Sunday, April 26, 2009

reminder while away

with Yangson is
-10 Rangers' cards, 2 extra
-Rangers file for David
-CG visitors form
-CG roster to distribute to Eug, Steph, Cel, Crys
Yangson is also to take over Rangers class for 2 weeks and oversee everything in SP CG

with Joseph is
-CG attendance
-CG prayers

Jerome is to remind cooks

Ronald is to mark Ranger's essay

17th Sab 09

Early morning, Mom had high fever, besides slipping outside of the bathroom on Tuesday. Quite an unfortunate week this week, I fell inside of the other bathroom too. Andrea Kok has high fever too. Jerome flew out of the car because the door was not closed tight. Alvin got burned by sulphuric acid during science experiment in school. Chareesa got her feet rode over by her mom's car. Adrian Ong met an accident in Genting. But thankfully, all of them are still limping alive in front of me.

Divine service, youth choir sang "Here I Am Lord". Rayne told me he could hear my voice clearly. Is that good or bad?

Sermon by Andy Lim is about Service. Serving the world is for men's recognition and respect. Serving God is asking nothing in return. When your right hand do good, do not let your left hand know, do not announce it with trumpets, for when God sees what is done in secret, He will surely reward you. I wonder whether Andy chose this topic because of the email Dr.Steve Kuan sent to Pathfiinder Exco Officers saying that we did not appreciate his work.

Care Group leaders meeting as usual after church in the small DVD room. What I learnt today is that, do not show off that your CG has the highest attendance, its a combination of annoyance and discouragement. IF, IF, I mean IF CG was a competition, then it is an unfair one with obvious difference in starting point and imbalance allocation of manpower and resources.

Proceed to Thomas Tean's house. Calvin Tean must have done a lot of research, and is very intellectual, proved the link of Chinese History to Bible Prophecy. Same time flood (Noah) and same time 7 years drought (Joseph). China in the Bible is Sinim or Aswan.

Pot luck lunch. Pure happiness.

Departed to Lost Paradise for choir practice. New song for the choir, old song for me, is "Holy holy + I worship you Almighty God + Alpha and Omega". I miss Edwin. I want Edwin. Rebec and Avril thinks that by the end of the year, our standard will go low low. Not sure about Don Moen concert. Friday rehearsal, conductor pun tak datang.

Hang out at Lost Paradise. This Nelson ar, extremely anti-Jay Chou for some reasons he imagined. And so from now on, I have chosen to go extremely anti-Transformers too.

Loves God most + likes Jay Chou's music = best kind of guy

Loves God + hates Jay Chou for no reason = lousy. because we have to love our neighbours as ourselves, Jay Chou is a neighbour who has done nothing wrong against you, it is sinful to hate him. I'm sure God loves Jay Chou too, or else He wouldn't create him.

On the other hand, it is okay to hate Transformers, because they are not human, they are just nicely-shaped plastics created by the world to tempt youth leaders and medical students on loan to spend RM100-RM500 for each figurine to be placed at home and do nothing besides collecting dust.

AY programme. At first Yangson planned, then Yangson wanted to cancel it because so many people are either half-dead or sleeping. I was thinking, if you want to sleep, dont come. If you want to come, dont sleep. In the end, Nelson was the one to push Yangson to start AY or else people would have come all the way for nothing. And so we did AY. Railey acted out a silent skit, Andrea has to watch and mimic while Hui Ern and Chawin were being locked up. Then Andrea act, Hui Ern watch, Chawin still locked up.Then Hui Ern act, Chawin watch. Then Chawin act. Then have to guess. Somewhere along the way, surely some parts are forgotten and many parts have changed. Because they are shy to do it or were afraid being judged. That is supossed to link to being pure in hearts. Anyhow they curi tengok.

Vespers. Each Care Group supposed to share about their recent outing via slideshow. Something which I hated because
1. It created a silent competition. I tak suka. I tak suka AY pecah belah.
2. AND YET, I hate to lose. I hate not being able to put up a good show.
3. Surely ada orang yang brag about howw niceeee their outing was. And I can imagine the hurt if I ever hear any of my CG members were to apply "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence".
4. If my group share until very ho liao, macam hao lien. Share until very simple, macam no quality. Have to ngam ngam.

Dinner at 127 foodcourt. The food that is most worth it there is a tray of crispy noodles at the price of RM 2!

After dinner, spontaneously went to Gurney Plaza with Alvin and Daniel, which was pretty strange how we can get along so naturally although I rarely talk to them in the afternoon. Anyway, there was a Bridal Fair going on in Gurney Plaza. Hrm..another sign from God for me to get married other than the bridal bouquet? So the 3 of us saja syok syok go and flip the sophisticated-looking wedding albums. Then, the background of wood frames and yellow walls looked surprisingly familiar. Then we saw the black hair lamp, the 3 of us was like, OHHH THE BACKGROUND IS LOST PARADISE! Its soo weird to see beautiful couples, strangers posing at the pool in which Alvin, Robert etc swam in with only their underwear.

Bought a sundae cone. Sat outside at the porch and cakap banyak. Alvin is a great storyteller! All the happenings in his life is so pathetically funny he should write a book like "the secret diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4". Once you get him to start talking, is like unlocking a treasure chest, and I was there absorbing all the internal juicy details like a sponge. Solid information.

Among the stories Alvin told which amused me
1. He played computer with Iise until 4.30 AM. Aunty Melody came in and question. Iise blamed that Alvin requested to play. While telling me this story, Alvin screamed WHAT?! in a very high pitch.
2. While Alvin bertungkus-lumus build jambatan for pathfinder camp. Iise will, wait ar wait ar, then fart for a while, then wait ar wait ar, talk to girls. By the time Iise return, the bridge is done, Iise will say GOOD JOB GUYS, snap a few pics, COME LETS GO.
3. Also building jambatan. Art will clap his hands and encourage them COME ON GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT! But Alvin was pissed because Art was wearing a shirt which says MR.STRONG. Ahahahahaha
4. Alvin can suddenly burst into a rap song in which the lyrics are the words people scolded him. If you watch this, I guarantee you will roll on the floor laughing.

5. Shaun got Best Pathfinder Award. Alvin screamed WHAT?! in a very high pitch again.

Facts for the day
1. People who gets richer can also turn stingier.
2. The youth who makes the most financial profit by joining AY is Andrea S.
3. Youth who have lost the most money through AY is either Ivan or Yangson.
4. The more girlish you are, the more free gifts you will get.
5. Favouritism, biasness surely exist everywhere, except heaven I suppose.
6. The poorer you are, or the lower rank your parents occupation is, the more likely it is that people order you around to do kerja keras.
7. Those in Pathfinder who dont even know how to be a Colour Guard, are those who wear Class A1 jacket suit.

10th Sri Pinang CARE Group meeting

Yangson's dish
my easy dishes above and below

Naomi and Grace joined us for french fries. Uncle Calvin said next time let the two babies join us for dinner. Jerome proposed to assign the two of them to cook next week.
Aaron contributed french fries
Oreo ice cream and frech fries is a combination that rocks. Hot and Cold. Salty and Sweet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

23.4.09 Kl day 3

Cafe de Sky Garden. French looking Vegetarian restaurant.

Aunty Mei Lian and Chun Kit. Off course I cant remember playing mamasak with him when I was 4 years old.

Yoghurt rice is YUMMY.

After lunch, back to airport, back to the cheap air asia plane, back to dear penang, back to pek cek.

22.4.09 KL day 2 | Nottingham Interview

The interview for the Sin Chew Scholarship for the Psychology course at Nottingham University Malaysia Campus was scheduled at 10 AM. But I left at 7 AM and reached there at 8 AM because three kiasu ladies were afraid that they couldn't find the place. So I walked about the campus, but was careful not to fall in love with the campus, because I might or might not get to go there.

I see the alumni includes Najib, some Sultans unknown to me, and DH Lawrence who filled dad's bookshelves.

I was asked to go to EB36 of an orange colored building. Waited for 45 minutes. Chatted with the cleaning man who came from Nepal.

10 something, started my interview in the meeting room. Interviewed by Olivia, a tall beautiful angmo, and Hazel, dean of the faculty. I think the interview went well. I suddenly have so much points to talk about. Pumped in all my experiences.

They asked what have I done to prepare myself for psychology and organisational skills, told them psychology no need special programmes, because we are constantly around people, the daily interaction counts. Even talked about my work at AY organising camps and events and leading Care group.

They asked me whether have I done any business, because this psychology programme is joint honours with economics, finance and stuff, so I told them there are not much business opportunities for school leavers, but have given home tuition before, thats own business right.

Asked me whether am I adaptable to new environment, told them I went camping in Thailand at 14 heehee. Asked me whats my favourite club and why. Also asked about my hobbies, future hopes and dreams, school background etc.

I realised that most of the things that I elaborated actually revolves around church work. Ahh I thank God for enriching me with all the experiences and opportunities especially with AY, CG, PF and a little bit from Leo Club, that Olivia herself concluded that "you love challenges and has a passion for leadership which is important in psychology and management." Praise the Lord for He is glorious..

If I get, means God wants me to go there. Dont get, means thats the wrong path. Simple.
Lunch at NATURE, a vegetarian Dim Sum shop. VEGETARIAN DIM SUM!! is so rare in Penang.

vegetarian rojak

fried yam with char siew inside. halfway putting in my mouth also I drool. much nicer than the one in church pot luck la.
lo bak gou.
xue li hong


HK style Chee Cheong Fan
The noodle the restaurant produced themselves.

Dinner, MOON GARDEN, vegetarian fusion.
rendang rice
mushroom spaghetti
curry mee
Shopped at Sunway Pyramid, egyptian style.
those are umm..pharaohs or mummies at every corner

21.4.09 KL day 1

10AM went to the airport because of the interview at Nottingham tomorrow. When my whole mind is still all about weddings, I met Jayce at the airport! He is sending his brother Sheun Ming off to Singapore. Chat a little with Jayce, he said he asked the youth to sing at his wedding dinner because he SAYANG us, did not expect us to sing so GENG. Happy.

Now that I am above clouds, I really wonder where is heaven.

Mum fell down this morning by slipping on a piece of cloth outside the bathroom and sprained her ankle so she walked like a snail in the airport just now. Aunty Mei Lian, mum's high school best friend, the kind hearted aunty who fetched us from the airport and is going to let her stay at her house, also fetched mum to see the podiatrist. I think the guy looks like Will Liu Geng Hong.
Dinner. Because Aunty Mei Lian is a vegetarian, my next few food posts will be all vegetarian. The following is from ZHAI MIN a chinese vegetarian restaurant.
nice crispy fake chicken
beancurd with olive leaves
a ring of deep fried yam