Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Morning, school, rehearsal for Graduation Ceremony. Yi Wei got position no.1 and also 5 subject prizes!!! as in, she scored the highest in the entire Form6 in my school for Bio, Chem, Math, PA, MUET. Practically everything she took. PHEWWIIT. But then again it is all fair and square. She reaped what she sowed. I should have sowed.
My goodness..heard from other friends that this friend has got a boyfriend who is a 35 year old Indian man who smokes and drinks. Being single is the best. Agree?

This coming Sabbath have to do warm up for choir. Never mind.
This coming Sabbath have to tell bible story. Never mind.
This coming Sabbath they are going to Youth Alive. Never mind.
Monday, Yangson ask me to plan programme for Icare and AY. Inform too late.
But Yangs said Ivan will help. So never mind.
Icare ask uncle Calvin to continue his series of talk. So never mind.
Today, Ivan said, "I am going to Youth Alive haha." Surprising, and not good.
Today, Uncle Calvin said, "No no I cant do Icare this week, I already told joshua." Not good.
Pot luck supposed to be at Looi's but don't know why no more. Not good.
Can ask Teans to provide lunch after choir? But a group Singaporeans are staying over there.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Yesterday, what an UGLY sunday.
Double Woo maths tuition.
Today, not feeling alright.
Didn't go school.
Logged in friendster (once in a blue moon)
Stalked ex's ex.
A creepy habit I have to change.
Anyways, she got a new boyfriend who cant smile.
I have never been so happy seeing a couple's lovey dovey pic.
I am weird.
PMR youths + Yangson + Ronald will be away next Sabbath for Youth Alive.
Next Sabbath, I will be doing warm-up for choir and tell bible story before AY.
Then Yangson asked me to "help take care" of Icare and AY.
I asked "like how?"
He said, "PLAN a program"
Told him it will be better if he informed earlier.
He said he did, last sabbath meeting he said he will not be around.
Owkay, HOW am I supposed to know that sentence "I will not be around" means "Queenee will be doing the program"?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The past Sabbath started with a BGR Talk by Karen & Ron Flowers at PAH auditorium on Friday 7.30 evening. They are antique but dynamic.Will elaborate the teachings here when I'm free.
Saturday, sermon by Flowers. Short choir practice at Tean's. I am desperate for a poodle like Charmaine's. Macam teddy bear only. Church pot luck halfway called to AY Committee meeting. Didn't finish my food yet so sambil meeting sambil makan. AY Camp this year will be on 8-10 Dec at CCC which I've been there twice for BRGH Youth Motivation Camp. Am satisfied with the place. Dorm with air-con and double-decker beds. Toilet with heater. Hall connected to field and then a gate to the beach and sea. There are cooks there to provide meals. Also chose NEW committee members for the year 2009. The nominees are Iise, Hui Ern, Shaun or Adrian. No abundant choices actually. When the meeting was over, pot luck was already thoroughly cleaned up and the kitchen locked so I couldn't return the stupid plastic cup but had to take it home and return it the next pot luck.
Afternoon, studied Songs of Solomon for the first time! taught by Flowers. Aunty Becky said she saw me jot down good notes and wanted a photocopy. Ma Fan but I thick face. Rested for a while after Songs of Songs session. Read book.
Latest trend of AY replacing Rubik's cube is reading non-fiction christian self-help books regarding courtship, staying pure etc.
Afternoon continued with Anger Emotion session. Quite long. I lost my patience and couldn't listen anymore after listening the whole day since last night. Did you know, Derrick is Aunty Mei Huey's nephew?
AY went to Mutiara Selera for dinner. Burger.

Satay was GOOD.
Then went to Iise's place. Andrea and I wore Iise's pants. Claudine actually went ONE TWO THREE...when taking this pic for us. And we actually smiled at the camera subconciously.
Did whatever we wanted to do while getting lost at paradise.

Watch TV or whatever else you want to watch
Tabble tennis championship. Ronald is the pro. No wonder when he watched me, Avril, Claudine and Andrea played earlier he was very SWT. Killed each other technologically at the mini Cybercafe.
Some went swimming. Some went musical. Some went girl talk. Some tried to lock every exit so the Ping Pong people cant come out but failed. but then my camera died off so no prima facie for you. QueeNee played Ping Pong with Ivan, Edmund, Andrea, Avril, Claudine ; taught Yangson piano Lu Xiao Yu which he keep saying Liu Xing Yu ; played Secret in echo room and spooked self, TSK-ed at counter strike ; made Ribena and then went home via van around 11PM.
How to say HAppy BirthDay to Jiwan?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

After school, walked to Hope, Yue Rong in Chia Ying's car flew by, with YR's head popping out of the window shouting GUINIIII. I have to tahan not to laugh. I pretended I didn't know her but to continue walking, just for the sport of it. Heehee
At Hope, Dr.Chew talked to me. He said, Good news first, and complimented on maturity and taking care of the youth group. Which I'm embarassed to say I'm really not mature yet so I just grinned.
Time for bad news, I wondered what happened. He said, he heard that I'm not so keen in medical studies. Ow? Which made me wonder, what is so bad about that and where did he hear it from? Truth is, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO, so I just keep my options as open as possible. He asked me, between studying medicine in a public university and studying biology overseas, which would I choose? Both didn't sound appealing to me.
Anyways, he talked about how Medicine is the highest you can achieve, and that having the ability, but you don't do it, it is wrong; don't listen to other people saying that it is tough, bullshit, many other courses are equally as tough; don't think that life as a doctor is stressful, everybody has stress, but at the end of the day you are a DR; interest can be cultivated, he didn't want to be a paediatrician at first but now he is immersed; studying overseas, bullshit, not an important factor long term wise, the costs is not worth it, in fact many of them have regrets and are seriuosly homesick. He also said, DOCTOR is KACANG. This made my eyes bulged a little. All in all, he was encouraging me to do medicine. But still, it doesn't change the fact that it is the longest, toughest, most expensive, most competitive route which will disrupt my plan of having 5 kids at low-risk young age and it also goes against my bed of roses Siu Lai Lai dream life. Nvm, lets wait for the poll results on the top right hand corner of this blog and see.
He also talked about Exams on Sabbath issue. He said he would go take it, not saying this as a church elder, but saying this as a personal stand, but he don't dare to tell Art to do so, Art would scold him. TeeHee. During his uni days, there are many who skipped major exams for Sabbath and now they end up NOT coming to church AT ALL. What is most important is the relationship with God. Like for instance, you lost your wallet, you pray to God, OW Help me find my wallet, then you know you DO have a relationship with him. I totally agree. No point keeping Sabbath without a relationship with God. In fact, I have known of some people who are not prepared for a particular exam, and coincidentally the exam falls on Sabbath, so they use Sabbath as an excuse to skip it. If you break every Sabbath for tuition and co-curricular and entertainment then it is a another different story.
He said, SOUND ADVICE and gave me a painful pat on the back. AIYA I knew he usually does that but I was not prepared to budge at that time.

Seriously, the AY empire has fallen or is falling or is going to fall. We truly lack leaders and I cant imagine from where are they going to dig out a whole new batch of committee for 2009 when so many of the older ones are leaving, leaving only newbies and rebels. Sky GONE. Julius GONE. Jiwan GONE. Nelson GONE. Art GONE. Ivan will be GONE. Edwin will be GONE. and many many more! I cant think of any suitable new committee candidate other than Iise for the year 2009. AY needs a reformation! I hope I can make some changes, with the help of Ronald. First I need to read more bible, which I'm slacking, let God speak to me, and let Him do things through me. I have been a terrible person, disliking people very easily, constant bad mood, I NEED TO CHANGE, stop behaving so childishly Nee! And then I will need to equip myself with skills, I am determined to drive the van someday. I need to learn some musical instruments as well. Improve my social skills, truly care for the youth, form bonds with them, after all most of them are so funny and cute. I'm joining Pathfinder exco next year as well. There I have laid down my mission, time to just do it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Checked facebook pages. "Linkin Park" has 668,926 fans. "Jesus" had 1,246 fans only. Sad. But there are hundreds of church groups though.

My MSN nickname ~ pity that fat guy who eats so little and got so fat
Adrian : pity that guy
QueeNee : Pity you also
Adrian : I eat a lot ok
QueeNee : Joshua eat the same amount as you. He is a twig.
Adrian : He is growing.
QueeNee : Still bo tat for you
Adrian (>97 KG) : Review yourself first.
QueeNee (49 KG ) : I am only 49 Kg. You are like...wat?..97 KG? That will be 48 KG more than me! DOUBLE. Of cuz you are taller. But then your height isn't double my height.
Adrian : If you are 49 kg then why are you single?
Adrian : Get a life.
QueeNee : I have a life! Single is great. Save time and money and prevent getting hurt.
Adrian : No u just spend their money.
QueeNee : It's not good to spend their PARENT's money.
QueeNee : BTW what does weight has to do with love? cant believe ur so shallow. (I mean really... Why cant 49 KG be single? Is there any physics theory , the lighter you are, the less single you are? Nincompoop)

hours later, I still beh kam buan
QueeNee : GET A LIFE! FEI ZAI. Nyeh Heh
Adrian : Lols. Whatever makes you happy
QueeNee : Really. My life is more colourful what.
Cant believe Im hearing "Get a life" from someone who sleeps all day long, cant finish his studies, and is alcoholic.

People who have APPEARed in AY before.

  1. Art Chew
  2. Aaron Choo
  3. Alicia Choo
  4. Abel Galung
  5. Avril Brenda
  6. Adrian Lim
  7. Adrian Ong
  8. Alvin Ong
  9. Adrian Khor?
  10. Andrea Kok
  11. Andrea S
  12. Affendy
  13. Angeline Cheah
  14. Amos
  15. Bill
  16. Brandon Khoo
  17. Beverly Dennis
  18. Caryn Choo
  19. Catherine Phuah
  20. Chareesa
  21. Chawin
  22. Claudine
  23. Cristin Liauw
  24. Cheryl Lee
  25. Christine Wong
  26. Celine
  27. Charmaine
  28. Cassie
  29. Caleb
  30. Chin Mei Mei
  31. Daniel Chan
  32. Denise Lim
  33. Derick Chuah
  34. Dylan
  35. Edwin Koh
  36. Ernie Koh
  37. Eugene Looi
  38. Eugene Tiong
  39. Esther
  40. Edmund
  41. Geok Huey
  42. Han Nee
  43. Hui Li
  44. Hui Ern
  45. Hugo
  46. Iise
  47. Ivan Lee
  48. Indran
  49. Jiwan G
  50. Julius Yee
  51. Janice JayaRam
  52. Janice
  53. Jane
  54. Joni Teoh
  55. Joshua Tean
  56. Joseph Tean
  57. Jerome
  58. Jing
  59. Juena
  60. Justin Chu
  61. Jason Khor
  62. Jason Foo
  63. Jesline Koay
  64. Jonathan?
  65. Joel Tan
  66. Jody
  67. Kah Poh
  68. Kai Xiang
  69. Kenny
  70. Lay Yin
  71. Levon
  72. Larry Eldon
  73. Li Wei
  74. Liang Wern
  75. Mei Xian
  76. Michelle Ong
  77. Mabelle Tan
  78. Melody Tan
  79. Melissa Tan
  80. Miriam Lim
  81. Melvin
  82. Min Ee
  83. Ming
  84. Michelle Yeoh
  85. Mei Rei
  86. Nelson Choo
  87. Nikki
  88. Natasha Balacuit
  89. Newlius
  90. Owenson
  91. Praveena
  92. Priscilla Dennis
  93. Philip Lazada
  94. Prista Ramskay
  95. Quee Nee
  96. Ramu Regu
  97. Ramesh
  98. Robert Liaw
  99. Rebecca Liaw
  100. Ronald
  101. Randy
  102. Ramuelo? or Ray
  103. Stephanie Looi
  104. Samantha
  105. Sky Chew
  106. Sylvia Lim
  107. Sean Kam
  108. Shaun Kuan
  109. Shana Kuan
  110. Saw Ean
  111. Seok Cheng
  112. Shan Ling
  113. Shien Nee
  114. Shanese
  115. Shannon
  116. Sarah
  117. Saras
  118. Sun
  119. Tabby
  120. Victor Lee
  121. Venessa Lim
  122. Vanee
  123. Vivian
  124. Wai Loon
  125. Wayne
  126. Wei Cyn
  127. Yangson
  128. Yeak Fong
  129. Yeah Hooi
  130. Yogi
P.S. Order of names has got nothing to do with frequency of attendance or contribution to AY.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Note to Self @ Lessons for today:
1. Action speaks louder than words, but then again the tongue itself is a deadly weapon, I should open my mouth sparingly from now on other than to munch yummy food and laugh and sing and be merry. Keeping quiet is safer than giving a suggestion you naive-ly thought could help, as people may get it wrongly and get hurt or thought I am forcing them to follow. Nong Qiao Fan Zhuo.
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Prov 15:1
An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. Prov 24:26.
Where's the other Proverb which says Quiet=wise, Foolish=many words?
Also, Silence is Golden.
2. Women are troublesome. Yes. I am. And I have witnessed many. I want to be a guy. I want to be a guy. I want to be a guy. And be single forever. Quarelsome wife = constant dripping rain. The truth is, I like my guy friends' brain, mind, thinking, mentality (like Jiwan, Nelson, Art, Ivan, Edwin, Iise etc) more than my female best friends although I am closer to the female ones.
3. Starting a business is reeally not that easy.
4. I hate misunderstandings. Same wavelength is important in friendship!!
5. Blur. And. Fierce. What. A. Combination.
6. The more viewers my blog has, somehow the less original my posts end up. Editted to prevent "cardiolysis" (a word i created) cardio=heart ; lysis=break.

OW YAY! It's Poh Wah's BIRTHday today and she gave BIRTH to her 3rd Son! (Who wil be my 3rd Cousin-Nephew. Weeeeee) They can celebrate future birthdays together!

~I'm free. I'm free.
~Christmas Cantata. 20th
~AY Camp at CCC. 8th-10th
~Bukit Merah?
~Do Pathfinder classes with Eddy etc
~Approach Daniel Chan
~Slumber party over Iise's place? Can swim?
~BBQ outside Joshua, Hui Ern and Nikki's house?
~Leo BBQ
~Launch Amaryllis
~Stalk education fairs
~UNpenghwa myself

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Was hunting for Mig's boyfriend. Found this instead. AHAHH!!!! nostwils diam diam ubi berisi. I feel so paparazzical. WEEEEEEEEEEEE
2PM went to Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang for Leo club meeting. 6 person only. Discussed about year-end BBQ, Kids colouring contest, blood donation drive, football competition, making club Tshirt, Forum kit KL next May, need new members, maybe camp.

Edwin brought up the following topic. Read from askipedia.
Is it possible to sweat blood?
Yes it is possible to sweat blood although it is very rare. The condition is called hermatidrosis. There are many blood vessels around out sweat glands, they form a sort of net surrounding the gland. If these vessels are put under great stress the vessels constrict. When they release from this pressure they expand until they rupture. The blood molecules spread out and since they are so close the sweat gland they enter it. When the person sweats the sweat washes the blood our of the sweat gland and onto the skin. The sweat is not only made up of blood, but it has some blood in it, enough to notice that it is red.
Typically high levels of stress on a person will cause the stress on the blood vessels, anxiety and other aliments will not only force these blood vessels to constrict, but they will often make the person sweat. When the stress or anxiety leaves the person, the blood gets into the sweat gland.
It is also said that Jesus sweated blood the night before his crucifixion. Without getting into a debate about God's existence this can be explained in one of three ways. Either Jesus did not sweat blood, or, Jesus did sweat blood due to high levels of stress (he knew what was coming that would stress anyone out), or, He is the son of God and can do whatever he wants, including sweating blood.

Made Tempura (brinjal, mushroom, cauliflower) with mummy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roti Bom

What I hear
and what I think
Remarks and predictions ( I may be wrong) of certain people's response, attendance, participation.

Icare -
"Like I care"
"No I'm tired."
"Nothing one"
"u go i go la. "
"GO LAR, what are you going to do at home, its Sabbath already u know"
"got dinner?"
"come lets sit in one circle and share somthing that has happened during the week"
its a habit.

morning divine service - It's a habit.
or have to go in order to catch the van to follow the youth in the entire afternoon.
"have to follow parents."
How many listen to sermon?
"always pastor randig"
A chance for girls to dress?

Choir practice - have to.
cant possibly go home after church and come back for lunch after choir finish. Of course there are those who are really committed. But usually the committed ones are those who take vocal lessons or join many musical things or want to show good voice. Commited to music more likely than commited to share inspirational message. Face it, we focus on loud and soft, hold how many counts, rest where, how high or low can you go. We never elaborate meaning of lyrics before starting of learning a new song. When perform : Musical accuracy > Expression.

Pot luck - sure "yes." Free food lehhh.
"NO i don wan to eat the same food I've been eating for years at the Chews"
"opening prayer pray faster lah."
"I'm a visitor I can take first."

AY prog - its the main thing for AY. but then some is willing to skip AY and is willing to come back later just for dinner. some AY halfway go musical accuracy class again. nobody's listening again if speaker talks too long. Song service no comments.

vespers - "can we sit upstairs?"
sure never listen.
"video again?"
maybe a torment while waiting for dinner.
maybe eager for Sabbath to be over so can go 7eleven or something

Social night - fun-hunting kids usually there. studious usually not. just extra so nvm.

Pathfinders - TOO LONG to talk about. Chuan.

Agape youth camp - substance is boring to them. equivalent to dropping pearls to the swines.

Youth alive - "YAY i want to go"
"Eh KL is going u know. so the KL girls will be there."

Pathfinder camporee - "I Fall in love with the Phillipines"
"I love Tara Tan WOI"
What skills have u learnt then?

Sabbath before PMR - never appear at all pula. Am Pia at home?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday Yangson asked me to share a testimony for Friday's Icare. Share why I go to church. I suddenly realised I do not have a reason that will inspire others. I simply went to check out and am finding the guidance to truth so I stayed on. Why do I serve God? I can only answer it's my duty and I feel blessed, I enjoy doing it.
I don't have enough to talk for 10 minutes during Icare on this topic. But then somehow I couldn't tell him NO straightaway, it would create quite a stir. I will consider first and then tell him by thursday night. Later I was leaving the computer screen to do my stuff so I switched my MSN status to Busy. When I got back I saw Yangson left some messages like HELLO are u there? But then it was lightning and thunder so I immediately switch off my computer. So Yangson called as I expected.
Anyway the point of my story is to explain to Yangson why I did not reply, as he is a person who values replies even when you are playing a game which requires speed and concentration, he will keep nudging for a reply. This morning he sent me a SMS obviously to shoot me.
"The greatest mistake a person can make is doing nothing ~ John C Maxwell"
So I replied. "Doing nothing is better than making a big mistake"
Oh ya, one activity I hate : lets form a circle and share something that has happened during a week.

Slight friction with Chia Ying this morning.
What is wrong with me? I have pissed off quite some people.
I sincerely apologise to Yue Rong if I have hurt her in any ways. We always tease her in class for her blurness. But I have no intention of humiliating her, not at all. I just find her very unpredictably amusing. Or maybe what I wrote on "It Rang" post might have lowered her mood drastically when she was excited for amaryllis, forgetting the handphone confiscation.
I am suspecting she got hurt based on her MSN nick. ~"Words have no tangible weight, but carelees remarks would weigh down people's heart."
Quoting is an in-thing to do lately.
Damn I feel so guilty. I should really cut down my habit of teasing her.

PCGHS Sixth form's Teachers Thanksgiving Dinner or Xie Shi Yan is on 12 Dec.
Initially declared not going as I planned to go Bi-Mission Pathfinder camporee. But the camp was cancelled. The dinner is very expensive. RM 80 per unemployed student. Teachers with income go for free. But then even if I don't go I still have to pay RM30. So I might as well go. Yue Rong persuaded. But mummy objects because the dinner is in Gurney Hotel and it is owned by Ahmad Ismail.

Went to Little Oasis with Yue Rong, Chia Ying, Sook Kuan, finally, impromptu. We never made it when planned. Chia Yin fetch us. Drop by at Sook Kuan and my house on the way to change and get stuff. Yue Rong gaduh with her boyfriend again. Met Bill @ Kabilan there. 1 guy with 5 girls. Speechless.

Somehow the waiter looked at Chia Ying then looked at me then decided to give Chia Ying the bigger piece of chicken. Maybe because I am pelanggan tetap and she if first-timer. Need to give a better impression. Yue Rong left earlier forgetting her ice-cream. Sook Kuan can't take ice-cream. So me and Chia Ying ate 2 scoops each.
Brought SK and CY to see the humungous teddy bear. CY shopped for kids shoes. Her feet very small. Forgot time. Late for tuition.

Evening, start Sabbath, raining heavily, Philip picked me up to Icare at Thomas Tean's residence. I feel very relaxed around Philip who always calls me sister. I am now Rayne's Sims2 Guru giving sims2 tutorial. Noticed an angry scar near Iise's right ankle. It happened this year, Robert and Jerome grabbed Iise into the church library and beat him up but he defended. They thought Iise was spreading a false rumour about Vanee. Iise has got another scar on his right hand parallel to the thumb, a scar when he was playing happily with Robert and Jerome, some rough game accidental wound. On the mid of his right arm is a large area of darkened skin from Aunty Melody's hands. Another scar, a dent near the end of Iise's left eye gotten from Rayne but I do not know how. Another near iise's right eye from Art. Surely accidental.
Icare programme by Yangson. Geography quiz. Example of questions are:
What is Iceland's language?
Where is Australia's capital?
Which 2 languages are most widely spoken?
In which state of USA is Hollywood located?
Which country has yaks as beast of burden?
Which is the tallest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia?
When is Thailand's Songkra festival?
Where is Bedawi from?
Where is Mahathir from?
Where is the longest river?
Which sea will you cross going from London to New York?
Kampuchea is now called?
Capital of Egypt?
Language of Israel?
Longest river in Malaysia?
Biggest island?

I do not know where this is heading. Ronald kept showing the bible and say, "come lets change textbook." Ivan would find this amusing. Before closing, Yangs asked "any thoughts?". So without thinking, I asked what I wanted to know, I asked whether his point is that we should know all these geography, because when he started the programme I thought he was going to prove to us that knowing all these worldly knowledge is not necessary, beacuse it is not eternal, and that knowing the tallest mountain and the longest river is not going to help us spread the word. River long or short, great commision is still the same. Which Edwin immediately SHHHH at me loudly, "Quee Nee! NOT HERE!" which I felt a sharp pang. Realised I screwed up. Uncle Thomas Tean quickly save the scene by saying it helps to know other culture. I nodded in agreement although it is clearly to cover up. I regret the damage. But then when everything was over, Uncle Thomas said to me "Good question". Joshua pulled me to one corner, I know that look on his face. UH-OH. Before he managed to start talking, Edwin came by and tegur me, "what were you doing? make people malu only!". He looked really real. Gave him a sheepish look. GUILT. Joshua adviced, next time approach privately, don't make people dunno how to answer your question and no face in front of the whole youth. OWKAY. MY BAD. My greatest mistake is that I make a big deal out of things, I cakap terus. But then TODAY I didn't criticise lehhh. Yangson openly asked us to rate the prog from 1 to 5, and I just wanted a clarification of what he wants us to learn, I did NOT rate it. Joshua also said, "that is why sometimes in Committee meeting, Jiwan says he really wants to punch your face". OUCH. This one - excruciating. I curled up into a ball in the van going home. Raindrops keep falling from my eyes. Iise sat next to me in the van but talking to Joshua the entire jouney, but managed to comfort me throughout entire journey, put his arms round my shoulder and pat pat pat like making a baby go to sleep. I appreciate that. Then after Iise reached his home, Joshua's turn to poke poke poke the fats on my arm. But I did not response. Paused my life for a moment. Then, everyone reached home, I was the last in the van with Ronald. Ronald said he heard the AY prog I did was very good. Ronald said he heard the youth liked it and had a clear message. Ronald said the youth said it was better than someone else's. I really do not know what is the right feeling to feel right now.
I speak my mind. If the food tastes good, it tastes good. If the food tastes bad, it tastes bad. Why eat food which tasted bad and cover up fakely saying, "WOW aint that TASTY??" The youths are not dumb, they have sense, they should sense.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

If I had a lover ( I plan to search when I'm 21 and start when I'm 22 0r 23 so I can get married at 25 and have my first baby at 27 the next at 29 and next at 31 and maybe next at 33 and maybe the last when I'm 35 and then close factory) things to do with him or to him (yes him, not her) would include:
1. SNAP A PHOTO of us two as I have somehow missed the chance to do so everytime. Even Reshmonu who doesn't even know "him" get to take pics with "him". Cis.
Poses would be great. Photos into stickers? Yap surely upload on facebook.
2. Study together. Bitter plus sweet. Neutralise. Studying would be less boring with encouragement. It would be even sweeter if we attend the same uni and same course so we can shou qian shou hop to classroom then sit next to each other. Or purposely sit further away so we can pass little notes. WEEEEE. Campus life. double WEEEEEEEEEE
3. Exercise together. Jog by the beach while walking/jogging the dog ( any "joggable" animal would do, like tie a collar to a hamster and start running). Hiking. OW Swimming! Which I can't. Which is the point. (evil laugh)
4. If he is not from AY, bring him to visit my church and introduce AY to him. So he can know what a BIG part of my life revolts about. What is Adventitst Youth, what is PAthfinders, what is choir's SATB, what is Icare, what is Social Night, what is prayer marathon, what is Camporee etc.
5. Meet the in-laws. Which is always thrilling...
The preparation as though for a job or scholarship interview...polite modest yet charming dress-up...the adrenaline when "the judgement is near" as in you are finally going to meet your boyfriend's owner/family/blood ties (judges who has ultimate permission of the relationship while you do not have a single clue what kind of girl they would like)...the feeling when meeting soon but not yet, meeting soon but not yet, then they suddenly appear(so kan cheong!)...the strangers who treat you extra nice as though you are some long lost daughter...the super relieved feeling...the brainstorm to remember everything PF taught in Christian Grooming and Mannerism Honor...the preventing of embarassment, the automatic refusal to order Fried Chicken no matter how OH SO irresistable it looked...the hoping that they will ask questions about academic...the excitement of answering daunting questions wisely and spontaneously...the super high if they praised you afer you have gone home...the burden lifted..the natural, effective, constant, persisting DRIVE to really UPGRADE yourself every day after that so you impress them even more the next time you meet them...
6. Vice versa. Bring him to see my family esp Dad's Mom. Get the SIRIM chop. Hope they get along.
7. Culinary! Mark a day on the calendar so we can go groceries shopping (act newlywed) then COOK up a meal together for either his family or my family. It will be a fun project.
Cook all his favourite meals. Have to learn lar. Deliver bento when he is busy to buy. Bake his birthday cake instead of just ordering.
8. Learn from Iise how to massage and give him a good one whenever he is tired.
9. I would gladly do his laundry for him. Can curi smell his clothes. Tidy up his room if i am neater.
10. Um..Can I like..Mandi for him? or ok nvm after kahwin.
11. Watch him sleep and maybe snore.
12. Dining! How can I forget my favourite activity. Sun Bian take pics for food blog.
13. I haven't been to the cinema for ages. Time for couple seat.
14. Aimless shopping.
15. Watch fireworks or count stars. I'm possessed by drama series already.
16. Sit on his lap. and hope I don't fart.
18.Double date?
19. Change my facebook marital status to "In a relationship" and hopefully it gets to change to Married.
20. Blog about him which I have already done a bit.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Rang

Sunny morning, maths period, Lau did a few questions then let us do our own work. Classroom half sounded like a market when suddenly some polyphonic ringtone of some crystal-like mythical magical song rang out loudly. The U6SB/C market practically went SILENT to tune in to that ILLEGAL sound. Yue Rong scurried to dig her bag open (like an ant in a hot pot) to stop the sound. I sit next to her and I do not know how to react but to watch her face go red. My goodness...next time you want to tau tau bring phone to school remember to switch to silent mode lar. FULL VOLUME sumore. I thought these kind of situations only happen in creepy dreams where you wake up feeling relieved. Anyway, among the classmates, I hear whispers and murmurs, I hear giggles, I see some jaws dropped, people look at each other, some secret conference, prefects frozen and hesitated whether or not to take action...like "now ar?". Mr. Lau just float by, ACTING NORMAL. My conference with Yue Rong, Chia Ying and Sook Kuan started immediately, demanding a sane explanation from careless Yue Rong. First she blamed the caller (Inernational call lehh..I dono who yet). But then we said how would the caller know that you are in school, and that if you are in school, by right the phone is either off or out of reach. Then she blamed her brother for playing with her handphone games last night switching to full volume. But then we think it is not his fault, she should know how to switch to silent. Then she asked us not to talk so loud or else people know. Fact is that everyone already knew. While we were discussing the damage, HER PHONE RANGED AGAIN!! MY GOODNESS. If it was me I would have switched OFF the phone entirely dead the first time it ranged or SILENT mode BY NOW. ADUH...super sweat. Yi Wei's group is now doing some serious talking which ended with a burst of laughter. Recess time, Soo Ming gently approached Yue Rong. The handphone is yours? can I have it? Confiscated. Her handphone shall spend 1 month vacation in Ms. Yeo's cold room. Need parents to come to school to redeem it back. Demerit 8 marks. Cant change the situation. Cant blame anyone else. Zhi fa fan fa. Ming zhi gu fan. Zi zao ma fan. Li suo dang ran. Zi shi qi guo. My job is to cheer her up. That's the only thing I can do.