Saturday, June 27, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 1

The unhappiest sabbath

Reached Kelantan at 4 AM after poor quality sleep. Kelantan is not as village-y as I expected, but still, I dont intend to love this place one bit.

Took Kereta Sapu to enter Universiti Sains Malaysia, Health Campus, Pintu A, to my dormitory Desasiswa Nurani. The entire place still shut down, pitch black, except Kafe Nurani, an APEX uni’s canteen which is lousier than PCGHS. The public toilet is also 10 class lower than my high school’s.

By the breaking of dawn, when the sun started coming up, more freshmens, some with nervous faces, some with excited faces, all turned up. 8.30 AM LAPOR DIRI. Took even more forms to fill in.




Checked in to my room, end of top floor. Was assigned to sleep top of double decker.




Roommates were not around but their stuff was around. The first object I discovered in the room was a booklet. A Chinese version of Our Daily Bread. WHAT A RELIEVE. Roommate = Chinese + Christian. Thanks God!

Anyway I got to know roommate No.1 later, her name is Siew Ping doing Nursing. Her church friend Lin Hsin is doing Dietetics. Great!

Roommate No.2 is Zhi Ling. Chinese, medical student. She reminds me of Hui Gim very much.

Roommate No.3 did not appear and chose not to come I think.


Went Murni with Siew Ping and Lin Hsin to Da Bao lunch.

If you live in Nurani, the closest place to get food is off course Kafe Nurani. But at the first sight of it, my intestines refuse to accept any of its food. Most Chinese would rather walk some distance to buy Chinese Vegetarian economy rice from Kafe Murni. Kafe Murni is also much bigger and cleaner with more choices of better food. The only thing bad about Kafe Murni is that the CATS can suddenly jump onto the table and stare at your plate.

After lunch, wore formal clothing, line up single file, walked to Dewan Utama, but pouring rain, we got soaked.

Taklimat and taklimat and taklimat. Off course they bragged about the glory and honor for being the only local uni to earn the APEX status. And the Pengarah Kampus quoted, with great power comes great responsibility. Heehee spiderman. But he also did striked a few points I want to remember:

1. We know the way to be successful, its just that we did not do the steps.

2. You won’t learn new things by doing old things.




Standing on stage is PPSL. Pengawas Pembimbing Siswa Lestari. Basically a group of seniors, or rather leaders, who have volunteered, sacrificed their holidays to plan, organise, execute and administer to freshmen’s first week of orientation. Their roles include briefing us thoroughly, advise us, prepare us for campus life, entertain us, and also to act fierce to mentally torture us.


1. 75% girls. 25% guys.

2. Most girls tudung.

3. Most medical students got in by bogus matrikulasi.


Denise said...

2. Most girls tudung.
3. Most medical students got in by bogus matrikulasi.

Same case here. but our boy:girl ratio is around 40:60. more girls yes, but not that obvious. in my course itself, it's 50:50, only ONE additional girl, or all can couple d XD

my room:

Anonymous said...

hey i have a Q do they assign the bed in the room? izit fixed? or they decide only when we are there? And, what if a big-sized person got the upper bed? can he change? Thanks in advance :)