anthem

MC hosted

speech from Mooncake President


opening ceremony by lighting a big lantern

Performances begin


Live rock band with a mix of classical instruments

Female solo singing “zhu wo sheng ri kuai le” composed by my husband Jay Chou


Male Solo, Han Tung, singing a very impactful song, swinging the mic stand, taking off his necktie, swinging his necktie, rotating his punggung.

Chinese Yo-yo “Che Ling” very zhun! They made no mistakes at all, even though flinging the yo-yo sky high, they are still able to catch it with a string. And I’m glad the yo-yo did not hit the VIP whose head was nearest to the stage.

Wushu performance, 5 of them looks like Power Rangers.

Taekwondo Demo

Modern Dance. I am now convinced that medic dental health science students are not so nerdy after all, can break dance and hip hop. The boys can do the advanced pumping which looks like worm, and even the girls can do the splat-on-floor-and-lift-up-legs stunt.

Break for refreshments. Fried noodles and bihun, fried chicken, sardine roll, fried popiah, assorted fruits, mooncake, warm soya milk. Thats my job.

Song dedication while eating.

Games time. Let a chinese-illiterate borneon listen to Chinese song mp3, ask him to sing out, which ends up like some weird mumbling, then we guess the song. Next game, contestants say any number, number range gets smaller, balloon will pop in front of you when you mention that unknown but specific number. Bottle sucking competition, a high distinction certificate is given.

Continued with second half of performances

Malay dance

Indian dance

Chinese dance

Box dance. Very cute!!!

Sketch about the lotus lantern. 5 scenes. The best performance. The climax of the night. Laugh until want to burst.

Show on LCD a video of committee.

Lucky Draw.

Closing. Committee and performers spontaneous choir of theme song “Da Tuan Yuan”. Simply ‘high’ on stage. I was up there, we bowed and shouted Thank You. I was beaming when some of the second-year seniors, past mooncake committee, they stood up and clapped their hands wildly, like standing ovation.





Photo taking and cleaning up.

2am Midnight lantern walk.


First-year Chinese lighted a huge handmade “kong min teng” with our signatures on it.


Lighted candles which makes up the word “Jia Yuan” (Home)





3am Supper. KFC and Coteh is filled with USM first-years.


4am JingTing’s car ran into the drain and I kept laughing.

Implications of mooncake festival 2009:

Although there are friction at times when working under stress, but overall, all first-year Chinese are now naturally bonded when we all work together for a common good purpose. In fact, it has produced a number of couples or couples-to-be.

Success! First-year Chinese’s capabilities is now being approved of. We received many good comments from seniors! They all seemed to have enjoyed themselves very much, and were impressed with what we have put up.

VIP and lecturers were impressed too, they didn’t expect that fresh first-years can create such a big event with limited resources and while juggling with academic exams and assignments.

I’m happy I took part. I’m sad that its over.

(I have more pictures and videos but no time to upload them all yet)