Saturday, November 29, 2008

Morning, choir sang special number "He brought joy..."
Church pot luck
Crowded. PJ English & Penang Tamil joined us.
Oh YA I see MIRIAM!!!
Whole day Family Life Seminar
What people did to relax during seminar break.

Andrea K bought me a pair of silver stars earrings for my birthday!
I love Andrea K. I love silver. I love stars. I love earrings. I am a happy girl.
Think Wey Yin should be back by now. Gonna honeymoon with her after my exams.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday Meal

Dad brought to Sakae 2nd time. Look at the queue just to enter.
Above fried fish is already half eaten, very hungry forgot to take pic, Sakae is not that stingy.

Salmon wrap asparagus
Agedashi tofu
Rice & Unagi
Premium Bento
Really creamy avocado tofu

Sims 2 Career : Level 10 Salary x Days of Work

Athletic $3033 x 3
Business $2100 x 4
Criminal $1925 x 4
Culinary $2170 x 3
Law enforcement $1225 x 4
Medicine $1488 x 4
Military $1138 x 4
Politics $1313 x 4
Science $2333 x 3
Slacker $1400 x 3
Artist $4549 x 3
Natural Science $10497 x 1
Paranormal $4725 x 2
Show Business $5022 x 3
Adventure $2730 x 5
Education $3450 x 4
Gamer $1960 x 5
Journalism $2350 x 5
Law $1912 x 5
Music $2830 x 4
Architecture $2300 x 4
Dance $2950 x 3
Entertainment $3105 x 4
Intelligence $3750 x 4
Oceanography $3970 x 3

Thursday, November 27, 2008


24 Nov

small aunt - parcel from Taiwan, card, letter, case, shirt (see previous post)

25 Nov

Nelson : Happy birthday in advance, I will forget before 27 cuz exam

26 Nov

Jeremy Saw : (wall) Hello, happy birthday for tomorrow

Ming Qiao : (wall) happy birthday

Abigail : (msn) HAPPY BDAY. hows celebration? or do u want to celebrate with me?

Yung Shen : (wall) happy birthday ya

Wan Ting : happy birthday. have fun & good luck!

27 Nov

Andrea K : (sms) Hey quee nee happy birthday!!erm and good luck for your exam too.

Andrea S : (sms) Hey, happy birthday... May god always be with you through everything.. You have been a nice friend to everyone... Goodluck in future! goodnight..

Rebecca : (sms) Happy bday quee nee.. All d best for stpm k.. God bless.. Gudnite..

Mabelle : (sms) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Queenee!!! may God continue to lead n guide u..God Bless. Have a blessed bd..;) all the best again for ur paper!! finishing soon:D nitez nitez:)

Venessa : (sms) Hey!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Quee Nee! =D

Caryn : (sms) Neeneeboo...... Happy birthday o! ;)

Nelson : (sms) Happy birthday! May God bless u with abundance of blessings in ur journey of faith, health n studies(STPM n future studies) !

Wey Yin : (sms frm Aust) GUINIIII happy burffffdayyy!!! same donkey ass hole DKAH wishesss. aku mauuuuu kacauuuu uuuuu. muaxxxxx. gd luck in dumb stpm :):)

Tee Yee : (sms from US) Wai happy birthday:) Haha now here not yet your birthday Haha just going to.. when finish paper?i went to shop today super cheap:) may all dreams come true:);)

Jeen-Yi : (sms) Happy birthday!!! Good luck in your exam too!!!

Uncle Seng and Aunt Lily called me before exam to wish.

Yvonne wished me in person right after Maths 2 exam.

Fun : (msn) HAPPY BIRTHDAY..... pinch pinch... will REALLY pinch u aft yr exams!!!!!!!

Ivan : (msn) hi happy birthday

Shen : (msn) Happy Birthday!! All the best in life and stay happy..

Yangson: (msn) happy birthday. so you enjoy yourself today? hehehe belanja you this sat

Avril : (msn) happy birthday neebo. heh

Melvin : (wall)
Hey Quee Nee Happy Birthday!!!
May all ur wish come true!
All the best in everything u do and...
Take care and God bless you always! =)

Juena : (wall) Happy Birthday Che Che!!

Shaw Jhee : (wall) Happy Birthday

Shaun : (wall) happy birthday. *toothie smile* xD

Kelly : (wall) Hello.... Happy Birthday to you :) God bless.....

Claudine : (wall) happy birthday...keepsafe always..=)

Chareesa : HappY B'Day=)Hope all yur wishes come true!!!=)

sei yan orang mati.. soooo gona squeeze u to death when we see u

Janice : (wall) Happy Birthday!

Lillian : (wall) happy birthday!! all the best.

Victor : (wall) hey happy birthday queenee...hope u have a good one:)

Abigail : (wall) gui neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... celebrate bday wif me...hehe

Wen Chin : (wall) happy bday! :)

Hui Ern : (wall) getting older quee nee.. hehehhehe.... happy bday :)

Eugene : (wall) happy b'day!!!

Aun Qi : (wall) hey old buddy :) happy birthday!

Siu Yun : (wall) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Robert : happy bday....take care...

Gradys : happy birthday graphic comments

Hui Fang : hi still remember me? Happy birthday to u! take care~!

28 Nov

Mei-Xian : (sms) was it ur bday yesterday? if so Happy belated Bday :-)

Hui Gim : (sms) Chaikuih ar, happy belated birthday.may all ur dreams come true.sorry forgot wish u.having exam oso.Jiayou o.;-)

Hui Wuen : (sms) ;-) happy belated birthday

Chawin : happy bday...kinda late

Monday, November 24, 2008

Received a parcel from 小姑 (small aunt) from Taiwan!!
My first birthday wish this year :)
She also wrote me a letter. That kind of sentimental letter which is much "keep"able and valuable than forwarded emails. Announcement: she is 7 MONTHS PREGNANT!!
Gift #1
Gift #2
Thank you!!
小姑 is the sweetest :)

Sims 3!!!! Release on 20 Feb 2009

click here for sneak peeks

Sunday, November 23, 2008

outfit list

1. Anna IsBar Turquoise Spaghetti dress
2. Anna IsBar Beige Spaghetti dress with black embroidery
3. EastIndia Peach Valentine
4. Glitter Pink Floral print
5. Purple French Maid-frills,wings,lace,pearls,ribbons
6. Nicole Purple Carrot Checked
7. VJ jeans Dungaree

1. Express jeans (studs at side)
2. VJ jeans (mid)
3. jeans (mid)
4. jeans (long)
5. red jeans (mid)
6. Pdi red
7. Forrica sandwash jeans
8. Britishindia grey
9. FOS beige khakis
10. Express dark green (lengthable)
11. Dark green mini + wings pocket
12. Goggles light blue checked
13. Elle blue + grey checked
14. Express belts army
15. Secret olive fur
16. Mna black
17. High-slit, slanted black (mid)
18. Velvety grey triangular pleat + big silk ribbon belt
19. Goggles striped jeans (adjustable waist)
20. Miss Cindy mini + diamonds + scarf at waist
21. Max&Co. Snowflakes
22. RJNS Stars
23. Sakuraya pleated denim
24. Sakuraya pink lace layered jeans
25. Voir turquoise hibiscus floral flare
26. Thailand cultural glittery flare
27. Christmas red checked, knitted, pleated
28. Scottish dark choc +pink checked, knit, pleat
29. Roxy maroon velvet extra mini
30. white flare skirt

1. Applemints white
2. Mna white
3. Mna beige
4. Mna pink stripes
5. Mna red Japanese wrap
6. Voir light brown army
7. Max&Co. lotus leaf green web + hooks
8. Ralph Lauren sky blue checked
9. Nicole purple

1. Max&Co. pink Tie-up front
2. Max&Co. white Ruffles
3. pink spaghetti + black & white polka dot silk Pong sleeve + pin-on button-ribbon-beads
4. Mickey light grey + light pink thin stripes (knitted)
5. FOS light pink lacey sleeveless with collar
6. Romp de Calais candy pink
7. Max&Co. transparent + petal collar
8. Britney grey + studs
9. white webbed-back with diamonds
10. fuchsia polka dot bareback halter
11. pink criss-cross spaghetti
12. Goggles red spaghetti
13. Sakuraya red Japanese wrap + ribbon + frills
14. Camouflage + zip across
15. Voir turquoise thin knitted

Long Sleeve
1. Momoe white with lacy Turtleneck (long sleeve)
2. BonBon pink puff sleeve + black Polka dots + big white furry Ribbon
3. Moose grey & neon pink thick stripes (knitted)

Tank top
1. black + studs VJ jeans
2. rock black tank + gold glitter words + belt shoulder
3. zana di black + butterfly
4. Applemints black tank + Beads & Glitter Purple Butterfly
5. Chargers outfitters “like an angel” Red & black Bi-layer tank
6. Seed Unicorn
7. Adax pour femme white Laced whole back
8. Soda white
9. Voir white roundneck
10. Applemints sky blue
11. square neck pink
12. square neck green
13. Black + frills

1. Goggles orange rainbow stripes
2. Zing candy pink + flowers
3. Mna fuchsia
4. D2 orange
5. the gray yellow

1. Avon stripes
2. BG yellow
3. NR pink flower power
4. Pdi grey
5. Giordano fingerprint
6. Voir bumblebee
7. black Mickey
8. white Garfield
9. white Jack jack

1. Applemints navy + snow wash
2. Camouflage
3. FOS pinko sky print
4. Bg girl pink
5. Von dutch neon pink

1. Voir light blue stripes
2. Voir black fur
3. Oreef brown
4. FOS athletics
5. Elements 3quarter jeans
6. tight jeans + Ribbon bottom
7. IS jeans + chain
8. Jeans + gold belt
9. 4quarter navy jeans
10. sakuraya 4quarter black jeans
11. knee-length jeans (red stripe at side)

1. VJ jeans
2. FOS fuchsia sweater

Misc clothing
1. Pcgps choir uniform - Sailor
2. Pcgps choir uniform - green rose
3. Youth choir uniform – snow dress + crimson ribbon
4. Pathfinder blue a-class shirt
5. Masterguide white a-class shirt
6. 3 PF T-shirt
7. 2 CF T-shirt
8. 2 Brgh-ccc Camp T
9. 2 thailand camporee T
10. Youth Alive T
11. white PJ T
12. blue PJ T
13. yellow house tank top
14. School team navy tank top
15. athletics T
16. 54th graduation violet T (collared)
17. 6th form shirt

1. Pink 3D logo Adidas
2. Reebok ice blue
3. Puma silver & fuchsia
4. Northstar white
5. Asics
6. Pathfinder shoes- Lester black leather

1. Vincci pink velvet dragonfly clogs
2. Vinnci white & neon pink
3. Stefeno sheer pink
4. bronze wedge + shiny squares + frills + button
5. Marie Claire thick white heels + light blue cross
6. Gold ribbon wedge
7. Glitter ribbon wedge
8. Bata black, silver, wood
9. Shoepoint metallic pink clogs
10. Shoepoint black malt
11. red sarong

1. Parisian white lacy Ballet
2. Vinnci black ballet
3. Arabic glittery pink
4. PA blue (Egyptian)
5. PA pink
6. P&Co. sky blue
7. Stop red
8. hellokitty clogs
9. White belt
10. Bali orange beads
11. LA tribal sportswear

1. iPanema paddle pop beach
2. hawaianas

1. de petal Doggie bag
2. Quicksilver pink waterproof handbag
3. Lesportsac orange cartoon sling
4. white sheepskin + bronze studs
5. square leather sling
6. polar bear white furry bag
7. Extreme black & white, bubbles & screws
8. Tropicana life grey backpack
9. Wild channel navy sling
10. Reebok schoolbag
11. Puma blue+ beige backpack
12. Stop beige backpack
13. Bookshop buddies
14. Pucca sling
15. Bg black sling
16. Santa claus purse sling
17. Rainbow purse sling
18. Hiker black backpack
19. Hiker navy (beg galas)
20. Carlton
21. Eco luggage
22. Sleeping bag

1. Postpet white & pink
2. Bg orange
3. pink hellokitty purse
4. Fila

1. white GAP cap
2. Padini Authentics red & blue hat
3. red tribal print bandanna

1. Miko purple pink metallic rectangular glasses
2. espec frameless
3. pink Piglet hp case
4. neon pink hairy hairy hp case
5. big Teddy bear hp case
6. white Teddy bear hp case
7. Mickey tri-pink socks
8. black & white Cartoon Tights
9. laced white tights
10. Honey lace tube

1. silver chain, rod ends (2,2)
2. chain+ star (1,2)
3. dolphin in ring
4. Christmas tree
5. 4circles
6. double love
7. tri-flower
8. big star hoop
9. big silver ring
10. small silver ring
11. silver snake skin
12. bronze bundle
13. kuih kapit
14. rainbow crystal, snowflake shape

1. black spider
2. amethyst Mickey
3. pink playboy bunny
4. black mask
5. treble clef
6. dog
7. neon pink square
8. dew drop
9. silver star
10. pink diamond
11. blue diamond
12. domino




蘭亭臨帖 行書如行雲流水
月下門推 心細如妳腳步碎
忙不迭 千年碑易拓卻難拓妳的美
真跡絕 真心能給誰

牧笛橫吹 黃酒小菜又幾碟
夕陽餘暉 如妳的羞怯似醉
摹本易寫 而墨香不退與妳同留餘味
一行硃砂 到底圈了誰

無關風月 我題序等妳回
懸筆一絕 那岸邊浪千疊
情字何解 怎落筆都不對
而我獨缺 妳一生的了解

彈指歲月 傾城頃刻間湮滅
青石板街 回眸一笑妳婉約
恨了沒 妳搖頭輕嘆誰讓妳蹙著眉
而深閨 徒留胭脂味

人雁南飛 轉身一瞥妳噙淚
掬一把月 手攬回憶怎麼睡
又怎麼會 心事密縫繡花鞋針針怨懟
若花怨蝶 妳會怨著誰

無關風月 我題序等妳回
懸筆一絕 那岸邊浪千疊
情字何解 怎落筆都不對
而我獨缺 妳一生的了解

無關風月 我題序等妳回
手書無愧 無懼人間是非
雨打蕉葉 又瀟瀟了幾夜
我等春雷 來提醒妳愛誰

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Cantata. "From Heaven's Throne"
Berjaya Hotel.
5 Star christian musical. Goosebumps when tutti.
Lim Mei Huey
Chee Tien Choi
Brandon Lundo
3 wise men. Guess who?
Uncle Vincent, uncle Eric, uncle Ronald
After cantata, went to Poey's house for Pathfinder Teacher's planning meeting. Frankly, some things really bothered me. You know, I have been consistent in Pathfinders for 7 years, only this year promoted to officer, and am teaching Explorer class next year. Denise, on and off, only fully active for 1 year, that year luckily did Master Guide, but immediately after getting Master Guide never appear in Pathfinders at all during Form 6, but she was asked to teach Rangers. Yangson on the other hand, more serving experience, assigned to teach Friend class. Friend class is the lowest, then Companion higher, then Explorer then Ranger. I was like, WHAT??! You want to let someone who have not completed Rangers to teach Rangers when there are more than 20 people who has gotten Rangers last year? And you want to let someone who doesn't appear in Pathfinders at all lead Pathfinders? Like non-US citizen become US president? Wah, imagine in school clubs, Kehadiran 0, tidak layak menjadi ahli, but jawatan 10. Crazy. Furthermore, what are the other active Pathfinder members going to think? Its like, ehhhh, we all have been there all the time, suddenly import a zero attendance member become higher rank, then what is the point of being active? Let me make this clear, I am not against Denise, she is my buddy, I am simply amazed by the lack of logic in Pf organisation. Joshua couldn't agree more. He said there are 1001 things to be corrected and can be bombarded in Pathfinders. Yangson usually keep quiet the whole exco meeting, then only RELEASE everything in the car while fetching me to choir after meeting. Why? Respect elders. Let me refresh your memory, Aaron Bill Abel PLA, Robert Jerome Shana Sharose Gem Rayne APST, Sharose electricity honor, super drill and many more (see my older posts). But frankly I will be furious at Denise if she volunteers to teach Voyager, but of course she wont lar, she understands the situation as well. The difference in concept is that, to me, if you dont have Master Guide and you want to teach me Master Guide, not much obedience I will give. It is just like you have not learnt violin but want to teach me violin, you actually expect me to want to follow you? But uncle Steve said, "No QueeNee,when I teach Guide I also don't have Guide one, it is OK one" Josephine Kuan's concept is, "Eh you don't have Voyagers yet ar? Teach Voyagers larr then you can get it also." Anyway I voiced out during the meeting and so they reshuffled the teachers list. Vincent Lim & Edmund Wong teaching Friends. Cindy Kuan & Denise teaching Explorers. Me & Yangson teaching Rangers. Melody Chew & Steve Kuan teaching Voyagers. Andy Lim & Melody Chew teaching Master Guide. But still, I cannot guarantee that any illogical arrangement wil not happen again. Oh ya, do you know, Pathfinder ministry is supposed to be UNDER AY? Frankly speaking again, I dont see the purpose of Alice Chan being in the committee. Edmund Wong, enthusiastic, able and easy to work with, but actually when I started joining Pathfinders he wasn't even there yet, but he got into the board earlier than me, via age factor? Cheryl Caryn even more experience lar. Just grab any youth pathfinder member like Alvin or Derrick and ask them whether they identify all the current officers as their leadrers. And by the way, will my rank be higher if my name is Kuan Quee Nee?
So lunch at Poey's. Durian Ice cream.
AY Iise assigned a few secret agent to act emo the whole day to see who concerned for them.
Ivan leaving to Australia. Although for holiday only, January coming back for a while, but then after that he will be gone for real, 4 years or maybe lifetime. That will mean I am losing one more of the very few people I can tell most things to. Its good that he went holiday so I can have a trial round of mental preparation for the real bye bye.
Vespers Anne & Mabelle shared about their wonderful japan trip.
Chareesa's Birthday Party!! at Usaha's new house.

I am so jealous of Chawin. flat screen TV right in front of own bed. And yes its XBOX.
Around 9 something, got the news of Pastor Wah passed away. Aduh, last week Lownell passed away. I hope next week no more of such sad events. The youth went to visit the hospital and we prayed outside. God will comfort Aunty Suelina, Darrel, Desmond.
Life is so fragile. I am going to live every moment. And I hope I die earlier than my husband. So selfish right? But I really cant imagine myself bearing the pain.