Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Evening, followed mum to Prudential Achieve Group's Fellowship Night at Trader's Hotel. The people were all confident looking, ambitious, sophisticated, charismatic, but their friendliness was somewhat artificial, like what I sometimes accidentally do to newcomers in AY. There was a buffet. Very TAT for only RM10. Soup, salad, main course, dessert. I didn't take any pictures of the food because the people all look so professional there I did not want to Sat Lai myself and look like a Bang Sat/ Sua Pa. Next, played a modified Bingo game in which I won first prize, a big black bag. Then, a few agents went up to give motivational speeches of their success stories, of how they used to work as an employee for so many years and still have the same dormant pay, until they started training under Prudential, where the pay is unlimited, and also the luxury of winning free holidays to many countries. Mr.Chan Chee Hin gave me some advice. Whatever it is, finish my tertiary first.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

13th Sab 09

Morning, church. Don't know what wind blew Adrian Lim to church, its a rare sight. Sat with him, so he wont be sitting alone. Exchanged brief updates. He is studying in KDU now for his degree offered by some university which sounds like "kill". And since I had a camera, we took our FIRST picture of just the two of us. Funny isn't it? After knowing each other for like..umm..EIGHT years? I have taken countless photos together with people like Mabelle and Andrea K although knowing them less.
Combined church pot luck. There is marshmallows and melted chocolate in which the kids crowd around and try to clean the small pot by absorbing every precious drop of chocolate into their spongy but soon saturated marshmallows.

Continuation of Stewardship seminar by Edmund Liah and Alex Rajakumar. To my surprise, they gave out certificates. To my horror, they gave out certificates to EVERYONE. To get the cert, you do not need to attend the first part on friday evening, you can come as late as you want on Saturday afternoon, no need to listen at all, talk to your friends all the way, or sleep all the way, you can even go home, just as long as you remember to write your name on the attendance list. I myself feel that I do not deserve even a small piece of paper torn from that cert. Yikes.

I am sad that when it is seminar time on Sabbath afternoon, some youths just go home, and maybe sleep, so that they can be more energetic when they appear later in the night to have dinner with us and hang out in Gurney.

Penang SDA english church youths are lousy passengers. When you want to trouble someone, who is not required to, who has NO DUTY whatsoever to fetch you home:

1. You ask the favour from the driver yourself. You do not wait for Ronald to go to you and ask, "do I need to fetch you?"
Please be accountable, arrange your own transport home, dont take things for granted.

2. DONT SHRUG and say I DONT KNOW when the unpaid selfless van driver asks you where is your destination. If you dont know where you are heading, who is supposed to know?

3. You follow the van driver's time

4. You do not tell your brother to go home first with the van, you do not ask Yangson(Savvy) to leave later, just because you want more time to pak tor, and then go home later after having the Savvy wait for you.

5. You do not expect the missionary to wait for you to finish having fun hanging out.

6. You do not let the AY leader to keep calling and walk around to look for you all.

7. If you live around Batu Ferringhi, dont just smuggle into the van silently.

8. You choose the vehicle which is ON THE WAY, which minimises inconvenience, not the vehicle that has better air-con or more soft toys.

9. Siblings please go on the SAME vehicle, unless your sibling lives in a different home.

10. Parking ticket and toll can be divided among passengers. Lets say one person contribute 30 cents.

I am shocked to hear that eating in Burger King can claim from Pathfinder fund.

Check out what your name means in this ridiculous website:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today, sent out AYA idea. More than enough reason to do AYA, but as usual not enough people and strength.
Tried Nestum Chicken at 1stop today. weird.
Bought new printer
HP deskjet F4280
print scan copy

12th Sab 09

Due to 3 continual nights of staying up late until 2 AM for I forgot what reason, my temples were throbbing when I woke up this morning, so continued to sleep until 11.30 AM, meaning morning service is over. Yangson said he is picking Andrea K from Macallum so he can pick me up, he appeared at 4 PM when I thought he aint gonna come already. Charmaine was in the car.

We went to Lost Paradise (VERY far from my place) but did not enter, only to patah balik to church (VERY near my place) for Family Seminar. WHAT a WASTE of petrol, all the ancient organisms rotting in the sea bed for nothing, I thought people even create war to occupy some oil.

Anyway, family seminar, teaching you how to conduct family worship and bring your kids up spiritually, still some years till my turn.

Adults social night. Banana golf. Limbo. Bamboo dance. Couple eat apple on string. Everything that happens has already happened before, there is nothing new under the sun, quote from somewhere in Ecclesiastes.

Went to Gurney with Andrea K, Yangson, Shaun. Grabbed chocotop, bubble milk tea, fries.

7th Sri Pinang Care Group meeting

Joseph with much help from Aunty Michelle made plates of Pattaya Rice. Fried rice with vegetarian ham, topped with onion omelette, with a slight spread of mushroom cream.
I made this. easy.
Yangson made Veggie and Tanghoon soup
Too much food for today actually, plus layer cake ice cream for desserts

Thursday, March 19, 2009


budaya lepak dalam kalangan remaja

KFC - haven't had it for months!!

something which I didn't expect but tagged along
My penguin and I. nyut nyut
Robert won all the rounds we played
Truth or Dare with these people at this place. For a moment I thought I was a 15 year old boy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PF Camp - day 3 - Amazing Race | Closing Ceremony

its always chicken dance
morning exercise, then devotion, then breakfast

camp inspection, then Spiritual Discovery-Prodigal Son

station 1 - Caterpillar race
station 2 - sun-stick-shadow-direction
station 3- use axe, build fire
station 4 - pitch tent
station 5 - Lashing
Closing ceremony

Appreciation and Awards, then group pic
cleaning up toilet is actually quite fun

Photos from Iise Chew and Railey Matthew