Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lunch. Evergreen vegetarian. They have really good soya milk. Ordered the warm one with brown sugar, cozy feeling.


Curry Mee and Wan Tan Mee. I hate the gluten char siew.


Went to 1stop England Optical to check my eyes. ADUH Its getting worse! Made new contact lenses.

Left eye:

Short-sighted : previously 150, currently 200

Toric : maintain 075

Right eye:

Short-sighted : previously 225, currently 250

Toric : 050 become 100. crap.



A slice of cheesecake for tea time. Life is great.

Today I met Pr.Gan in Evergreen, Madam Goh Cheng Siew at the optometrist, saw Mei-Xian’s parents and Beverly’s parents while indulging cheesecake.

Today, Iise called to thank personally for the violin repertoire. It made me feel good. He said the background is perfect. It made me feel really happy. Then, Art called just to say congrats about USM dietetic, it made me feel WOW. Both calls lasted less than 30 seconds, but both made my day YAY.

4.30 no pathfinders. Benjamin Ng talked at Teans place. Jot down notes. Lazy to type here again. Played at the playground. Ate dinner there. Listened to Benjamin Ng again. Nice house, solid spiritual food, good company of AY people, free and yummy physical food. What more can I ask for?

Midnight,prayed with Iise and Ivan via mic and Skype.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lily’s vegetarian kitchen






22th Sab 09

Church. Reduced youth because some went to Pathfinder Communications Training in KL. And some dont come because they think that a lot wont come.

Anytime you ask Uncle Calvin to teach also he can teach. Chinese now sacrifice pork. So you would expect to find statues of pigs being sacrifice in historical temples in China right? But there isn’t any pig statues. Its just bulls, cow, calves. Does it ring a bell?

Maria Tean Pot Luck. I see CHEESE TARTS.

Choir. Girls practiced new song “Simple, Devoted and True” while boys just laze around like mermaids.

Benjamin Ng. Talked on finding the right career. But he didn’t give any direct method. Just reminder of doing God’s will. And said that, how can we expect God to directly tell us where to go, what to do, tell us which course to take up, when we ourselves disallow Him to lead us in every other things in our life.

Somehow talked on Sunday Law. I still dont see what is wrong with worshipping God on Saturday plus Sunday or plus every other day. Wouldn’t he be happier?

Evening, Prangin.


Momoe Bag RM75 RM29


Voir’s very soft shoes RM49.90   RM24.95


satin skirt RM10


RM33 blouse. University purposes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

movie | benj ng | USM results


5 days ago Yangson and Andrea S sat here. exact spot.


5 days ago it was me and Andrea Kok pointing with a french fry. Got deja vu or not?





Me, Mabelle, Railey, Claudine, Denise, Daniel, Robert, Jerome, their friends Nigel and Jason Velu went to watch The NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. SOOOOO FUNNNYYYY. The pharaoh, the mini roman soldier, the cupids who are jonas brothers, the capuchins! Nikki also bought ticket but went home instead because her mom marah.


Que, Mab, Clau, Den went to 1stop to buy Zhen Zhu Nai Cha. Nostalgic, but this shop needs to decrease their proportion of milk, and increase the tea. They need to soften the Zhen Zhu. They need to reduce their price to RM1. Then I will feel like I’m in Taiwan again.


Went to Joshua’s house. Hui Ern made cheesecake. I ate cheesecake, yakitori, edamame, mango, ice-cream, croissant there, besides McD set and Milk Tea and a pizza bun just now.



Benjamin Ng. We were very quiet, and he was very loud. He talks about sanctification = do the will of God = Word. He kept asking ‘do you understand that?’

When I was in the cinema a few hours ago, Yue Rong sms-ed me saying USM results is out already. So then at night, I logged in, with butterflies in my stomach, gingerly typed in my nombor rujukan and password.

Do you remember a scene in Pocahontas where she holds a stylish compass, the wind carrying mini leaves blew, and the compass needle kept spinning and spinning faster and faster, but suddenly comes to a halt, pointing a direction, then she RAN towards it? Thats exactly what I felt.

All the while, I was not really sure of what to do, not that I am aimless, its just that I want to do ALL, ranging from housewife, law, pharmacy, nutrition, business, psychology. I kept praying but there isn’t any specific signs from God that I was truly convinced by.

Back to today,the webpage that pops out immediately after I click LOGIN says,


Anda berjaya mendapat tawaran di Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Kod Program:SM05


Tempoh: 4 tahun

Its my FIRST CHOICE. Its the course whose past years’ mode of GPA matched closely to my GPA. Also, the Holland Code for Dietetics is Social, Enterprising and Investigative, matching my career aptitude tests results! NOW I AM CONVINCED GOD IS LEADING ME ALL THE WHILE. He has not abandoned me although I didn’t get superb stpm results. YAY you are great!

Now that I got the offer, YEA IM SURE I want to do DIETETICS. First of all, I LOVE FOOD. Off course I would enjoy a course which deals with food and what food does to people. The 3 food related courses would be Food Science, Nutrition, Dietetics. And out of this 3, Dietetics is considered more professional, and more needed in the hospital.

It is not too competitive and torturous like Medicine and Pharmacy. It is not useless nor capalang. It is professional, you need to be registered and accredited. You help out in the hospital, a crucial sector. (maybe I can work in Penang Adventist Hospital in the future) Can also help the mission field, afterall everybody eats, poor people needs nutrition too. It is clean, you do not deal with disgusting body parts, you deal with wonderful food. A suitable profession for a female. Whats more, the tuition fees is only about RM5k for the entire 4 years. CHEAP AND GOOD. Oh ya I’ll be going to Kelantan the lousy place. But nevermind la, I’ll be living in a campus full of doctors-to-be.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I was sitting at the back of mom’s car today, and as we reached a cross junction, there was a motorcycle coming from the road on the right. whose left corner light was blinking, so mom continued to go straight, because if the motorcycle is going to turn, it makes no difference to our road ahead. HOWEVER, the motorcycle did not turn, but continued straight to knock us, bumper fell off ugly.

Went down to negotiate. The first thing the orang kasar said kasar-ly was, “Wa boh lui poey luang eh har.” I was thinking, it’s not a matter whether you have money or not, it’s a matter whether you were correct or wrong by law.

He seemed to be pissed off by us, and yelled, “An zhua luang boh theng?!” So mom lost her cool and shouted back, “An zhua lu heh corner light liao boh wuan?!” Then the orang kasar shouted, “Luang beh sai kua wo eh corner light eh la! wo beh ki kam!”

It was the most unreasonable sentence I have heard in the year 2009. HE SAID WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK AT HIS CORNER LIGHT BECAUSE HE FORGOT TO SWITCH OFF. I don’t even know you, how am I supposed to know that you have a forgetful personality? Cannot look at corner light, then look at what?!

So we wanted to settle it in the police station, but the orang kasar said that he can always tell the police that he did not put any corner light. In the end mom decides not to make the matter worse. If report police have to spend RM300 no matter how. Repair bumper definitely less than RM300. So how? Sendiri bayar for repair although we did nothing wrong. The orang kasar who is so wrong just get away without paying a single cent.

In order to win a negotiation on the road, it is advisable that you are a man who is huge in size, instead of a small sized lady.

Did you read the newspaper? A lady was driving on the highway, a car purposely knocked her car, she refused to stop as she was alone. But then she saw a truck stopped at the roadside, thinking there were other people around, she stopped, got down of her car to calculate damage. Manatau, truck drove away, and her car was driven away too. Money and handphone gone, she waved to stop a lorry to fetch her to the police station. Manatau, the lorry driver who acted kind actually wants to rape her. So she jumped off the lorry, ran a distance backwards, to stop a motorcyclist. Luckily this motorcyclist did not want to rape her, so she finally got to the police station.

Secara kesimpulannya, the male gender is generally more wicked, the female gender, usually the victims.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Place 007



Just pay RM45 NETT, then you can order ANYTHING, even the same dish repeatedly, from the menu as shown below.










Its not cheddar. Its mozzarella.


Its weird to see you here, but I’m still happy to see you here.






The 2nd best dish. My mind didn’t really register what I ordered so I don’t know the name. The cheese was overflowing in my mouth!


Tempura. Lousy.








Wild mushroom soup. Thumbs up.


Chicken Pie, I can tell you were microwaved.








Salmon with Apple Teriyaki sauce was the BEST dish.






There are a lot of choices of pizza actually, but by then I was already too full.


Free flow of ice-cream too. YAY.