Saturday, January 31, 2009

5th Sab 09


2-5.30 PM Youth Leadership Meeting.

Oh well, I'm very comfortable talking in interactive discussion but I hate it if I have to just talk and talk and audiences just stare. Anyway, I'm glad its over - the part I have to present about the purpose of the youth leadership meeting. I guess I would talk better if the message was BY me also, but this was different, the message was prepared by Art, so I did not exactly feel it, and so conveying it was awkward to me.

Then we wore broken into small groups to think up mission, vision and values.
Mission : fishers of men
Vision : 50 Quality (in spiritual, mental, social) Christian youths, proclaim 3 Angels message

Discontentment Activity. Basically a pro name for complaining, so not nice, but crucial to solve problems. We were all given paper to write down anonymously what we aren't satisfied with, then all typed into computer, projected, discussed. However they talked so long on the front few points we have no time left to cover all points. You know, many times I feel my Sabbath will actually be holier if I just stay home and sleep, rather than feuding in all this disorganised leadership.

I am now looking for a Bible Study teacher who can explain my every question. And I still cant find a church adult I can fully look up to.

5th Icare 09

Went tutoring as usual. And since I had to stay in lost paradise for a meeting at 6pm so I had time to play Jengga blocks with Rayne and Gem after finishing tuition at 4.30. Also helped to cheat in Rayne's sims account.

6pm waited for people to come. They stuck in jam. 6.30 start meeting. Aunty Melody wants to launch the Bible Reading plan. The kind of paper with boxes for you to tick once you have finished reading a certain chapter, the aim is to complete the new testament in 8 months. The GOOD is that we encourage the habit of reading the Bible, and all AY are synchronised and we can encourage each other. The BAD is that we will just be skimming throught the 14 chapters in a week, all the benefits of the lessons might not fully be absorbed or sink in, discussion wont be in depth, maybe some will read just for the sake of reading, or for the sake of getting a Master Guide badge. Quantity reading. not Quality studying. Furthermore, now that we are just about to launch Care Group, it is just another additional burden for the care group leaders to be in charge of the bible reading as well. I hope no one burns out. Also I want to develope the talent of saying mean things in a nice way.

The leaders practically arrived in Church for Icare HALF AN HOUR LATE. Not a good impression we are giving when the members are already there waiting. It is firstly due to the traffic JAM, Yangson left at 4 something but even so arrived at 6 something, that will be 2 hours on the road. Secondly, I still do not understand why the meeting was even held in Lost Paradise since comparatively, church was nearer to the peoples homes, AND everyone will have to go to church in the end. One car go south, is better than all cars go north and then south again.

CG time, Yangson asked around CG members what have they learnt in the past weeks. I was real disappointed that I talk so much and they don't remember anything. I gotta change my strategy then, something that will capture their attention and impact them though I do not know how yet. Nevermind, failure is success's mummy. Be happy when you know you made a mistake, then you will be aware to change. Better than not realising things went wrong.

Daniel Chan is the loudest sneezer I've ever met.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caring Groupie Steamboat

I believe she can do it

grey club

Team Uno

Forfeit for losing in Team Uno is to drink up ALL these packs of water
Date : 29 Jan 2009
Time : 6-10 PM
Venue : Wah's residence
People: Suelina Wah, Darrel Wah, Andy Lim, Yangson, QueeNee, Mei-Xian, Alvin, Jerome, Rebecca, Randy, Chareesa, Melvin, Jessica
Prepare steamboat,
Eat up steamboat,
Clean up steamboat,
Team Uno.
Notes :
Not bad at all for an event which was planned in 1.5 day.
Fishballs are unhealthy.
Frozen grapes are nice.
Lost one side of my contact lense down Darrel's sink.
Yea I enjoy being with my care group.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

年初三 - Steamboat at York Fuan aka Guama's House

New Year Card from WY WM. Most cramped card I've ever seen.
We are safe

Loo Kim and Lai Choo

Steamboat is now a trend

Guaci and Jeslyn birthday.