Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finished Rave 51ep

A really creative story here, but although it ends at 51 episode, the story is still left hanging, simply because the studio did not finish it. Wasted. Still dunno how Resha Valentine became Elie. Still haven't seen Silver Wave and Star's Memory. Still haven't seen Rave Master fight against Dark Brink Master. But the swords are really cool and Puru the unknown animal is really CUTE.
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Monday, February 23, 2009






Sunday, February 22, 2009

annual dinner with apartment landlord Uncle Teoh

PF - Cook hon 2

I am scared of aunty Shanti. If we whisper a little, she will ask us whether we would like to get out of the class. *sulks*
Practical - the group I'm in has 11 pathfinders and we were given 1 potato to peel.
11 pathfinders peel 1 potato
Assignments : set table, different ways of cooking potatoes and eggs, prepare salad or any vegetarian entrees, collect 10 recipes

8th Sab 09

Doctrinal study - state of the dead - by Thomas Chin
Lunch at Poey's - helped to make drinks - mix ribena and pineapple becomes purple - why?
Meeting with Darrel - 2pm at Lost Paradise - teaching, cooking, communication, transportation, member swapping issues
Vespers - Daniel keeps poking people sitting in front with a stick
Dinner - Goodall - Alvin, Iise and Kenny sat on same table - me Nik Dan Ven Ern was amused by their similarities.
Team Uno at Darrel's place - forfeit drink water - Iise drank 12 cups as agreed
stayed over at Lost Paradise

Friday, February 20, 2009

3rd Sri Pinang Care Group meeting

Bento lunch. Mom is good.
Visited Shaolin Temple during tutoring.
Evening, Sri Pinang Care Group meeting. Aunty Michelle cooked her famous vegetarian Bak Kut Teh. Its the most safe-looking dish among all our CG dishes.

For desserts, Aaron made us an APPLE PIE! Oh well actually he made it yesterday with Art and just reheated it today. Thats why it has all the "A"s on top. A for Aaron, Art, Apple.

Sorry ART, although you helped to MAKE this, you dont get to EAT. Well, here's a picture for you to SEE and probably drool.
Joseph is always taking good stuff out to pamper us.

Uncle Calvin cut oranges for us. touched.
amateur dishwashers

Its my turn again to do the teaching in care group, started a bit, my phone rang, "private number calling", picked up, IVAN!! all the way from Australia..happy happy happy, wanted to passed the phone around to everyone, but bad timing laa, devotion time.

Sri Pinang Care Group only 7 people today, the lowest number so far. SMALL GROUP, BUT GREAT TIME. Alvin, Eugene, Joseph, Jerome, Aaron, Mei-Xian. I like each and every one of them in a cute way. Teaching in smaller group is also more direct, more impact, more personal, and I am more confident.

Oh ya we visited Nikki who lives just across and gave her a pot of Bak Kut Teh on behalf of Care Group, but she didnt pop up later anyhow. If I live just across Care Group homeground, I would love to have Care Group a few times in a week. Oh well, I have already asked Nikki for more than 5 times to come for Care Group, she's still considering, really hope she can come next friday.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I rarely have breakfast

Went to the Coffeeshop in Pulau Tikus opposite Immaculate church with Mabelle, Ronald, Art. Had Toast & Eggs. And horribly diluted Iced Milo.

Art bought Apom. and also BeeHoon but it didnt look attractive so no pic of beehoon.
The pancake I suspect they put some addictive powder.

Art got his own new car Vios. First passengers were Ronald, Mabelle and I. But before that, as we were walking heading to his car I deliberately speed up and pry open his car door and hopped onto the plastic-wrapped seats and so declared myself as the winner of the competition of "Who Sits Arts Car First".

I suddenly saw the light. Realised ALL the troubles I face is because of my past accidental mistakes. All the burden, I sendiri keh gao gao add on. All the challenges I may fail, I sendiri keh gao gao accept. Need to watch out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

WEEEEE i finally have a day 100% off tomorrow, its been a long time since I have some time for myself, just QueeNee and NeeNeeBoo together. The tuition for Rayne on tuesday is swapped to Sunday. In that way he could go for badminton with his dad, and I already asked Aunt Mel permission to stay over on Saturday night after dinner with AY, then have tuition on Sunday morning, then straightaway to Pathfinders later in the afternoon. So I could play Pet Society for Gem and Sims 2 for Rayne. Quite a beautiful plan, I just hope Rayne will have the mood to study on Sunday. Maybe I need to be a little fiercer.

Aunty Melody came in to study room today to teach Rayne as well, so I just kept quiet and watch her guide, which made me feel a little redundant sitting there. But yea I guess she will be busy on other days thats why she hired me to back up.
Note to self:
1. Dont mark using red pen
2. Do the cover thingy more
3. For maths, no need to do a lot of topics yet, just reinforce the first few
4. Its near exam now, do ALL subjects
5. dissect questions which he got wrong
6. Keep his mind active
7. test, time, one shot

I think, this weekend.. will be..umm.."exciting". First of all, the 2 strongest youth supporting my Care Group won't be around. Art gone to Monash, KL. Yangson enjoying life holidaying. SO I'm couting on Mei-Xian. MXgirl918 u hear that??

Next, Uncle Vincent, Aunty Melody, uncle Andy etc will all be going to KL for CIT. I was pretty relaxed, thinking that they will surely appoint some adult to practically run and oversee Pathfinders this coming Sunday. What I did not expect was, Aunty Melody asked ME!! And she comforted me that Josephine Kuan and Lisa Kuan and umm Daniel Chan will be around. *GULPS* I want this weekend to be OVER as soon as possible. YAA John 15:5, James 1:5, Phil 4:13, 1Cor10:31, Prov3:5-6.

I was walking to Kopitiam and someone tapped my shoulder and tells me we are related. Yea he looked darn familiar but I was still very doubtful until he could name my grandfather's name and Aunty Hooi's name, and Uncle Peng's name. Small world. Discovered a new unidentified cousin. We were both wearing yellow. Then we departed and went own way.

Realised there are many successful 周

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye Ivan

And so immediately after Pathfinder Open Day the gang in church van rushed to Penang International Airport to send dearest Mr.Ivan Lee off who will be going to Adelaide, Australia. This is my 3rd trip to the Airport within a month. 1st to send off Edwin, felt like drizzling. 2nd I kaypo followed Wey Yin to send off Hong Ing whom I dont really know and so dont feel anything. 3rd is IVAN, felt like raining.


For a brief account, I have known Ivan for 7 years plus. The first time I saw him it was 2001 at Lorong Abbas, during Hope Children Anniversary dinner where there was buffet catering, I was talking to Cheryl about UPSR, think Ivan was wearing a red Garfield Tshirt, talking to Ramu, and he looked cheekily annoying. Well, that was just the first impression.

2007 baru got to know Ivan better. But I forgot how. Why do I like to talk to Ivan, because he agrees with me most of the time when I reason, or even not, he will kindly nod his head, and then try to reason politely. Ivan is a good listener. Ivan is smart. Ivan is a problem solver. Ivan is faithful and trusting in God. Ivan is funny. Ivan has cash and is pure generous. Ivan fetches people a lot. Ivan lets us eat up his snacks found in the car. Ivan brought us to Bella Italia, Xuan Xin, Furusato. Ivan buys ferrero rocher and pisang goreng to distribute. Ivan is selfless. Ivan looks like Jay Chou. Ivan has a lot of girls around him calling him Kuyah. Ivan always over-order and cant finish his food. Ivan always changes his mind. Ivan's facial expression is hard to guess whether he is joking or serious. Ivan has no bag. Ivan can sometimes laugh in a very high pitch. Ivan has very lousy music inside the car. Ivan takes care of uncle Luke. Ivan bullies Derick. Ivan "tiak" Andrea K for fun. Ivan is Ivan.

I'm just saving memories. Will update later.