Tuesday, June 30, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 4

5AM. Dewan Nurani. Heard Jay Chou's "Broken Strings" blasted through the speakers for a while. Happy for a while. Then mengantuk again.
Abang YY showed us 2 funny videos made last midnight in the boys dorm. Encouraged us to be active in campus. The most happening place in Kelantan is USM itself.
Hari Bersama Pusat Pengajian.
Dewan Kuliah 6. Feels very lecture-ish. Suddenly Jamie and Yeong Huey look like college girls. Yea I want to look like a college girl. Not siswa. Sounds so uncool.
Head of Health Science taklimat about Core, Elective, Units, GPA. My target: Dean's List?
Jamuan teh. Blue rice, ulam, fried fish, curry puff, rambutans. Was amazed by the act of YaPing stealing a bottle of mineral water.
Dietetians formal group photo.
Separated to classes. Met dietetics lecturers. But they will only teach us 2nd or 3rd year onwards. There are 24 in my class of Year1 Dietetics. Only one guy Yun Fatt who became our class monitor. The rest giggly girls. Head of Dietetics told us that total there are 394 students in the nation, qualified ones, who have put USM Dietetics as their first choice, but USM only chose 24. Wow.
Next, a bangkali taklimat about lab safety. He talk talk talk halfway, paused, and he himself said, "lecture ini sangat boring lah.."
Then, Campus Walk. Tour around the whole compound led by assigned seniors. Why not use the money to maintain and upgrade the existing buildings rather than build new empty buildings?
I MISS HOME I MISS HOME I MISS HOME. Ee Sian saw my red nose and immediately understood haha.
You know there are a few people who are 2 years younger than I am, but considered the same batch. First they skip standard 4, then they did Matriks. So lucky.
Tonight. Best night throught the suffering orientation, like oasis to a desert. 7.15PM all freshmen break and gather according to religion. My carnal instinct is to join the Christian group. You won't understand my feeling!! How it is like being estranged in an alien land, foreign food, certain dominating species, 5 solats drilling even in my sleep, every ceremony starting with a Doa, so many chinese dressed in baju kurungs too.
Then I finally found sense of belonging, like a revelation of a long lost family I never know of. There are 38 Christians in the 09/10 batch. Among the PPSL, there were 5 Christians, and so they became the facilitators for our fellowship. It feels strange, the same seniors who were strict and stern and giving stress, now comforting me with God's word. taklimat time cold and hard. Christian Fellowship time soft and cuddly.
We started with Song Service. So simple. Yet overwhelming. It felt too good to be true. My tears want to roll down. They are all strangers from different states in Malaysia, and different church denomination. But when we all sang "Hari Ini", we automatically did the exact same actions! You would have thought that there might be variation in different places, but NO, same, its almost like a secret language.
Then we were asked to introduce ourselves one by one. Happy that although Pei Yen is freethinker, she joined us. There is a big-sized girl, when introducing self, she said she is from Penang. OK. Then she said she is FROM ADVENTIST CHURCH. WHAT?! How can I not know her then?!
Later I scurried to approach her, to question her. Her name is Ying Ning. She said she went to Pg Eng main church for 6 years when she was younger then she stopped going. Wow. How many youths in SDA did AY neglect their existence? Yikes. For my 8 years in SDA Penang, I totally do not know her until I came to USM Kelantan.
Next, all religions combine back in main hall, but the Muslims were not back yet. YY said: Dont sit so racist-ly. hahaha.
Night, sesi bersama pemimpin negara. Time to doze off. Then woke up to play lame games until midnight.

Monday, June 29, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 3

4.30 wake up. Is it because of Solat that everybody else have to accompany them to sacrifice sleep too? Well if you really really must wake us up this early please give some quality programmes then. Not like playing lame games in the dark. Fortunately, Abang YY wrapped up the lesson behind the games, making it much less meaningless. Points:We often get misunderstandings, do not gossip, do not discriminate (race, religion, state, stream), forget the past, brand new start, be who you want to be, aim high, do not compare with others. Abang YY although is called Abang, but actually Chinese la. I think he is the best Pembimbing Siswa Lestari. He truly cares for us freshmen for no reason, no reward. He is intellectual, talks with much much sense and humour, has qualities to be a leader greater than Jiwan. Given chance to do AY programs or camps, YY can surely do impressive ones. Too bad he is not Christian and have no idea about AY.
Majlis Sambutan Siswa. I wore Hope Children's uniform. Baju Kurung mah. Seniors said that Majlis Sambutan Siswa is the second most important event in your university life besides convocation. But sitting there, with 5 long boring speeches, I think it is the worst program I have ever attended. Not to mention our loud and out of tune anthems. The only thing exciting about the Majlis is that, the 3 USM campuses, although far apart, sort of did opening ceremony together live via webcam on gigantic LCD screen. Seeing Penang's USM LIVE on the screen, I feel like walking past the screen to be teleported back to Penang. Then after ceremony in Pg Usm I can just take a bus to Queensbay, then go home after shopping and dining. Daydreams are sweet.
Next, taklimat bantuan kewangan. Bought PIN number just in case. But in the end decided not to apply PTPTN. Then they bring us all to the multimedia lab to apply JPA. When filling in form online, there is a column asking you "Bumiputera or Bukan-Bumiputera". A malay boy who sat next to me asked me what is Bumiputera. WHAT?! You have all the goodies and you don't even know. This USM journey is full of surprises after all.
A more relaxing evening today. We get 2 precious hours of rest. Went to TV Hall outside of room with company. KBS World is on. Yay.
Night. Majlis Makan Malam Sambutan Siswa. Everybody dress formal. Dewan Utama cheaply decorated. 10 person a table. Stingy course dinner of rice, bbq beef, stir-fried veg, lemon chicken, tomyam, fruits, diluted orange cordial. Slideshow of our pictures throughout the past few days, which looked like those slideshow AY always play at the last day of camp. Then there were performances. Cultural dances and singing. Campus Director also syok and got up stage to karaoke. PPSL choir with random actions, random poses. Very naturally cheerful.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 2

4.45 AM was woken up by annoying hailer (the object Yangson calls it "Heller") to listen to a ceramah which tells you to smile and say HI. Many just slept through the ceramah anyway.
Breakfast. Macaroni and curry puff. RM1.10.
8AM Pendaftaran time. It wasn't as tedious as I expected. Quite fun actually going from one station to another in Dewan Utama. A cute Kelantanese lady staff told me that Dietetics lecturer semua hebat hebat belaka. We shall see how true is that. Then, snap photo for Kad Pintar, opened Bank Islam account, got course handbook, MAA insurance, bought Aerobics Tshirt, passed up payment receipt, borang OMR, maklumat peribadi siswa bla bla bla. After that I went to Murni to eat the nice nice Chinese vegetarian economy rice. Even after lunch I still see people lining up in Dewan Utama so I know I settled my stuff pretty fast actually.
Afternoon, rehearsal for Majlis Sambutan Siswa. Learnt the Kelantan state anthem. Learnt USM anthem. Seniors kept making us sing again and again until they are satisfied. They only want pure volume, they don't care even if its out of tune. And so we gave VOLUME, and with 500 mouths singing, I bet you can find every key and every kind of off-key possible. It sounded terrible to me, but the seniors clapped their hands and said "BAGUS!"
Evening, aerobics in the field, led by a fat lady who has more stamina than what she seems.
Bathed. No time for dinner. Muslims to Masjid. The rest group sharing.
Taklimat PIN. The guy tried to cheer us up.
Rehearsal again. Sing anthem repeatedly until past midnight. Ragging is banned. Mental torment is allowed.
I dont feel so good. Seeing countless younger and blur-faced all proudly wearing nametag which says Doktor Perubatan all because of the noob Matrikulasi which gives away 4.0 as freebies. If all these people were to take STPM, I doubt they can get to where they are now so easily.
And so I truly salute and kowtow to those who have entered local uni medic using STPM results. So far I only heard of 2 stpm medic students. There MUST be more. Because the total medic freshmen in USM this year is a whooping 198. I fear for the lives of many.
Have to wear formal shoes. Have to walk distance. Blisters. Limped back to my room. Only 4 hours of sleep. NOT ENOUGH. Feel like crying whenever I see mum's very caring sms-es.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

USM KK Orientation day 1

The unhappiest sabbath

Reached Kelantan at 4 AM after poor quality sleep. Kelantan is not as village-y as I expected, but still, I dont intend to love this place one bit.

Took Kereta Sapu to enter Universiti Sains Malaysia, Health Campus, Pintu A, to my dormitory Desasiswa Nurani. The entire place still shut down, pitch black, except Kafe Nurani, an APEX uni’s canteen which is lousier than PCGHS. The public toilet is also 10 class lower than my high school’s.

By the breaking of dawn, when the sun started coming up, more freshmens, some with nervous faces, some with excited faces, all turned up. 8.30 AM LAPOR DIRI. Took even more forms to fill in.




Checked in to my room, end of top floor. Was assigned to sleep top of double decker.




Roommates were not around but their stuff was around. The first object I discovered in the room was a booklet. A Chinese version of Our Daily Bread. WHAT A RELIEVE. Roommate = Chinese + Christian. Thanks God!

Anyway I got to know roommate No.1 later, her name is Siew Ping doing Nursing. Her church friend Lin Hsin is doing Dietetics. Great!

Roommate No.2 is Zhi Ling. Chinese, medical student. She reminds me of Hui Gim very much.

Roommate No.3 did not appear and chose not to come I think.


Went Murni with Siew Ping and Lin Hsin to Da Bao lunch.

If you live in Nurani, the closest place to get food is off course Kafe Nurani. But at the first sight of it, my intestines refuse to accept any of its food. Most Chinese would rather walk some distance to buy Chinese Vegetarian economy rice from Kafe Murni. Kafe Murni is also much bigger and cleaner with more choices of better food. The only thing bad about Kafe Murni is that the CATS can suddenly jump onto the table and stare at your plate.

After lunch, wore formal clothing, line up single file, walked to Dewan Utama, but pouring rain, we got soaked.

Taklimat and taklimat and taklimat. Off course they bragged about the glory and honor for being the only local uni to earn the APEX status. And the Pengarah Kampus quoted, with great power comes great responsibility. Heehee spiderman. But he also did striked a few points I want to remember:

1. We know the way to be successful, its just that we did not do the steps.

2. You won’t learn new things by doing old things.




Standing on stage is PPSL. Pengawas Pembimbing Siswa Lestari. Basically a group of seniors, or rather leaders, who have volunteered, sacrificed their holidays to plan, organise, execute and administer to freshmen’s first week of orientation. Their roles include briefing us thoroughly, advise us, prepare us for campus life, entertain us, and also to act fierce to mentally torture us.


1. 75% girls. 25% guys.

2. Most girls tudung.

3. Most medical students got in by bogus matrikulasi.

Friday, June 26, 2009

sad packing

leaving Penang at 9 PM

when I started going to Kindy I cried, the first month of standard 1 I cried, the first week of Form 1 I cried, the first few days of Form 6 I threw tantrums, now when university is starting, and that I have to leave everything that I loved, it seems like the end of the world.

Sungai Nibong bus station is disgusting. In the Budaya bus the cushion stinks of socks. And they play Malay rock songs (those screaming ones) in the bus although most of the passengers intend to sleep.

Bad sleep

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Morning, Yum Char at 点心之家 with Wey Yin, Wey Mey, York Fuan. Total RM 41.50.













P1070611 P1070636










WE WANT COCONUT. deja vu only.





We didn’t eat here. We just posed here.








Teary-eyed toys.



Next, met up with Mabelle, Edwin, Avril, Robert. Then Yangson came. Then the 6 of us went to watch TRANSFORMERS and I truly enjoyed it! I actually don’t hate Transformers at all. Now better not let Nelson know. If they charge RM6 for Transformers, they should charge RM 0.50 for Hannah Montana, and RM 3.50 for the Night at the Museum. But anyhow, the best movies still always come from America.


KFC Fiery Crumbs for dinner


The past few days after farewell program, YEAP I could sense that something was really missing. Because on the day of farewell, there was a piece of MYSTERIOUS ROTTEN PAPER which the youth was busy with, which disappeared when I was near and reappeared when I was far.

Ahh FINALLY I received it from Edwin. THE MOST VALUABLE CHEAPSKATE PAPER, is a paper torn out from exercise book, but where all the youth scribble touching messages for me! I am going to LAMINATE it. And recite it whenever I am down.