Monday, August 31, 2009

not so bad after all - Part II – Paint Life

I am sure that there are many more experiences awaiting ahead for me, may it be sweet or bitter. But I do acknowledge, that life need not be happy all the way in order to be beautiful, sadness exists to highlight the glow and shine of happiness in contrast, both elements complement each other and alternates in according to God’s time, plan and purpose.

I think that a new born baby’s life is just like a fresh sheet of drawing block. The first few events in life will create the first few strokes of paint on the blank paper. As we grow older, more and more things happen in our lives, the brush increases its strokes on the painting filling the empty spaces; we experienced all kinds of different emotions and reactions towards the things around us, resembled by the different colors and shades of oil pastels.

Assuming that sadness is dark colors, and happiness is bright colors, a life which is only happy all the way will produce a one-colored painting, or rather a plain color paper; sad all the way will produce sugar paper for notice boards.

A perfect life, should be a colorful painting so complete, that when others look at the painting, one can see all the creases of hardships in life and also the silky sweet joy and happiness, so wholesome and overwhelming, that one is compelled to want to appreciate life itself and to live it to the fullest.

Because I am 20 years old, my paper is not blank, it is partially painted, but it is not beautiful yet, it has many ugly holes and faulty mistakes as I have sometimes unintentionally let some other lousy incapable artists paint my life. I should have hired the greatest painter of all ages from the very beginning, which is to surrender my paper life, to God the creator, to correct the ugly holes in me, and to continue to paint my life for the rest of my days, into a perfect painting, a beautiful life, according to His will. So that when Jesus comes again, I will not be an ugly painting being thrown away and burnt, but a painting whose beauty passed the qualification mark, and stand a chance to be framed eternally, as His proud display of masterpiece, in the museum of golden streets.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

not so bad after all, in fact its great!

I remember crying for the first few nights when I just got here to USM KK. Now that I look back it seems almost ridiculous and utterly embarrassing. Yeahh well off course I miss the comfort of home, the fellowship and belonging to AY, the yummy variety of Penang food. Probably lonely and stressed once in a while. But life in campus here is happening and charmingly WHOLSESOME.

Last Thursday, Health Management CA, because I have done my part, it was satisfying to be able to answer almost all questions precisely. First semester of university can’t possibly be tougher than STPM, right? Next, adobe photoshop computer practical. Evening, 24 season drums practice, I am determined to perform someday. I think it is pretty cool, thanks to Convex, that I get to know a lot of 2nd year seniors, and I like 2nd year seniors the best out of the whole campus. I think their batch is pretty unique, with a balance mix of dynamic people in every field, capable of doing many great things, and they are mostly fun friendly people. Next, Japanese class, my fourth language, which I really enjoy learning. Lastly, CG steamboat, free food and fellowship, always my favourite.

Friday, stayed in cozy room whole day, happily absorbing Food Science lecture notes, I love the subject so much, I BU SHE DE read it all one shot, want to keep as desserts. Also, talking and laughing with roommates while consuming room-made tuna sandwiches.

Saturday, went to church with other USM students. The old people in my Sabbath school class are probably surprised that I am desperate to fry a discussion up. Next, eat-all-you-can lunch free-of-charge, what more to ask for?Evening, contacted a mooncake supplier so cheap! RM7 for four big mooncakes! God is making my life very easy recently. Same night, Yeong Huey asked me to check Esila to see whether I get JPA scholarship or not, but I was skeptical, because a month ago, HEP already posted a list of people who get JPA scholarship, and my name wasn’t there. Rupa-rupanya that previous list is for Matriks 9As only, there is a second list! And I checked and its says Tahniah! So the money will cover tuition fees and hostel, and also leaving quite an amount of money for allowance. Really thanks God!

Sunday, had a good night’s sleep when the weather is cool and raining a bit outside, then woke up to make self warm cereal breakfast. These are the things which are so simple and yet so satisfying. 9am, anatomy lecture, it is thrilling trying to understand complex things, and there is much joy once you can catch it. 10am, went to the corner of the library, cold and quiet, to do compact revision. 12pm Food Science Continual Assessment, it is the exam with the most fun I have ever sat. I think, I hope, I can get minimum 35 out of 40? 4pm Fitness CA, not as enjoyable as Food Sci, but I’m glad is over, meaning 4 CA is over, only 1 left, which is Informatics on Thursday. No worries, Monday is Merdeka holiday, and Wednesday I have the whole day off! Free time to play Country Story and think about my cravings. Evening, appreciate that when other Jr Hicoms encounter problem, they call and ask me, and I am delighted when I can give a solution right away. One more thing, I do not know the names of the people walking pass who greeted me “Hi QueeNee”. Is that good or bad? I need to find out their names!

Random Craaavviings

(to be fulfilled whenever possible)

  1. Cha Chang Myun
  2. Black sugar warm soya milk
  3. Fuji Apple
  4. Soft toys incorporated into cushiony indoor slippers, as the floor in my room is really dirty
  5. Mooncake for the sweet tooth
  6. Tortilla Chips and Salsa Dip
  7. Butter-fried Pancakes (with egg, banana, raisin, sesame)
  8. Waffles with Ice-cream
  9. Quarts of Baskin stocked up in freezer
  10. Banana Kaya Dessert of Domino’s ( recommended by Wey Yin, reminds me of Jahiliah )
  11. Extra extra extra mozzarella cheese
  12. Mi Sedaap, zhen shi tai mei wei!
  13. Soak in Bubble Bath until skin wrinkles
  15. Fly to Taiwan again, stay overnight at Jay Chou’s mansion’s guest room.
  16. Shopping spree in KL, dine in 20 new restaurants.
  17. Buy cute lingerie
  18. Crime novels
  19. A room consisting entirely of neon pink and white as interior deco
  20. Video Card Pixel Shader 2.0 so that I can play my Sims3 T.T
  21. Perform 24 season drums someday
  22. A closet of Swiss chocolates
  23. Rectangular dinner purse
  24. Restaurant City 20 Golden Dishes
  25. Unlock all trophies in Country Story
  26. Gigabytes and gigabytes of anime to watch
  27. Fluency in Japanese language
  28. Immerse self in Korean music
  29. Groceries shopping, experiment with never-tried-before food products.
  30. Bake cookies with melting chocolate chips for SP CG
  31. Kafe Nurani please open a Bubble Milk Tea stall
  32. Travel whole Earth to jam up blog with pictures
  33. Hellokitty bags collection
  34. Invite guests over to my house, serve them dinner.
  35. A pair of shorts printed with numerous mini strawberries or assorted fruits
  36. Juicy Couture bag
  37. Have abundant hair in order to create a messy bed-head look
  38. Receive a gigantic Teddy bear from boyfriend
  39. Jump and hug someone who is able to catch me and withstand my heavy weight
  40. Someone to worry for my safety and purposely walk to Pusat Bahasa to walk me back to Nurani at night.
  41. Make a Bento to deliver to boyfriend who has just finished some tiring classes
  42. Extensive earrings collection
  43. Dragon Silk Cheongsam
  44. Mexican Delicacy. Dine in Chilis.
  45. Sapu Nice Day stock
  46. Sushi COMBO
  47. Study Law. Mock court trials.
  48. Soakin Ted
  49. Auntie Annie’s Pretzel
  50. Green Tea Mocha Ice-cream
  51. Muar Chee
  52. Tang Yuan
  53. Egg Tarts/Cheese Tarts
  54. Grain Waves


Saturday, August 29, 2009


Just to show you how KB SDA church looks like.


The main hall is only slightly bigger than Junior Early Teen classroom.


My Sabbath School class. Now I truly appreciate Corner Stones and Collegiate Class that I had back then in Penang SDA Eng Church.


For all of you cheapskates and Kelantan beggars out there, stop begging anymore! Come to this place for FREE FOOD, no kidding! (that is if beggars have internet access, and have seen this blog post of mine)


You can take as much as you want too..I’m so touched..T.T


Brown rice plus 6 dishes. Free. Air-con place.

In contrast to Murni Veg stall, white rice and 2 dishes is RM2.60, in the heaty oily cafe with dirty stray cats.


2nd round.


Make your own beverage.

Rotation of P1080211

The only catch is that, you have to clean up your own dishes, but COME ON, it IS WORTH IT.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

CG Steamboat USM version

After 24 season drums practice and Japanese class, rushed to Murni Hall for CG’s steamboat.


On the left is Asneth, my CG leader, an SDA, from Sabah, moved to Sungai Petani, now in USM KK, Medic 3rd Year, drives a Corolla, fetches me to KB SDA.

As you can see, the venue is Murni Hall, and not Joseph Tean’s cozy, homely, classy house.



The illegal electrical appliances lay shamelessly and boiling away in a public hall. Actually, I hate balls-steamboat.



CF put me into this CG most probably because the leader is an SDA. But then because she is also a Borneon, EVERYONE else in this CG is either from Sabah or Sarawak, ALL EXCEPT ME. It feels more like a Sarawakian Culture Club rather than a Christian gathering. The accent of their Malay, the topics regarding hometown, hrmmm.. I would feel more sense of belonging if I’m in a Penangites CG, regardless of what denomination their leader is from, as long as they are Christ-centered.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When I woke up this morning, my temples were throbbing, probably due to the sleepless nights for the Anatomy & Physiology Continual Assessment. So I snuggled myself underneath the blanket again and continued to savour the simple pure luxury of sleeping, and when I finally and officially woke up it was 11am.

Off I went to wash up and prepare myself for the 12pm lecture. My roommate Siew Ping looked at me with a queer eye, and said to me, she saw my Dietetics classmates leaving lecture hall and walking back to hostel not long ago.

My neck became cold. Checked the timetable, OH NOO it is TUESDAY, Food Science lecture is 10AM! Not 12PM! How can a good girl like me skip lectures to sleep?!

Worried as hell, as a few absence from lectures is enough to bar you from examination, I actually telephoned Dr.Rosli straightaway wanting to explain, but he didn’t pick up. Called Yun Fatt, the class monitor, to see whether he could settle the problem, may it be legal or illegal.

I could feel my face blushed of pure joy when Yun Fatt nonchalantly muttered that the class just now was cancelled, the students waited there for half an hour but Dr.Rosli didn’t turn up. AHA!!!!

Coincidence? Nope. God is watching over me:) Instead of getting into trouble with the academic office, I actually saved time by not walking to lecture hall to sit for 1/2 hour for nothing then walk back.

Flipped through Amy Brown book. Understanding Food: Principles and Preparation. Just out of the blue, the words “Seventh-Day Adventist” stared at me from the page randomly opened.

WOW my church is in my textbook! I’ve studied so many academic materials over the years, and this is the first time I have seen a non-Christian book which mentions SDA.

Resize of P1080184

Resize of P1080186

Monday, August 24, 2009

Although its ALREADY 24th of August, but its ONLY my 2nd and 3rd TEST/EXAM for the YEAR 2009 after undang-undang. Pathfinders where got test?


8AM Anatomy and Physiology Continual Assessment


1. Classification of bones, give characteristics and examples. (Long, short, flat, irregular, sesamoid, pneumatic?)

2. Histology of skeletal muscle. With help of a labeled diagram.

3. Write short notes about knee joint. With help of a labeled diagram.

4. With one physiological example, describe main elements  and process of feedback control mechanism.




8PM Mooncake Festival Committee Meeting

What is wrong with mooncake committee?

1. President half an hour late

2. Some committee one hour late

3. Some of the committee, its my first time seeing their appearance, although its already the 4th or 5th meeting.

4. The earliest 8 or 9 committee that arrives on time are all SK students, and the SP students thinks that they have a right to be late or absent. “off course lahhhh u all SK students so free, we all doctors very busy you know


5. Everybody talks at the SAME time during the meeting regarding DIFFERENT topics. Its like at least 6 or 7 mini meetings.

6. Usually go round and round and head nowhere.


The CONVEX T-shirt by JR HICOM.

Rotation of Resize of P1080183 The front design no problem

Rotation of Resize of P1080182 The FONT at the BACK!!! URGH! That is NOT the design that we wanted! That stupid T-shirt-making company said they ALTER A BIT, but it is SO different than what we wanted! And we totally cannot afford to send a few hundred T-shirts back to them to remake and resend back here again. They kept apologising and offered a REBATE if we order from them the NEXT TIME. Please lah. I will never ever order from them ever again.

Now, how to deal with the crowd? They need to realise that the purpose of the Convex Tshirt is to support our year’s Convex, not for seniors, not for future juniors, but for OUR YEAR itself, the 41st batch. And the Convex Tshirt is definitely not meant for a fashion design competition, it serves a higher purpose, a strategy to get financial resources in which in the end every single cent is used back for the 174 of us who will be representing USM Health Campus taking part in the Convex in USM Main Campus next year.

I really hope the 1st years customers can understand and not get too disappointed by the font type.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What goes in my GIT today

P1080159 Philadelphia Maki


Salmon Skin Temaki


California Temaki


Sanma Kabayaki


Salmon Steak




Parmesan Pretzel


Choc Chez


New glasses RM330

New hand phone RM359. Cheap, slim, loud, walkman phone, 1 year warranty.

My new phone is actually even low-tech than my old phone, but then again, I only need it to call and sms and listen to songs, other fancy functions are unnecessary to me. Its ok even if the integrated camera is lousy as I already have my 8.1 Lumix.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Classifieds: Boyfriend

Job Position: QueeNee’s Part-time Boyfriend

Working Hours: Monday evening, Friday whole day, Saturday evening


Annual income is in the form of lovely gifts

I will put you as the 3rd most important thing in my life

I will try my very best to make you very happy

I am an efficient personal assistant

I can manja

EPF, SOCSO, Insurance, whatever

Bonus: bake you cheesecakes free of charge during holidays




Doing Bachelors degree in USM Health Campus, Kelantan.

Preferably medic, dental, biomed or forensics students.

Preferably Penangite

Adores me

Listens to Jay Chou's music

Monday, August 17, 2009

9 hour date

Went out with Denise and Tahnee. Siam Express, Big Apple Donuts, Sakae Sushi. Talked and laughed for 9 hours.















P1080142 P1080143P1080146



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wong Kok


Roast Duck Wan Tan Noodle


Tan Tan Min



soya + egg + ginkgo + barley