Friday, July 31, 2009

Hari Keluarga Dietetik

Morning, Sukaneka. Run from stations to stations located around the campus. The stations were too far away even across the golf course that I sulked. Plus seniors splat flour and water. Water balloons are fun. Flour is hard to throw, no excitement when you got it, some more have to wash. I was in a bad mood so I did not really feel like playing. One of my group members just straightaway walked back to hostel in the midst of playing.




Evening, all year1 to year4 Dietetics students gathered. I realised that the dinner provided has no vegetables at all haha. 1st years performed dikir barat. 2nd to 4th years just sang and lipsync. Some karaokes. Lucky draw. Prize giving for sukaneka. I realised the prize hamper is 100% junk food haha.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I feel fortunate, that I was not aborted when I was a foetus. I was born with arms and legs. I can see, hear, talk, sing, taste, smell, sense, think, feel. I was not born down syndrome or mentally retarded. I do not have AIDS or Cancer or Diabetes or any other serious illnesses. I don’t even have influenza for so long already. I can’t even recall when was the last time I have bled from injuries.

I feel fortunate, that I wasn’t born in a country and ethnic that forces me to enter certain religion without freewill. I got to know the truth about God quite easily without any hindrance. I know and belong to a wonderful youth group called Penang Adventist Youth. I have family and friends. I have been in love before.

I feel fortunate, that I have a shelter, a bed, a pillow, a bolster, a blanket, and adorable pyjamas. I keep wanting more food and I keep getting food. No problems at all. I have dined in so many restaurants, snapping food pics to put on blog, when at the same time people in Africa may be starving away.

I feel fortunate, that I am not illiterate. I get to go to school. I have sat public examinations and a couple of times straight As. Contentment. I have a chance to study in a university, tuition fees only RM 900 for half a year. I have all the variety of activities lined up, waiting for me to pick and choose. In 1 month I already have 3 leadership positions in campus. I get to make friends within a selection of 3000 youths.

Note to self: STOP COMPLAINING about yellow water and weird bugs and lousy internet line and loud solats and lack of shopping malls.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sample of a busy but wholesome day

1. Food science lab (3 hrs)

(knead dough, wash away starch, get gluten, bake it, you get a big ball)

2. washing clothes

I washed and hanged my clothes outside my room. When I came back later in the evening, my USM Aerobics T-shirt was gone! The cloth peg that I used was still clipped tightly to the string, so I doubt the shirt could possibly fly away. My roommates said, probably someone else have taken it mistakenly, since all first-years have it. But it makes no sense. If there is another girl who ALSO hanged an aerobics tshirt outside MYYY room, and IF she has ACCIDENTALLY taken mine, then there should be ANOTHER aerobics tshirt, which is HERS, lying around, right? But there wasn’t any. And it makes no sense either if someone wants to steal it, because it is ugly and it is only RM13, the cheapest among all the clothes I hanged.

The mystery remains unrevealed.

3, Anatomy lecture

4. Dikir Barat

5. Christian Fellowship of USM KK

CF’s direction this year is to foster genuine multi-racial cross-cultural lifestyle, develop unshakable biblical faith in God, cultivate prayer culture, fulfill our mission on campus.

They have CG! Not care group, but cell group, but it totally works the same way lah, which is bible study and outreach to youth in campus, they have outings and steamboats. Suddenly I question myself, why was I so impressed last time by Gateway’s idea of CG? It is already quite common even in an Islamic state. There are 160 USM students involved in CG. 160! Praise the Lord!

6. Dialog pelajar cemerlang PPSK (top students share their tips)

7. Hari Terbuka Desa exco meeting.

8. Convex work

9. do assignment.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The bugs of USM health campus

1. Xiao Qing (small green) it is small and green lah! It is cute and cheeky it loves to bite.

2 Xiao Hei (small black) They congregate. Thousands of them glued to your door. Do not smash them. Because then they will really really stink.

3. Charlie. Don’t ask me why the bug is given such a handsome name. Current seniors don’t know also. Have to ask past past past seniors. This bug needs some slapping on the face. They crawl on your skin secreting some sort of acid, causing nanah and leaving scars.

4. And off course the most dominant species, LALATS of every shape and sizes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Morning, Boey’s parents fetched me and Ivan’s cousin from USM to KB SDA church. I prefer to call that girl “IVAN’S cousin”, rather than Lynda, because “IVAN’s cousin” sounds more comforting.

I was shock to see Pr.Chan in KB church. He was shock to see me there too. He preached. He mentioned about Chinese church and English church always got friction, how we should set this aside, as we are one body as a church. But for all these years I remember him as the pastor who chase English church’s members’ cars away for more parking lots for the Chinese church’s members.

Uncle Yeo wants to belanja me, Ivan’s cousin, and Freddy (sports science 4th year) lunch. He BELANJA us to a vegetarian place where the food is FREE. You can take as much food as you want, pay however much or little money you like, in the form of donation, the only thing is that you have to wash your own dishes and clean the table afterwards. Today they served vegetarian chicken rice, pulut durian, rambutans. You can also bancuh your own Milo there.

Evening, farewell dinner for Yeong Huey at Mac B Cafe. Although we have only known each other for a month, she has become my buddy in going everywhere including bus ride back to Penang, so I will miss her. She is leaving USM Dietetics to Aimst Medicine. It is much nearer to her home and she can become a doctor, the ultimate difference is RM220k – RM7k = RM213k




Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fitness Test

Height: 152.5cm (Blame the genes)

Weight 54.7kg (Why am I heavier in Kelantan where the food is lousier?!)

BMI 23.5

Body Fat: 30.2 % (Whoops)

Metabolic rate: 1189 kcal

13 push-ups in 1 minute

20 sit-ups in 1 minute

Hand grip strength: 22 kg

Back leg strength: 60 kg

Flexibility: average of 6 cm, finger tips beyond toes

Shuttle run: level2 run7 132 beats/minute

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CF welcoming night

I have witnessed the most effective way of outreaching to youth, which is by the existence of an ACTIVE Christian Fellowship in a university campus located in a BORING town.

Seriously, every young adult who have just entered university expects the most colorful campus life, but when they have found out from the surat tawaran that they will end up in a fishing village with no cinemas, only 2 malls, with an internet line that bans nearly everything except for USM’s website, endangered male species, 5 solats pumped into your ears, food-poisoning food in a health campus, no direct flights to go back home etc, its like DOOMED.

Now ALL the freshmen crave for one SAME thing – A SENSE OF BELONGING, just anywhere that welcome them and supply them with answers to questions in life, fun and friends would do good; as for the city freethinkers, they think its cool to be associated with Christian Fellowship, the club that easily uses English language the most.

What I am saying above is proven with the many desperate faces of non-believers turning up at CF Welcoming Night at Murni Hall. You don’t even have to bring them here. Just announce and they will come. There were simply at least 20-30 seekers! And the size of CF in USM KK is about 4 or 5 times AY.

We started off with Praise and Worship. When we sang ONE VOICE I thought of Youth4Christ camp CCC and I was nearly in tears. I am even more sensitive now.

Opening speech by CF president Gabriel. CF programmes include CG Bible Studies! CF camp! Christmas Night! *squeal for joy*

Next, a skit. The Last Stop. Very clear and direct message about life and death, gospel and free gift of salvation, about sin and free gift of forgiveness if repent. Great job CF ppl! Sorry for underestimating you all, I thought you guys were into fun only. heehee.

Ice-breaking games. Scissors-papers-stones, if lose then go behind your opponent, continue form snake line, front person have to introduce everyone behind. 2nd game, switch off lights, make animal sounds find your own kind. 3rd game, scrambled up the shoes of everyone in the hall, find for your group members, this game is smelly.

Refreshments provided. Slideshow of past years CF activities. Gift giving, every senior prepare a gift, juniors draw lots a phone number, call that number, navigate the location of senior+gift by listening to ringtone indicated.

Off course I looked around and checked the faces of seniors who are in CF. I saw many medical 4th years and 5th years, Wushu Club president and committees, Wushu master, Mooncake Festival president and committees, a few Convex committee, a few PPSL, QuanSheng founder and committee etc. I felt an unexplainable PRIDE, knowing that all these great influential people in the campus are Christians.

Also felt ‘belonged’ to see many faces from the Penangites gathering. Mr.Lau’s daughter is in CF too. One fellow bus passenger from PG to KB is in CF too.

Most importantly, I found the other SDAs!! Linda, is IVAN’s cousin! Asneth, is from Sungai Petani church, the one NELSON now goes to. Nelson moved from PG to SP, Asneth moved from SP to KB, I moved from PG to KB.

Yep I found my family in campus.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wushu AGM

Only 15 minutes between Aerobics and 7pm Wushu AGM. Bathed in a hurry and rushed to Murni Hall for Wushu AGM no matter what. Because I love 24 seasons drums. Because my crush will be there. Because all Chinese usm freshmen will attend for the Mooncake Festival Committee Election after Wushu AGM.
Video clip of their past performances.
Slideshow about the history of Wushu Club.
LIVE performance of 24 seasons drums. SO YENG! And it made my heart thundered along too. I am determined to learn 24 season drums and perform it someday.
Live performance of Kung Fu.
Seniors serve refreshments right to your seat. How nice! But the hall was so packed with people many didn’t get a chair, standing from beginning til end, which proves how popular Wushu Club is.
Official Wushu AGM. Members of the floor nominate, second, vote and elect new committee for Wushu Club year 09/10. Long and boring.
Videoclip presentation of Mooncake Festival in campus last year. The tough process and the real thing on the night itself. Its truly the kind of thing that I would sooo love to be involved in. Working with a bunch dynamic and crazy people, to lahirkan a grand Chinese event in a Malay-ish campus, with at least 500 guests in which the other races would enjoy as well, and they earned RM9000 last year. Wow.
Official Mooncake Festival 09 Committee Election for 1st-years.
Ahh they invited Abang YY to give a speech, and he gave a superb one! More wise words from YY..If you want to be in the Mooncake committee just because of merit marks, DON’T join, because you will then surely feel that you have to put in too much time and effort which is not worth it. Don’t do it for merit marks and money, just HAVE FUN doing great things! Other races can also see that we cherish our culture and that we are happy to share it too.

Abang YY asked Sheng Wei to stand up, asked him what post did he hold last year. SW half standing half squatting embarrassingly said he didn’t get any post. But the fact was that he acted as the rabbit and was the most famous man in the whole campus after that night last year.
Anyway, this is how the nomination works. Someone stand up, report own name and course, nominate someone, their name and course. Another person does the same thing to “second” it. Then all nominees go to the front, give short speech one by one, get out of the hall, people vote, nominees come back hall see results.
Don’t understand why Yun Fatt and don’t know who nominated and seconded me to be Stage Director. I have no experiences at all in doing performances, only have experiences watching them. So during the short speech I told the floor not to vote for me as I was aiming for the Food Director post.
Then finally, its time for the Food Director post, I got nominated and seconded. In my short speech, mentioned that I am from Penang, a place with countless good food (Penangites in the hall roared), that I have a food blog, everytime I go dining I will snap pictures to upload and comment comment about the food (crowd cheered again), then I pointed to the screen showing the courses the nominees are in, for Food Director's post, between medic, dental, and dietetics, off course must choose the one from Dietetics lah! (I see the whole hall clapping and laughing and cheering and wooting, I was so happy!). Concluded with a promise, if you vote for me, I guarantee to give all of you the best food for the night! (even more cheers this time). Then all nominees get out of hall and waited for voting. When I went back to the hall again, saw some seniors with their thumbs up, I heard, "Congratulations Stephanie Chua Quee Nee"

YAY YAY YAY. I love food. I love being a committee. Food committee is the best job for me! 2 weeks in the campus and God has given me 2 leadership positions already, surely there is a purpose for me in USM Kelantan. Quite an adventure actually.
The AGM ended like about 2am?! My body battery empty.

Morning, introduced this years 6 JR HICOM and promoted CONVEX T-shirt to Dip Nursing and PPSK students in lecture hall.

Its only July. People are queuing up to buy bus tickets for Raya holidays which is on September. Selling like hot cakes because everyone needs to go home. You can’t find any food in Kelantan during Raya. When the ticket counter JUST opened, the bus was still fully available. Those Chinese Penangites seniors bought about RM2, 600 worth of bus tickets!!!!! for the whole group, for a few trips. for a few holidays. Luckily I wasn’t at the end of the queue so I zhun zhun got the last few seats. My ticket only Rm75.

USM new students need to do medical check up. In order to do urine test, you need to have Lampiran C. Which I so carelessly left both the original copy and printed copy in dear Penang island. Initially can be downloaded from website, but they closed the website already. So I went to Makmal Pesakit Luar, no form, they asked me to go to BHEPP. BHEPP who is in charge of admission of university students actually claimed that they have no such form whether hard copy or soft copy in their entire building. They asked me to go to Pusat Sejahtera the campus clinic. Pusat Sejahtera said they don’t have any Lampiran C in the clinic, asked me to go look in BHEPP. Went to BHEPP again. Come on la, you all menguruskan kemasukan siswa baru takkan don’t have the form which is a prequisite for freshmen. BHEPP asked me to go Pusat Akademik. Went to the Pusat Akademik counter, as soon as I asked the lady, she fling the precious form right in front of my face.

Did urine test. So difficult you know. I realised, guys can aim into the small cup so easily. Not fair.

Went to first kursus KoK, senamrobik. Didn’t do any aerobics. Just ran in circles passing a box of mini punishment papers along with music that will stop.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kem Pimpin Siswa day 3

Taklimat nilai kemanusiaan



Formal group photo taking

Dismantled tent

Perbincangan about desasiswa and kafes in usm. All complains fly out.

Minum pagi

Forum. They just lovvveee forum so much.

Closing ceremony

Give back barang amanah. The stuff like flags that they asked us to bring about but take good care throughout camp.

Lucut jawatan along, ngah, uda, ateh, alang.

Slideshow presentation of camp photos the last few days

I shook hands with 80 over people.


Tell cold jokes while waiting for bus to come

Kem pimpin siswa had successfully made USM campus luxurious in comparison. Happy to reach campus for once.

20 years of living in Malaysia, now only I know, we aren’t supposed to touch Malay boys. I discovered that when wanting to shake hands with new friends made, they practically wriggled a few feet away. Even when playing games holding hands, have to wear gloves. Heehee. Come on la, you can legally commit adultery with 3 extra wives, shaking hands is negligible in comparison.

Night, met with other JR HICOM. Settle T-shirt design until past midnight. My battery flat already.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kem Pimpin Siswa day 2

We weren’t allowed to bring handphone and watches and torchlight. But I believe it was 3 or 4 am, when my worst enemy THE HAILER rang. All go jungle trekking. In darkness. Got kelip-kelip. Sense of creepy eerie beauty of nature. Cling to the ropes tied, use your feet to survey the steps ahead, grab people’s shirt if you are losing the trail. At first I was cursing, then in the end felt very syok to have completed the blind hiking.

Santapan rohaniah. Warm up. Breakfast.

Games. Nothing is new under the sun.

1. Caterpillar race. My platoon champion.

2. Make a circle, hold hands, pass hula hoop. Guys and girls hold hands have to wear gloves. Bwaha.

3. Pass the water.

Tea break.

Survival cooking. Different platoons get different tools and ingredients, so its quite cool actually, you need to have strategy and barter your stuff to get a complete set that will work out. Each platoon was also given a live fat chicken. I eat chicken, but I cant put myself to slaughter it. I watched them drain blood, pluck the blood-stained feathers, use knife to dig out the chicken’s heart and internal organs, washed the chicken all at the river. The same river with 30 over Tarzans from some scouts camp swinging and diving into the blood water. Then I also saw a big black pipe, our campsites sewage, connecting and flowing into the same river. GULP.

The vegetables that we chop, dropped on the wormy earth, we pick up and put back again without washing. When frying vegetables, the black carbon of the wok got scraped of, giving us black vegetables. There was a plate, which my dumbo group member, used the plate to cover her sweaty oily pimply face. Then later that same plate is used to serve the kunyit chicken without washing. YUK.

I still prefer luxury and high class kitchens.

The whole time we were cooking, we were being filmed by USM crew. I need to find out where all the camp photos and videos end up so I can show all of you blog readers.


Perbentangan on a picture given. Our platoon got a picture of a featherless chicken. This was done in purpose by genetic engineering so the manufacturers save cost in plucking feathers which is rather expensive. I am against it. But I was truly amazed when, the same group members who slaughtered the live chicken just now, is now worried that this featherless chicken in the picture will feel cold. I voiced out. I don’t think featherless chicken is more cruel then slaughtering chicken. And YET they answer me again, TAPI AYAM ITU MEMANG AKAN RASA SEJUK.


Next, jungle trekking again but different trail and got light. Did some cling-rope-hop-backwards stunt.  Took off shoes to pass a crystal clear river near waterfall, it felt so refreshing, I want to cross that river again and again. Life’s a climb but the view is great. Highlight of the trekking was to stand next to the climax of waterfall. Such a breath-taking view down the big rocks. Felt like Pocahontas.

My hand still burns because of chopping Cili Padi just now.

Evening, performances. The laziest and lousiest camp facilitator would just copy paste an image from internet then ask us to act a skit about it. The most demoralizing facilitators are those who announce the losers, which included my platoon.

Sleep on stones.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kem Pimpin Siswa day 1

12pm meet at outside Dewan Utama. USM’s bus fetch to Lata Belatan Terengganu. Registration. Get 2 shirts and a cap for free. Welcoming. Negaraku. Facilitators introduced.  Lunch. Grouped into 12 platoons and  3 companies. Whole groups is called Battalion. Lantik Ah Long and Ah Ngah to lead Battalion. Uda and Ateh to lead Company. Alang to lead platoon. Briefing. Tent-mates are Hui Wuen, Nurul, Linda. Build tent. Tea Time. Rest. Riadah. Played pocor pocor.

Bathed in the public bath. Regret did not bring sarong. Never knew bathing can be so challenging. No place to stand, with 30-40 girls splashing away. No place to hook stuff. Clothes either get wet or dirty. Fungi and insects and urine. Wait while shiver, then snatch, fight for the bucket to scoop water. I still prefer luxury and privacy.

Dinner. When they go Masjid, we watch Crayon Shin Chan. Takllimat about integrasi kaum, again.

Ice breaking games. Stupid chicken dance, why do you appear in every camp? Blanket down shout name game, common too. Out of 5 games, only the blind conductor game I have never played before.

Fall in. Meet own platoon’s facilitator. Closing Remarks. Clean up. Sleep

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WiFi access | Penangites gathering | Jr HICOM

Today is public holiday, as declared by Kelantan government, but I did not care for what reason, as long as all classes cancelled, I am happy.
6.45am I actually woke up to go jogging, all because of the hellish compulsory larian 2.4KM. Ya Ping didn’t turn up. Jogged with Yeong Huey who has great stamina, she ran 3.5 rounds, without stopping even for a moment. I only did 2.5, most of the time strolling and yawning.
The WiFi here is security enabled. Meaning although you are already a USM student, you still need to go to PPKT to make appointment to register and go through some troublesome procedure, trace physical address, set proxy bla bla bla in order to get access to a sucky internet line which bans even Youtube.
Zhi Ling enlightened me with the fact to you do not actually have to go to PPKT. You can cheat. So she helped me to register. But it still didn’t work. So we went down to Kafe Nurani to seek for her friend’s help. Her friend appeared to be Lawrence Leong, as some of you might know him via Recom forum. What a computer pro and what a kind stranger to help me get WiFi access. Halfway doing, he left. Then another kind stranger named Zhi Yuan took over like changing working shift, he finally cracked the code and gave my laptop a whole new life. Thankful to all these people who spent their time and brains to help me although we don’t even know each other yet.

5.45pm all Year 1 and Year 2 Chinese Penangites gathered outside Nurani office. Seniors drove us with 6 or 7 cars, left campus to Ban Kok restaurant. we took 5 tables.
Around my table:
Me; PCGHS; Dietetics; STPM
Hui Wuen; PCGHS; Speech Patho; STPM
Tze Wun; PCGHS; Forensics; STPM
Ting Yu; CLHS; Medicine; STPM
Yan Ting; CLHS; Dentistry; STPM
Pick Leng; CL Butterworth; Dietetics; STPM
Ying Ning; Chung Hwa; Speech Patho; STPM
Joyce; from CL Butterworth then UCSI A LEVELS!!! Born 1987, Medic 1st year.
Sheng Wei; CLHS then Matrikulasi; Biomed 2nd year senior although we are of same age.

On the table:
extremely sugared sugar cane juice
Tomyam Boat
Yellow vegetables stuffed in coconut
deep fried leaves in sour and spicy sauce
onion omelette
steam big fish with pineapples
fried pork leg with adipose and collagen. only 3 person touched it.
sotong salad with suspicious plastics or rubber
Rm23 per person.

After dinner, every freshie self intro and prepare an item to entertain the seniors. There were many cold and ‘sweat’ scenes. Guys acting gay. Girls singing out of tune. London bridge. Cold jokes. Nerd with cool poses. Imitating trees. Medic students trying to rap and break dance. YEP I actually enjoyed watching how lame it is and how funny the seniors commented brutally.

Group photo of Year 1 and 2 Chinese Penangites in USM.
Above: everybody. Below:from pcghs.

Thanks God!! During the gathering, I received an sms from Hwa Li (Convex Hicom for this year) congratulating me for being selected to be Convex Hicom Jr. Convocation Exhibition High-Committee Junior! The interview was successful! It is a miracle! Because I have heard from 2nd year Convex seniors that they only choose 6 out of 500. Yes, 500. I should really really put up my very very best to glorify God.
My first task was to present myself for a meeting at 9pm, but shucks, I was still stuck at the Penangites gathering and I cant possibly request any seniors to fetch me alone back to campus first. But it turned out that Sheng Wei was supposed to go for the Convex meeting too, so he called Hwa Li to explain. Later, I apologised to her on the phone as well.

Night, TV hall showed Prison Break.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Immediately after first lecture, rushed with Pick Leng to line up for the crispy and aromatic Roti Canai in Kafe Harmoni. Yum yum.
Normal classes and lectures and washing clothes.
Evening, Quan Sheng seniors gathered all chinese Year1 students. Quan Sheng, which is Inter-Varsity Education Counselling group, is basically a team which collects and records CGPA of Chinese students who have successfully entered local public universities, then publish it on their website This is useful for school-leavers to refer to the mode of CGPA required for a particular course in a particular university they would like to enter, to see whether their points are high enough, so they won’t waste their 8 choices choosing what is not compatible to their marks.

During group discussion, I asked them why didn’t they record the points of EVERYbody but Chinese only?

The senior answered, quansheng is mainly to cater for NON-ahem because there are unjust in university entrance.

But I thought, it would be a more complete statistic if we include everyone, then publish on web, the public can see for themselves whether it is fair or not, we are just doing real and actual statistics, we are not wrong what.

But then I shut up, because no point arguing. In the first place, the CGPA can be obtained via 2 ways, a double standard from the very beginning.

YAY I see midnight burger stall in Kafe Nurani.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4am transported back to the land of gloom. It was high crime rate hour but luckily I was with Yeong Huey and a few other USM seniors so it is much less scary to walk back to USM.
Met new lecturer. Pn.Vina Tan for Fitness&Health course. When we first heard her name, classmates all thought, "what? binatang?"
Evening, all Year1 to Year4 Chinese Dietetics students gathered at Kafe Nurani. We took 5 tables. Each table 8 person : 2 1st years. 2 2nd years. 2 3rd years. 2 4th years. Every 15 minutes swap tables to sembang.
Interviewed for CONVEX Hicom Junior

Saturday, July 11, 2009

160 Burma Road. My 3rd communion service in 2 weeks. I am happy simply just by seeing the faces of the youths.
Pack pack pack.
Sad again about going back to Kelantan. On the way to bus station, passed by USM main campus. Argh! Why can't Health campus be in Penang? Why? Why? WHY??

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sneaked home

When I woke up about 3.30am, I was passing by Penang bridge, never have I been so awed to see the dearest bridge. Reached Sungai Nibong bus station at 4am. I see mummy! She drove me back home and immediately I snugged myself under the blanket with my familiar scent. Air-con was on. Xing Fu.
Lunch time, met up with Aunty Fun, Wey Yin, Tee Yee, Wey Mey at Miraku, G Hotel. Sukiyaki, sushi, temaki.

P1070677 P1070679 P1070680 P1070681 P1070682 P1070684 P1070685 P1070686 P1070687 Shopped with ma at Gurney Plaza. Bought slacks, exercise pants, waterproof shorts, backpack, cotton long pants. All for usm purposes. So it isnt exactly relaxing.
Went to 1stop. Dined in SamHui cafe.



Met robert jerome avril janice larry melody. yeahhh this is my home.
Evening, bought Triple Choc ice-cream, brought to my CG, where I belong! Ahhh I really miss Alvin, Joseph, Yangson, Mei-Xian, Jerome, Edmund, Shaun and the rest. But where is Celine, Crystal, Aaron, Chareesa, Melvin? Met new youth pastor, Frendi. Art and Catherine was there too. I am happy that Shaun said, "you were away for 2 weeks only meh? it feels like 2 months"








Twisties and sponge cake soaked in triple choc ice-cream. My CG is weird.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 hours of management class.
Finished my 3rd book today. I recommend: Tess Gerritsen's Bone Garden.
9pm Joyful. Left the campus with Yeong Huey. Walked to Bengkel. Bus stopped at Langgar. 10pm left Langgar. Euphoric, thinking that tomorrow I will be breathing Penang air, splashing myself with Penang water. The Penang government should anugerah me a medal for loving the state so much.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4-5pm Dr.Yvonne lecture Homeostasis. She looks like 35, sounds like 15. Anyhow she explains things very thoroughly and clearly so I like her.
Some seniors dropped by the lecture hall to show us a cool video that promotes recycling.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My roommates envy me. when they came back last night I was already in dreamland. When they left to lectures this morning I still haven't wake up. My schedules are really too relaxing to be true. Free whole day. Just have to wake up one hour to learn about food. 10-11am Food Science lecture. THATS ALL.
Evening, chit chat with dietetics year 2 seniors in Nurani hall.

Monday, July 6, 2009

8am DK6 anat&physio. Same course but a few lecturers take turns for different topics. This guy teaching today shouts loudly into the mic but pronunciation still blur.
Indulged in crime novels during 3 hours rest.
12pm DKB. Overview of Food Science course. Ooo I am loving this subject. Titles of lectures are like: eggs, flour, fat, fruits, sugar. Examples of essay questions are like: Describe the different types of pasta. Labs and practicals are like masak masak and makan makan. For 1st and 2nd year, lecturer Rosli said we get to bake cakes, bake pizzas, make burger patties, juices etc. Menu planning too. YEAHHH
While exploring campus, discovered Kafe Harmoni. It has air-con. They have a stall called Gerai Bakawali which serves Chicken Chop, Fish and Chips, Grilled mushroom chicken, grill fish galore, Steak, all around Rm5-Rm5.50. Spaghetti chickenase Rm4. Okonomi Yaki rm3.50. Other food in Kafe Harmoni are Roti canai, hot plate, claypot, various kinds of fried rice, nasi kandar, egg banjo, chicken or beef burger etc. The downside of the place is that it is crowded with flies. Darn.
2pm BT3. BM class. Why cant I ever separate from BM?
Happy. tomorrow only 1 hour class, Wednesday also 1 hour only, Thursday 2 hours, then Thursday night zhap lap and zhao lor to Penang Island yay yay yay

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday=school day. Now I cant use the term monday blues. Its Sunday Blues.
9am all Health Science students to Dewan Kuliah 6 for Anatomy&Physiology lecture. So far so good.
12pm Dewan Kuliah A. Food Science. Didn't start yet. Chatting only. Rosli.
3pm Bilik seminar A. Health Informatics.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday morning. Went to where I belong.
9am Ah Boey's parents drove to USM pintu A to fetch me to KB SDA church. They keep calling me Ah Nee.
KB SDA church is behind KB mall. An un-grand staircase next to a Kopitiam to go up to a woody parquet hall vulnerable to termites invasion. Small. Full of friendly old people smiling at me with grey teeth, excited to see new and young people like me.
Church pastor is Pr.Laung who used to be PAH's chaplain. Who keeps saying THANK YOU QUEE NEE for nothing. He asked me who baptised me, date of baptism, said must give present to the Lord every year on that date.
Explored the back portion of the church, there is a mini library. Saw a rusty old board. PATHFINDER CLUB UNIFORM INSIGNIA. Stand in awe. Nostalgic.
Scout around the place some more. A triangular flag hanging on the wall. UNITED IN HIS GRACE. 2ND BI-MISSION PATHFINDER CAMPOREE. Kem Kaizen, Gunung Pulai, Johor. 28-30 November 2003. I WAS THERE! I want to grab the flag to wipe my tears but then it looked really dusty.
Passed by a notice board. There was a letter from Jane Yap mentioning sister Jennie Mambu. MAMBU! Memories of Nyut Nyut too.
They lack pianist. I felt bad for practicing only Jay Chou's songs scores. Couldn't contribute.
Programme starts They do one cute thing. They record and award the people who are early to church for 20 times, who reads Sabbath school lesson for 12 weeks continuously. A gold colored plastic badge which says Anugerah Cemerlang pinned on the pockets of senior citizens. And their faces beaming when they have achieved that. So cute!
2nd special thing they do. Bible Quiz on previous week's teaching. I answered a question and won 1 litre of soya milk.
Sabbath School. choose between Chinese, BM or Thai. No English. Off course I chose Chinese. BM sounds too Allah and I cant comprehend Thai.
I see KOH UN SZE. She reminds me of brother's bungalow. Also reminds me of Victor, then Ivan, then Skype, then my computer, my room, my home. Haven't seen her for years. She is much prettier now. She did matrikulasi, Ukm microbiology, now a medical rep.
Sermon. Sembang with God. Think like Him. Act with Him. Eat with Him. Work for Him.
Feet washing. Did with Un Sze. Questioned her about Pathfinder club, why closed down?! She said its because the director died last year. ow.
Communion service again after Thursday night in Kb methodist.
Everybody shook hands with everybody.
"We Have This Hope That.."
SDA culture: Pot luck after church.
Kelantan culture: Nasi Kerabu. Keropok Ikan.
Back to USM. sleep sleep sleep while seniors all coming back to campus one by one.
Ironed my clothes. Nurani provides seterika nearby my room.
Visited Pei Yen and Davina's room. Nurani Block B. Im so jealous. They have a very spacious bedroom, you can roll on the floor or play terrorists, team uno etc. And that floor is not cement like mine, those are new tiles! Plus they have a pantry with sink and kitchen cabinets. Plus an attached study room each person has a big desk. Plus private bathroom, again not cement, but tiles. Their jamban is new, not the pulling one, but the kind with the silver button on top.
Lonely Bored Homesick Empty. 5 more days left to go back Penang. I am counting down. dance dance.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sleep puas puas. Lin Hsin came to our room to slumber because her roommates all left to camp.
Washed clothes.
1pm took taxi with Hui Wuen and Ying Ning to KB mall. Shopped like aunties buying household goods and stocking up food. We overflowed the trolley. There are more miniskirts appearance in KB mall than I expected. Shopped til 8pm. Bought bus ticket TO GO BACK TO PENANG NEXT WEEKEND WAHOO
Long talk with mom on phone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 6

Dewan Nurani blasted Jay Chou's "Hua Hai". Yay yay yay.
5am CF. Heng Wei and Patrick did activity with lesson. Macam AY prog lar! Then, a medical lecturer named "Dr.Chew" is our CF advisor. Coincidence. He taught Bible. USM freshmen, BE a Daniel.
Slept through Taklimat Keusahawanan. Woke up for Taklimat Koku. Automatically member of Health Science Society. Joined Christian Fellowship. Planning to join Wushu drums.
Got my Matric Card. Yeaaa cheaper movie tickets when I go back to Penang.
Lunch time. Saw medical students each with a box of bones. Borrowed from Ting Yu his box to play with bones for a while.

Pendaftaran Kursus
The courses I am taking this semester:
Human Anatomy and Physiology (3 units)
Health Informatics (3 units)
Food Science (3 units)
Principles of Health Management (2 units)
Fitness and Health (3 units)
BM (2 units)
Japanese (2 units)
Senamrobik (1 unit)

Week long of orientation is finally over. Glad I made at least 40 friends this week. Now the campus is quite empty, with half of first-years left for camping as forced by Apex. Went to library with Yeong Huey. I miss facebook. I miss my blog.
6pm waited outside Nurani office with roommate Siew Ping and coursemate Lin Hsin. A 5th year medic senior drove KB Methodist Church's van to pick us and other seniors up. There were cheap cakes selling downstairs of KB methodist church. I asked apa itu YA. Malay old man laughed at me. YA=Ringgit. Went to KB mall with Lin Hsin and Tracy. Kelantan is not as ulu as I expected. KB mall has Bonia, Vincci, SenQ, Secret Recipe etc just like a normal city mall!
8pm Church service. It feels unchurchy. First of all, it is thursday night. Secondly we all dressed so casually. I see there are drums and electric guitar in the church. But they did not use it. Heng Wei and Zhi Wei led out song service. We sang a touching rainbow song, girl in front of me sobbing and shaking away.

The Lord is in His Holy temple (in chinese)
Opening Hymn. Holy Holy Holy (in chinese)

Special Number is one that would make Albin Phua vomit until admitted to the hospital.
Sermon. Send you like sheeps to wolves. Do greater things in His name.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow (in Chinese)
Pretty much the same format heh?
Next, communion service. The bread is a thin rice cracker yang sudah lemau. Not nice. Didn't feel like precious flesh. I'm just used to the wheat biscuit SDA baked. Service over, van send back to Nurani.
Happiness:Orientation over. Friday and saturday truly rest. Art called. Yangson called. They care! Was trying hard to hold back tears when talking to them on phone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 5

Uni roommates don't wait for you like the AY roommates in camps.
5am. Christian Fellowship. A much better to reason to wake up for. Disappointed that they don't touch the Bible much. Played the blanket-down-shout-name-first game. Its a Christian culture huh? Everywhere also play this. CF gave breakfast : Milo and bread.
Patrick the medic senior=Ronald Longgou hehehe
I am efficient today. In 23 minutes, bathed and washed, dried, hanged 7 pieces of clothing. But I have to improve my laundry skills. Soak longer, rinse more thoroughly, squeeze drier.
8am taklimat kursus bahasa. There are 30-40 medic and dental students whose MUET got lower than Band3. I registered for kursus bahasa asing. Between Japanese and Arabic off course I chose Japanese.
Settled everything early. 11am early lunch. Salvaged and gleaned 2 hours of precious nap.
2pm taklimat perpustakaan. The library has an ugly name. Hamdan Tahir. Lawatan to perpustakaan. Easily 50 racks of medical related books. But only 2 racks of fiction. Utter disappointment.To keep those who are done with the lawatan entertained, the seniors in Dewan Utama actually made us do the action song from Supersize Me. Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut. No comments.
Also did some cute dialogue. Awak awak, pipi awak nampak cantiklah hari ini.
5pm gotong royong. All government educational institutions love this activity. My group cleared rubbish of a piece of forgotten land behind Nurani Block B. The reward for labour is a chocolate ice-cream cone and Iced Milo sponsored by Desasiswa Nurani.
8pm taklimat pimpin siswa. This upcoming compulsory camp seems horrifying with leeches to feed and chickens to the slaughter.
My little finger got nanah. How?
It is weird to see baju kurung and tudung but handphone ringing "i wanna make love right now now now"
I see many couples. Guy medic. Girl dental. Envy.