Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apple-plucking Results:
Iise got 7 Apples
Derrick got 7 Apples
Andrea K got 6 Apples
Shuan got 5 Apples
Eugene Tiong got 5 Apples
Jason Foo got 5 Apples
Charmaine got 4 Apples
Venessa got 3 Apples
Robert got 1 Apple
Andrea S got 1 Apple
Jerome I didn't find out yet

Time: 1-3 PM

Venue: YMCA

Activity: Play badminton

People (21):
Jiwan, Yangs, Aaron, Edwin, Eugene, Justin, Adrian, Alvin, Robert, Shaun, Tiong, Daniel, Caleb, Steph, QueeNee, Mabelle, Hui Ern, Charmaine, Celine, Andrea S, Uncle Vincent

sweaty fun
the YMCA song keeps ringing in my ears subconsciously
tea-time at New World Park

Monday, December 29, 2008

Prangin & Little Oasis with Mami

Mushroom Soup (3rd best I've tasted), Garlic Bread
Hawaiian Fish
Chicken Katsu
Choc Ripple
Voir neon pink long flare dress RM69
Acewin purple hoodie collar with pockets RM39
Astee white ribbon wedge RM40
pink metal fuzz ball earrings RM 6


Adrian Khor
Julie Tan
Melody Tan
Josephine Kuan
Lily Oh

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lunch with Dad at Furusato
They gave us one FREE cawanmushi
usuals. Miso
ordered what I ordered everytime I eat Jap food. Agedashi tofu.
Saba shioyaki. If i were to pick a fish to represent all fish. I would pick this, besides Salmon who is already famous.
Garlic rice. Its RM8! Thought it will be better or bigger portion. Stupid.

Around 2 PM, AY committee meeting at church library.
Attendees: Yangson, QueeNee, Mabelle, Iise, Andrea S, Joshua, Art, Jiwan, Darrel Wah, Uncle Vincent, Uncle Calvin
I will only post here what I think isn't a deadly secret.
Yangson gave devotion.
Prayed in twos or threes.
Evaluated on the year 2008.
1st Quarter-Valentines Party & PF camp
Valentines Party received pretty much bad comments. I thought it was I waste of 4 digit cash without outreaching any new member out of it, despite the fact that there were a lot of visitors in that party. Whereelse we gain 5 or 6 new members this year without having to cash out lotsa money to organise parties for them, friends just brought them straight to AY activities. Uncle Calvin is really wise. He said you cant expect to achieve a spiritual aim by offering a worldly event. SO TRUE. And that if you offer a worldly event, surely the visitors will compare this worldly party to other more exciting alcoholic and dancing parties. The downside of it, you exposed your own christian youths to worldly substance and they may think that it is acceptable.
2nd Quarter-Agape Youth Camp. Oh well actually we pretty much forgotten what happened at which quarter.
3rd Quarter-Gua Tempurung & new ppl start coming in
4th Quarter-Youth4Christ camp. Cantata. Caroling
Camp could have prepared earlier. Caroling should have talked on the true meaning of Christmas in more houses. Should inform last few houses that they don have to prepare much food, inform first few house to prepare more solid food. So we do not starve or bloat.

Job delegation
Leader: Tan Yangson
Asst Leader: Iise Chew
Secretary: Mabelle Tan
Asst Secretary:Andrea S
Social: Iise Chew
Choir Representative: Joshua Tean
Communication/Promotion: Chua Quee Nee
Since I have all the free time to go online (msn, email, facebook), have enough credit for sms, and I also have a updated blog to post up happenings. Think I like this job!

Also talked about bible study, curfew, parents concern, youths needs, leaders example etc

Its a meeting marathon. Right after AY committee meeting is Care Group project meeting chaired by Darrel Wah. He speaks with wisdom and makes every word sounds so important in a well crafted speech. This project is kinda bizarre.

Gem, Alyssa, Sharose, Eliza, Trisha organised a party. Pretty efficient for kids their age. But probably Aunty Melody helped a lot.
FOOD (mainly by Kakak Sumalang): Pizza, Spaghetti, Quiche, Sushi, Fries, Sandwiches, Secret Recipe cheesecake, Deep Fried Bougainvilla from their garden, unknown drink

The scary little girls performed DANCE, SKIT, organised GAMES, LUCKY DRAW. Simple and complete. Frankly more organised than some other adults organisation I know.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Denise's Gift

Hoberman Brain Twist
can twist, can invert
aim is to get 3 piece to be same color, in each triangle, inside and out.
notice the cute little holes for your fingers to grip!
Hui Ern's Baptism this morning. Congrats new baby! Too bad I was counting offering so I missed watching it.

Choir no practice but each member was tested vocal range. My lowest is F, highest is C.

Lunch, highlight: Haagen Dazs ice-cream available in church pot luck! Contributed by Dr.Poey who became a grandfather.

AY prog, I planned visitation.

Venessa's house. Robert did Song Service. Andrea S, backed up by Art, did short devotion on Parable of Talents.
~Everbody has talents. Test out to discover. Dont hide talent. Use talent. Multiply talent. Use for God'd glory.
Played Hot Seat with Venessa. Prayed for her family. Byebye.

Claudine's house. Alvin did Song Service. I purposely selected. Edwin did devotion. Sodom and Gomorah-Dont Look Back. Love the way he tells stories. Captured my attention, descriptive, animated, funny, strike points, got meaning. Played Hot Seat with Claudine. Prayed for her family. Eat snacks. Byebye.

Vespers Andy shared about his Vietnam trip for Pf Class Instructors Training.

After vespers, a number of people moody. Charmaine, poor girl, devestated over grandpa's death and then grandma tried to commit suicide.

Dinner at kopitiam next to Island Plaza. Kenny said he has already got 4 choices of wife. LOL

Night, stalked people's new girlfriend. Its a habit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hui Ern's HouseWarming Party

Its a Banana Party where everyone is supposed to wear YELLOW. Hui Ern's classmates, peng hwa girls, off course obeyed the dress code. After much severe totalitarian disciplinary system, its just so easy to obey one single dress code. AY on the other hand, wore whatever color with barely any conscience. I know these two types of people.

love this
like this
mad about these cheesecakes. so rich!
Banana Hunt
88 bananas hidden all around the house for you to hunt down.

Banana Golf. May look a little obscene.
Banana tied with string, tied to waist, no hands, fling banana, hit ball to move.
Life is unfair

Banana Relay. One of our social night games. Sorry i don hav pics.
Last game, groups compete to find whatever things listed. Fast and correct.
Example:10 tissues, 3 pillows,1 fly swatter, 5 pair of socks, 4 belts, 5 handphones,1 broom,2 pictures of Mr.Muscle Man etc

Christmas Morning - Swim Pool and Jacuzzi - Iise's place