Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Denise made this for me!

Jasmine's SOUR PLUM CHICKEN. drooool.


Morning, went to Cititel to attend the Pengajian Am seminar by Pusat Bimbingan Tanjung. I have never seen so many 6th Formers in my life. All weird-looking people. I registered pretty late so was seated at the last row-S starting from row A. That would be 19 rows in total. 20 orang per row. 380 orang in total. RM50 per person. That would be RM19,000 revenue in just 4 hours!! TSK TSK TSK. PA presentation by Michael Ng, KS Wong and GF Wong. Followed by Motivational talk by Dato Lawrence Chan Kum Peng, a laughing session. I will not share with you what I have learned there and what tips was given so as to make my easily cheated RM50 worth it. NYEH HEH HEH.

Love this from Bamboo.


This afternoon, me, Ivan, Joshua and Mei-Xian waited and waited for Yangson at the Mother's room starting from 2.30 until nearly 3 for committe meeting. I was impatient so I picked up my phone and wanted to call Yangson but Ivan said listen to PEM-ICM better. wait wait wait. In the end Yangson called and asked "Where Are You All? AY at the library first." HeeHEe. We waited for him over here, he waited for us over there.
AY did Spiritual Gifts personality quiz. My top 5 was:
Administration, Preaching, Faith, Helps, Leadership.

Evening, went to 15th Anniversary of Leo Club of Tanjung Penang cum joint Installation and Induction with Union High School and Chung Hwa at Hai Lee Tower Palace, 59th floor Komtar.
Yong Shan and Cheng Inn asked me to help them write speech. Got Installed as assistant Secretary. Raymin lent me this vest which reached my knee. Karaoked. Roared. Ate chinese course dinner. RM35 per person. I had to resist the urge to take pics of the food to prevent the 9 other ppl on the same table to think of me as Sua Pa. so I'll just type the food here.
The food was:
Four seasons appetizers
Artificial Shark's fin
Chicken: half plate roasted, half plate sweet and sour
salad prawn
steam fish
veggie and mushroom which was deliberately made to look like abalone but clearly isn't
fried mee
Kochabi ice-cream cubes
Views from that place. Eh I dunno how to remove my reflection on the glass.


High school girl wants to try first love. Got a secret admirer. Kept talking on the phone without knowing which guy was she talking to. Guy turn out to be gangster type. Anyway they fell for each other. Girl lost virginity. Guy's ex-girlfriend hired other ppl to rape girl. There was this scene where they keep saying sorry to each other. "Sorry I got raped." "Sorry I did not protect you." "Sorry!" "Sorry!" Gomen Gomen Gomen.
Guy beat up the rapers. Some prankters scribbled horrible things about the girl on every blackboard in school. Guy dashed to rub off all. Everything back to normal. Ahem in the library. Girl got pregnant. Broke news to guy. Guy immediately, literally ran away. But ran back with some baby gift saying he will be a great dad. Asked for parent's permission to keep the baby although they are still schooling and swear they will get married and start working once they are 18. Guy's ex-girlfriend accidentally pushed pregnant girl down step of stairs. Miscarriage during Christmas eve. Girl devastated. Couple buried foetus in a particular spot and they both promise to come back every year. Guy suddenly wants to break up. Guy made out with other girls in front of girl. Guy totally ignored girl. Girl confused and broken-hearted. In the end, girl moved on with new guy and new uni life. But still visit baby's grave every xmas eve. This time she saw the guy's bestfriend representing guy to visit baby's grave. Bestfriend said guy couldn't visit baby's grave anymore. Guy bought 100 baby gifts for dead baby, requested bestfriend to deliver to baby's grave every xmas eve. Girl only found out guy started having cancer 3 years ago and guy is avoiding her so as to decrease her pain if he dies. Girl went back to guy. Happy for a while. Guy filled his camera with her pics. Guy said he wants to be the sky so he can watch over girl. Then, guy was on deathbed in emergency room, girl crying while running to hospital while holding 3G phone. Guy wants to see her smile once again. And she forced the prettiest smile although she was sobbing all over. Then the funeral. Then girl wants to jump over the bridge. But two pigeons flew up from under the bridge to the sky.

It's a dramatic drama and a typical ensemble of mishaps. I cried, but then I cry very easily.
Good to watch if you have lost total faith in love. But don't watch this when you are in your jolly lolly mode.


I cant wait for Mo Jie Zuo!!

Yangson's mini Birthday Party during Icare at Mrs.Chan's residence. He just got back from his missionary trip in Sarawak. Watched David Gates missionary video of teaching in rural area. Shaun Joshua and Iise promoted Albin's christmas cantata. Said they completed 4 songs in an hour. can really learn a lot. I really want to join. But the cantata will be on the mid of my STPM lehhh. Iise promoted Daniel Chan who is anti-grading and exams for music but focuses on hearing and playing your favourite songs in an instant. Too bad Iise is still forced to do his grade8 because its some legacy. Sky and Art did, so Iise must. Heehee Iise is now taking over the big brother role now that Sky and Art is away. I was pretty impressed by how he dealt with Gem and Rayne's kiddo disputes.

I do not understand, why, leaving from Mrs.Chan's place (behind 1stop), Yangson dropped me and Chawin (near Westlands) first, followed by Avril (Farlim), then only drop Andrea s and her sis (Mrs. Chan's feets away), then only go home (church or Bayan Lepas).


Realised the number of virgins in high school even in Malaysia is plunging.
MILK IS BAD. China extracted it from latex in old tyres? Luckily I take very little milk throughout my life. You know, I used to be allergic to milk when I was small. Give me one spoon of milk and I'll give you one spoon (that kind of chinese spoon which is shorter and broader and deeper) full of mucus.
napped for 5 hours
Registered for PA seminar although fully aware that it is a scam.
Watched Ghost Whisperer, I propose, Dirt Sexy Money.


Bio class. Teacher let us watch Mind Your Language comedy.
Woo tuition. It's torturing.
Went to Passion to cut hair. Short bob at the back. Longer slight whiskers at the side. Sliding fringe. This could very well be the last time I'm cutting my hair short in the near future.
Watched Rolling Love. What a lousy show.
Uncle Cornelius came to take my computer away.


Twinktwink (my online fashion shop if you remember) is changing its name to AMARYLLIS which in Greek means sparkling.
Was supposed to go on an apple diet to trim my tummy. Eating only apples for the day while drinking a lot of water. I even bought varieties of apples : red, green, fuji, so I won't get sick of one taste.
Look what I ended up eating.

Watched Burn Notice. Watched Criminal Minds.


It was supposed to be a beeaautiful Sunday. I got out of my beautiful sleep and hopped to computer to push the delicate start button that would initiate much joy. Press. No response. Press. No response. Press. Press. Push Push Push PUsh PUSH PUSH. Check the plugs and switches. all connected. got electricity what...URGH guess I have to accept the cruel fact. computer ROSAK. called uncle Cornelius as the previous computer guy who upgraded my computer somehow managed to make my computer rosak 3 times within 4 months after upgrading. Before upgrading it was never out of order, not even once for 3 years.

Went to Prangin with Ma. Ate Little Oasis. The Thai style Chicken Chop tastes astonishingly similar to Chicky Pub's Fried Chicken in Korean Spicy Sauce.

Saw this humungous teddy bear. Just compare its size to the table fan. Don't worry I already asked the shopkeeper's permission to snap this pic.
Btw, I fell in love with KThree shop's earrings.
Eddy ajaked me to do Pathfinder classes together in the holidays after exams. I think we should really finish up the requirements we OWED. And maybe get some real experts to teach us some exotic honors. Intensive. Sort of like a VPS, Vacation Pathfinder School.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Morning, Church.
Choir & Pot luck at Calvin Tean's Residence.
AY, Shaun, Edwin, Iise, Joshua did special music. I did AY program. Knowing the signs of end times is theory. Practical application is the preparation for 2nd coming, fulfill the Great Commission. 1 group sends person who ask questions as though they do not know a thing about God. Another group sends preacher answering questions, spreading the Word. Next round vice versa. Live spontaneous scenario. Panel of judges give points and comments to presentation. Judges are George & Tanya (visitors from London), uncle Calvin, Edwin, Ivan. I think overall was Good. But not Great.

Vespers, funny old man speak. Dinner, Sri Ananda Bahwan. That's the man whose job is to wear Alladin clothes and say"welcome".

Friday, September 19, 2008

You know, I FAILed Mid-Year Maths T Exam in school. But today got UNSW ICAS Maths Assessment results Distinction. U mean PCGHS's standard is higher than UNSW? Penang > Australia??

Oh Woo Hoo!! Yue Rong gave me clothes she didn't want or couldn't wear or not allowed to wear. Lots and lots of clothes!! And I SAPU all.
She gave me:
1. black V neck
2. dark green off-shoulder
3. P&Co. yellow big-U-neck blouse
4. u2 pink cotton tee
5. Seed blue top
6. MNG Basic yellow singlet.
7. Aqua blue singlet
8. Multi color striped sweater
1. Union Bay khakis skirt
2. Lavine jeans mini skirt
3. another jeans skirt
4. MNG grey jeans skirt
5. comma black skirt
6. thick, black pleated skirt

Khor Bio tuition. HUH?? Can cure terminal cancer, cure asthma, and keep young by eatting PLACENTA? Yuk. Served as dumplings in Hong Kong. Bleh.

Icare at Edwin's house. Guys don't simply massage girls in public. Packed home sandwiches and puffs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whole morning in school discussed about shopping online despite the lousy trial results revealed. Um..drum roll please...I AM setting up an online business company called TWINKTWINK! with Yue Rong, Chia Yin & Sook Kuan( aka Lyra, Jesslyn, Jennifer) selling Taiwan, Japan, Korean fashion items, outfits and accessories!!! Yee-ha!!!! But for now, we still do not know where to get our supplies which is apparently the most important thing. Darn. I just set up a food blog with Tee Yee and Wey Yin last month. Which the blog turned out rather...Dead. Hopefully this fashion blog won't be another hangat hangat tahi ayam.
After school, went to Queensbay with mom. Lunch at Dave's Deli. Dave's Deli labeled Dave's Deli to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I wont say 100%. Maybe 70%. Soup was real YUM.
FINALLY, I got my own camera!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE. But using my own savings.
Went to SenQ to buy PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FS3.
8.1 Megapixel. 3.0x Optical zoom. Intelligent Auto Technology. 33mm Wide Angle Leica DC (whatever that means) Vario-Elmarit Lens (whatever). Venus Engine IV (whatever). 2.5" LCD (I can understand this one) Built-in Memory 50 MB. Two 2GB memory card. 4 YEARS WARRANTY. TOTAL=RM778. Free Tripod stand. Free Carrying Case. Free washing of 30 photos.
Too bad they did not have the pink camera. Got a black/noir instead.
Salesman was very friendly and pretty charming and talked about grandmother stories.
Shopped. Bought a pair of light bronze frilly wedge and a pair of snowflake shaped, rainbow colored crystal earrings(see pic). Oo I love the Harajuku section in Jusco ladies department.

URGH. What a poor shot. Couldn get the lighting right. Camera beginners. I will need photography lessons from Edwin or Chawin or Joshua. Ehh how come all marching one.
I am so free I am searching for photos that has Ivan's face to tag to his seemingly photo-deficient profile. Many Langkawi trip photos. Which reminds me, next time if there is a holiday trip of such, I will gladly volunteer to be any of One Heart's girlfriend or sister, so I can still go with them even if they announce "it's a boys trip". Sex change without surgery for a happy holiday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Morning, Woo tuition.
Ma delayed Queensbay trip to tomorrow.
Downloaded and installed RoboForm. Pretty handy. It's to reduce all your account's user name and different fancy passwords into one master password. With one single click you are automatically logged in already without even having to go to the login page. Can even generate and remember super complex passwords. P9aG8#Tx4W!
You can also save your identity. Just fill in one Master Form of personal particulars so next time whenever you need to fill up forms upon signing up stuff, just click roboform and the blanks are all filled with your info for matching enquiry.
WOO. Happy. Got #1 among my friends for "Who has the biggest brain?"(facebook app). 3038cm cube. Let me show off. Neh Neh Neh POo POo. But then actually..the game is not exactly brains. It comes from practice lar. I played 35 times. Ehh but #2 Miki and #3 Cheryl they played 70 over times. Hey hey.
Ivan granted me access to manage his facebook account. Kekeke.
I am really flattered by Edwin who says he is lovin' my blog. Meaningful. Not blogging just for the sake of blogging.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

finnaaalllyyy. TRIALS OVER. YAY.
tomorrow public holiday. Yay
tomorrow going Queensbay. Yay
today can online puas-puas and then sleep till I'm blind.
but there's tuition. Hope I can enjoy that as well.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Morning ate Subway in the car on the way to school. I'm not going to buy Subway ever again. Cant afford.
School, Chemistry makes me feel stupid.
After exam, had brunch at kopitiam near Hope again. It was packed and there wasn't enough seats so I had to share table with strangers. This old man sharing my table creepily and coincidentally ordered the exact same food and drinks as I did. 2 egg Thosai and 1 hot Milo. When the food and drinks came, we looked at the table then we looked each other. Sort of like soul mates huh? Ew. Ew. Eww. antique old man. The difference was, later he bought cigarettes but I did not. So there my soul mate was puffing like a blow fish in front of my face and food, inhibiting me from slowly indulging my hot Milo but had to gulp rapidly and flee instead.
I remember seeing the sign "Merokok membahayakan kesihatan" on the wall in the kopitiam, clearly put on by the government or some authority, which raises the question, why can't they ban tobacco straightaway rather then putting up warning posters while enabling sales of cigarettes. If Singapore can ban chewing gum, how come didn't ban cigarettes? Isn't smoking far worse than chewing? Smoking doesn't do anyone any good at all.
I remember another creepy coincidence was that me and Wen Chin used the precise same font and font color on msn. Kristen and Purple.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Edwin has got the 2x2 Rubik's cube!! OH SO CUTE.
AY, Ivan played a christian movie "Flywheel" for us to watch. Meaningful. Touching. Funny. From the director of "facing the giants". It is very worth it to just play a good video for AY program. Least work with great effect. Work smart. I'm in charge of AY next week. Cant play movie again. Have to crack brain. I pray the ideas will come knocking the door. Or else my head knock wall.
5pm. A talk session by Dr.Timothy Standish from Geoscience faculty of LomaLinda USA. About creation, evolution, big bang, dinosaurs, radiometric dating, trilobites, liger.. Intresting.
Dinner, had Francis Western Food!!! with Ivan, Edwin, Venessa, Joshua, Joseph, Melvin. I introduce and promote. Then we had Gelato at Maxim's. Oh happy day.
There is this machine outside Maxim which sells vibrating condom. How?

Photos courtesy of Edwin Koh.
Thanks Eddy for letting me exploit your camera!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Woke up at 3 am this morning to flip through 23 chapters of Bio Bio.
Biology exam. I love biology, but biology does not love me.
6 down. 2 more to go. Chem 1. Maths 2.
For once I'm excited for sabbath. I only feel the joy of it this week because I have really labored the other 6 days.
Dined at Four Leaves Cafe. Main course not as quality as Francis even though Francis is only in a small kopitiam. Set package also not as worth it as Little Oasis. Four leaves gave 2 small piece of hard bread instead of hot aromatic garlic bread. Gave peas and cucumber instead of coleslaw. Gave small bowl of dilute chicken soup. Drinks from set was coffee or tea but not Iced Lemon Tea. No ice-cream. So next time I should go Little Oasis.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

PA exam. embarrassing.. I brought a bag of colour pens and colour pencils to school but end up not having enough time to finish the graph. Calculated a few times but CANT TELLY. Quite pek cek. Well at least I'm not the only one. Yue Rong just drew 2 circles on graph paper then pass up. Cute. Many other people just fake the digits. Maybe it's the question's mistake. Will have to see how Pn Ong solve it. So I earned a free graph paper today.
Looked for Pn Chan to stick photo on Grad cert which was reprinted.
Brunch. Thosai with egg, chilli powder, a little sugar and butter. Half boil eggs, toasts, Iced Milo. I am satisfied.
Oh noo tomorrow Biology exam. 23 chapters left. Yikes. gtg study.
P.S. why you 走火入魔?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whoo..Having STPM Trials. 3 papers down. 5 more to go. I'm not having a very Feng Shui seat sitting behind form 6's first girl Yi Wei. Cuz i would usually be like...figuring out...ehh...this question how to do ar...slow and steady, sort of fascinated by the exam sheet but then she scribbles vigorously in front of me like a polygraph machine, then I start to panic again. Cold sweat.
But mum has been pampering me recently buying me good food consecutively to boost my mood. Roast chicken, Roti bom, Subway..
Though I'm facing exams, I still online everyday. Cant help. Added this facebook application called "Owned". And I actually get to bid and buy my friends or give them away as Human Gift. heehee.
Jeen-Yi said Aunt Hooi left to Taiwan today at 2:45pm. So close now so far. She is sacrificing her family, career, friends, her whole life here of 30 over years for a man who also lives in Malaysia but has to work in Taiwan. I hope I don't meet a guy from some faraway land. Or else my parents waste rice to feed me. Migrating away is equivalent to losing that person. I hope I get to go see her in Taiwan, then go find Jay, sit in his living room drink tea.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

6Sep-PF DAY 2008

Ho ho ho..Pathfinder day.
Morning, got myself dressed up in the most troublesome attire I have ever worn in my life: full Class A uniform. White shirt, navy skirt, beret, lanyard, neckerchief (need technique), black shoes and socks, epaulet, miscellaneous pins on shirt, sash ( last time sad because empty, now dread because heavy)
In church, Wahhhh.. So many CLASS A ONE uniform. vincent lim, andy lim, melody chew, agnes poey, mrs.chan, steve kuan, cindy kuan, josephine kuan, lisa kuan, yangson. Plus Instructor's strip. It was the tailoring's mistake assuming that all those who ordered the class A1 jacket are instructors. So all class A1 comes with instructor's strip, no matter how much you have contributed to pf or you rarely attend pf, as long as you paid 200 something for jacket. And some people prefer to leave it just there though they are not Instructors. Yangson said he can wear the Instructors strip because he taught explorer class before. But so does Edwin and Meixian and Sky and Art and Aunty Sherene..All taught Explorer this year. Danny Oh and Thomas Chin taught Ranger before. Jiwan taught Rangers so much. Ronald and Philip should also be instructors then. Dicky Ng taught Guides sumore. Nelson taught christian grooming. Sky taught weather. Come to think of it, I taught Rangers muscles and I taught christian storytelling theory part. everyone should be labelled Instructors then. Freebies!

Nelson didn't wear uniform this year. Missed a good sight. He looked real good in MG uniform. Probably because all his honors are hard-earned and he rarely pins up those buyable pins and he is not too thin not too fat. Shaun doesn't look good at all with ALL Friend, Companion, Explorer, and Ranger on his uniform. In fact it is an eye-sore to me. He said he did his classes AT HOME. I have to admit it MAKES SENSE. Jiwan looked good in MG uniform. Because he is only 4 years older than me and is capable of teaching me so much. And he is tall and his sash is long. Too bad he is not here to see us all get Rangers without completing the assignments(which is soo over the deadline) he gave us before leaving to India, abandoning us lost sheeps to the hands of the enemy. That's exaggarating. Anyway, there are sooo many things I want to tell him. He sees things with much more brains. Ivan also, but sometimes I pity Ivan having to bear listening to all my complaints. Jiwan doesn't msn or facebook or read my blog, so he doesn't know his beloved Ranger class has gone down the drain.

Talk about RANGERS. I am the oldest person in the Rangers class. Most of them are either 2 years or 4 years younger than me. Because I joined pf earlier than most of them, I had the ranger card already, and it is already partially done before they started Rangers from zero this year. Furthermore, I am not following the class' speed. I am moving faster at my own pace, completing requirements on an individual basis via doing what assignments Jiwan ask me to do, and getting signatures frm aunty melody and Andy for things I have already done such as Boria and butterfly and colour guard etc. You see, even though I started earlier, partially done, doing individually, get signed, I have only completed about 80% of Rangers. The rest of the people doing Rangers couldn't have completed more than me. As I still go to pf every week. I do what they do. They don't do what I do. You get the picture? At the very most, the rest would have only completed 60%. Today's Investiture, ALL of us, every single one of us, got RANGERS and ADVANCED.

There was this requirement:
Know the culture of another ethnic race and PERFORM one of their dances or sing on of their songs.
Last year, I participated in our pf's BORIA (malay folk dance) team to perform at Thailand Camporee as cultural item. Eventhough we definitely practiced more than 20 hours in total, few hours a day, few times a week during the holidays before camporee, Jiwan was reluctant to sign this requirement for me, as we were not exactly traditional, we mixed with some ballroom thingy. But then, how the others got this requirement done, was when Jiwan wasn't around, uncle steve split us into 3 grps, discuss then perform impromptu. They were wearing B class uniform, they took mop sticks, they ran around the classroom, and they call it chinese dragon dance, whole thing lasted less than 10 seconds. Another group just posed indianic. another group did a bit of sumazau.

Another requirement:
old ranger card says identify 25 butterflies. AND I DID 25. new ranger card (editted?) says identify 10 butterflies. darn..I wasted effort for 15 butterflies. New ranger students, identified ZERO butterflies. They earned Ranger also. And 1person got the Ranger pin and tab early morning before investiture. I still didn't get mine after Investiture and after pot luck and went home.

other requirements will update here. cant finish.

Next, this year's pf day specialty. Pf day and investiture ceremony both had 2 commanders. We were asked to stomp at first, then later were asked to do it softly. Joshua thanked me today for co-orperating with him. I dono what that means. I hope I haven't been hurting his feelings. My views are not at all against him. My views are against non-sensical administration.

Realised church is less decorated this year. No aim & motto hanging. No PF triangle emblem sticked on every pew. No enlarged honors on the wall. Why? cant find. So they asked elsie nathan (who doesn't come to pf anymore) WHERE are all the props?

Summary of pf day morning ceremony:
march in. onward christian soldiers.
pledge, law, pray
slide show of activities throughout the year
march out
shake hands
group photo
as usual

Lunch, hangout, and AY short video at Chews lost paradise. Took pictures with Andrea K and Venessa all around the place. Chawin called it "vaining". Chawin has got the professional touch of a photographer, he took a few nice ones for us. Iise is so sweet. He burned Sims2 expansion packs for me. I didn't even ask. He knows I'm crazy about Sims. Straightaway asked me which expansion I do not have yet. And TA-DA dvd burned for me!

Latest craze of AY: Rubiks cube
But I find it absurd that all of them are not interested in solving the cube using own thinking and logic. They are simply memorising the formulae(algorithm) and executing it. WHAT'S THE POINT?? And Timothy shows off that he can solve the cube in dono how many seconds. But he cant even solve one layer without formula. Mabelle uses the formula, so I told her no point, and she says she is learning the basics first mah, then only solve herself. Don't anyone get it?? The formula AINT the basics. It's the answers!!! Memorise formula then do without referring aint solving yourelf. And everytime I tell them it's like not knowing how to solve a math question, so you memorise the answers to write in exam, I would surely annoy someone. So i better shut up and let them go their own sweet foolish ways.

5pm Investiture. Fall in before going up stage receive honors (take back sash only). I was so miserable I almost wanted to scream. I see the people awarding honors are Zovi Poey, Dr.Shee, Aunty Sherene, Rei Hong, Sharon Ng etc. Nooo I do not want to get my Pathfinder awards from them. Again, don't get me wrong. I like them. But they don't even come to Pathfinders, haven't even completed Friend, how to award my sash back to me? So many things in my sash they don't have the slightest idea what on earth is that piece of thing lehh. They salute also one kind lehh. I debated in my mind, can I like, not salute to them, even if Joshua shout hormat ke depan? That would be berontak. Aww.. But then, God bless me. I wanted to scream YAY. They changed the panel of awarders. Into vincent lim, melody chew, steve kuan etc... PHEW. I got aunty melody(my ambition) to award me my honors gained.Happily receive.

I have christian citizenship honor already. Done few years back. So this year when they are doing this the second time. I 100% FLUNK this honor. Skip class. No test. Didn't pass up assignment. I done before d mah.. BUT STILL THEY GIVE ME christian citizenship honor this year. AMAZING


Aunt melody says, welcome to pf EXCO
Uncle steve says, Heard u want to pf director next year.
I talk big only. Yangson tell is it?

Oh, potluck joyfully attacked and devour food cuz starved. Then church crowd proceed with Jungle Night cum Talent Show. They were all excited. BUT I went HOME instead. Missed the subsance-less fun. Will watch whatever they did on youtube instead. Why? Stupid STPM trial is eating my life up. 2days left to exams. Sacrifice fun time. .
Tomoro Aunt Hooi's farewell also. She is emigrating to Taiwan and I will rarely get the see her again! I really really wanted to go! But then journey to and fro Tambun is long plus hangout eats time. I haven't been studying. I really need TIME!! And STPM trial IS important. Won't get school grad cert if fail. Asked Dad, if it's ok if I don't go. He said Aunt Hooi will understand. I hope she will. Dad says, just stay home and study lar dear. This is the first time he calls me dear. T.T
Becuase of trial i cant take leo orientation test and I cant go anniversary meeting also.Bummer.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Youth Choir songs sang

  1. Cherish the child
  2. Praise the Saviour Medley
  3. Hallelujah Medley
  4. All things bright and beautiful
  5. Proclaim the glory of the Lord
  6. Seekers of your heart
  7. Blessed Redeemer
  8. Love is a cross
  9. I stand redeemed
  10. Weave me, Lord
  11. We will not fail
  12. Calvary's Love
  13. You are my all in all
  14. There is a Saviour
  15. Jesus paid it all
  16. The gift goes on
  17. House of prayer
  18. Grace alone
  19. God is on our side
  20. Awesome God
  21. Near to the heart of God
  22. Perfect rose
  23. Friends
  24. Angels shouting
drop comments if I missed out any


Ernie's bday. Sent him growing gifts and hatching egg and threw him a cake and wrote on wall via facebook. Realised I might not look sincere to him as those are all FREE?
Went to Bio tuition. Khor said STPM Science stream candidates: last year 15,ooo people competing, this year (my year) 8430 only. Dono how true is that but sounds good to me.
Was touched by Denise today. Eeeeeee. Her blog about me not liking Arashi.
I seriously didn't take notice and sometimes neglect those things that mattered to her. Sorry..for being so pro-Jay and anti-non-composing. And I thank God for a best friend like her. Feels weird to read stranger's comments in her blog that talks about me. Heehee.
Also, her comments on my blog right here, didn't know that she feels weird walking pass rico. eeks.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Bungkus Chicky pub's Fried Chicken Set home. I am happy.

I know some people might just hate me. MaLU. As everybody skips school before exam but I do not have to ask my parents to write letters. The school limits parents' letters to 7 per year and it affects grading of conduct if it is more. I'm sorry the doctor himself is willing to give me MC. I wish I could give all of you too but I'm really sorry I cant. You are not that clinic's patient and everybody in the class can't possibly go to the same clinic on the same day.

Why do some people who never bother to attend Pathfinders at all, not even once, is so desperate to wear Class A uniform and march in on Pathfinders Day? Are they even qualified? Luckily Uncle Vincent understands the situation and restricts them.

KIAM PAR (owe slapping) replies:
1. When I say sorry. He or she says Sorry No Cure.
2. When I shared about something bad that has happened to me. He or she says, "Luckily I don't have."

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

COMPOSED by JAY周杰伦...so original and talented

1. 可爱女人
2. 完美主义
3. 星晴
4. 娘子
5. 斗牛
6. 黑色幽默
7. 伊斯坦堡
8. 印地安老斑鸩
9. 龙卷风
10. 反方向的钟
11. 爱在西元前
12. 爸我回来了
13. 简单爱
14. 忍者
15. 开不了口
16. 上海一九四三
17. 对不起
18. 威廉古堡
19. 双节棍
20. 安静
21. 世界末日
22. 蜗牛
23. 你比从前快乐
24. 半兽人
25. 半岛铁盒
26. 暗号
27. 龙拳
28. 火车叨位去
29. 分裂
30. 爷爷泡的茶
31. 回到过去
32. 米兰的小铁匠
33. 最后的战役
34. 以父之名
35. 懦夫
36. 晴天
37. 三年二班
38. 东风波
39. 你听得到
40. 同一种调调
41. 她的睫毛
42. 爱情悬崖
43. 梯田
44. 双刀
45. 我的地盘
46. 七里香
47. 借口
48. 外婆
49. 将军
50. 搁浅
51. 乱舞春秋
52. 困兽之斗
53. 园游会
54. 止战之场
55. 夜曲
56. 蓝色风暴
57. 发如雪
58. 黑色毛衣
59. 四面楚歌
60. 枫
61. 浪漫手机
62. 逆鳞
63. 麦芽糖
64. 珊瑚海
65. 飘移
66. 一路向北
67. 夜的第七章
68. 听妈妈的话
69. 千里之外
70. 本草纲目
71. 退后
72. 红模仿
73. 心雨
74. 白色风车
75. 迷迭香
76. 菊花台
77. 牛仔很忙
78. 青花瓷
79. 阳光宅男
80. 蒲公英的约定
81. 无双
82. 扯
83. 甜甜的
84. 我不配
85. 最长的电影
86. 彩虹
87. 千山万水
88. 周大侠
89. 不能说得秘密
90. Secret
91. 斗琴
92. 四手联弹I&II
93. 路小雨
94. 立可白
95. 早操
96. 脚踏车
97. 淡水海边
98. 黄金甲
99. 霍元甲
100. 献世
101. 深蓝色情书
102. 加世界
103. 瓦解
104. 轨迹
105. 断了的弦
106. 屋顶
107. 蝴蝶姬
108. 二手烟
109. 找自己
110. 大头贴
111. 情画
112. 说爱你
113. 布拉克广场
114. 骑士精神
115. 倒带
116. 海盗
117. 你怎么连话都说不清楚
118. 热带雨林
119. 湖滨公园
120. 候鸟
121. 祝我生日快乐
122. 北斗星
123. 抱一抱
124. 刀马旦
125. 算命
126. 我爱的人
127. 秘密花园
128. 晴天娃娃
129. 就是爱
130. 花海
131. 魔术先生
132. 稻香
133. 蛇舞
134. 时光机
135. 流浪诗人
136. 兰亭序
137. 说好的幸福呢
138. 给我一首歌的时间
139. 龙战骑士
140. 乔克叔叔


Got Jadual Peperiksaan STPM today. Darn...PA2 and Chem2 on the same day. Maths1 is until 5pm and Bio2 is in the morning right after. Need time to refresh memory lehh. MATHS T PAPER TWO on MY BIRTHDAY. Dang.

Planned with Sook Kuan, Chia Ying and Yue Rong to go SHOPPING and DINING in KL in December after STPM!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Slumber party at HOTEL room. WEEEEEEE. Can't wait for the ultimate freedom. Cant wait for life after STPM!!!!!!! This is a higher HIGH compared to after SPM. No more pcghs. No more uniform of that blue colour I'm sick off. Can throw away my grey school shoes. No more those canteen food. No more tuition. I promise I won't touch any academic books for some time. I won't cut my hair. I won't cut my nails. Time to be a bimbo!!! or a punk. Shall online 24 hours. Play every single computer game I can find. Weeeeeeee..STRESSLESS BABY! STRESS-LESS!

Ice-cream stall outside school. ONE RINGGIT for CONE and TWO SCOOPS. Life is GREAT.

Saw Karen's baby son today for the first time. The one that forced her to quickly get married or else she won't fit into nice evening gowns. Eeeks.

I miss chicky pub's aromatic cripy tender fried chicken. Went to check out with Sook Kuan after Woo. Closed. Went to BT food court with Ma. Waited and waited. Fried chicken stall still don't want to open itself although the stall owner is already there for some time but just hanging around with other hawkers.

First time I have heard of people dreading SPA. Michelle conned my Ma into paying a lump sum of RM390 which allows her to do 30 times of heating under stones per month. She enjoyed the first few sessions. So she is determined to go every evening whether it storms or flood. But then I see Ma forcing herself to go everyday although she is very tired and heating makes her even grumpier, just so that it will be TAT.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

pat guar edu info

Jiwan-Medicine-CMC India
Julius-Biomedical Engineering-La Trobe
Min Ee-Nursing-PAH
Cheryl-Pharmacy-South Australia
Yangson-Mechatronic Engineering-PSDC
Wey Yin-Veterinary-Murdoch
Wey Mey-Medicine-UWA
Sze Yin-Psychology-HELP
Tee Yee-Biomedical Science-Monash Msia
Hui Gim-Medicine-UKM
York Fuan-Physiotherapy-UKM
Dennis-Political Science, Phil of Law-Canada
Aun Qi- Medicine- Southampton
Hui Li-Chemistry-Southampton
Hui Ming-Law-King's College
Siu Wei-Law-KDU
Jia Ling-Chemical Engineering-Curtin
Wei Shen-Business-Sunderland
Saw Ean-Food science&Nutrition-UCSI

Monday, September 1, 2008

4.Increase value
5.Be the right person


Keep in mind

100% Trust
0% Disobey
100% Live

For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37
Everything is possible for him who believes. Mark 9:23
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22
Ask and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Mat7:7
If you, then, though you are evil, know how to gift good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Mat7:11

Live to the fullest
Work hard
Play hard
Be a blessing
Fulfill God's will
Prepare for eternity


life is short, be happy
God helps those who helps themselves
secret-feel happiness of success


Morning, regret walking under hot sun and inhaling pollution into my lungs to go marching under tyranny although exams round the corner. Wasted time. Was scolded by my junior as soon as I reached there for not wearing B-class uniform. Well, you didn't tell us to wear Bclass and all the unofficial marching practices lastime we usually wear casual clothes also. If you want us to wear B-class, just TELL us. "WEAR B CLASS" 3 words only, can die meh? Save your breath from scolding, definitely more than 3 words. Forgot to inform, just admit it. Forgot to inform, no right to scold. But I forgive you. Then, we practiced a few hours just for the going up stage (definitely lasts less than 1 minute on real day) to get easily earned honors. Even Mabelle also said, "HUH? ask you all to come just because of that?" I said I regretted coming. Robert and Andrea immediately nod their heads. Moreover, I bet church members are only interested in the pot luck and talent night, not the investiture. I hate marching. I hate marching. I truly hate marching. It's dull looking (except for fancy drill) and is a form of unnecessary torment. I mean under the context of a christian youth, marching practice serves the least purpose of spreading gospel compared to bible study, AY, choir, community service, every other church activities. And I doubt your parents is going to feel proud just because you march. Doing for the medals? No medals for marching in pathfinders. Feel pride? Isn't the glory of the Lord more important than self pride? Besides, SAUM camporee is only once in 4 years. Stop scolding us that we have no "UUMPH". Yes i agree we have to march with uumph. But the more force and scoldings we get, the less uumph we can give. How can I march with uumph when I am simply not even interested or INTO marching, we DREAD marching practices, and I feel even more annoyed when we were THREATENED to come or else we won't get our Rangers and honors. Stop making church an unhappy place. PF is under AY. AY is under SDA. SDA is under christianity. PF is not in anyway linked under school prefects and cadets. But whatever I say makes no difference. Wish Jiwan was here. I agree with Edwin, the marching session by Andy 3 weeks ago was the BEST marching session of the year. Fun learning without pressure.
Realised home tutor earns a lot. SPM 3 sciences B, C, C, no A, you can still give PMR students Science private tuition. Rm10 per hour. Or PMR3A out of 8 and SPM 5A out of 12. Giving tuition Rm15 per hour. I'm just saying that, although thousands are capable of achieving straight As, it's definitely not the end of the world if you did not make it. You can still earn a living pretty easily. Even if you do not enter medicine, if you enter some biology degree which people usually consider it a jobless career in Penang, give tuition then. Khor charges RM42 per student, he has aprrox 100 students, which will be RM42oo. And he only teaches us 6 hours per month. That will be RM700 per hour. Ka-ching. Notes sold separately. But then you need to be really knowledgable and not boring. Church secretary is also another job which is viable. Although the pay is only rm500 per month but you only work 12 hours per week. Which will be getting RM10.41 per hour for hanging around, chatting with anyone who happens to be in church, watch people marching, online in the church office. Nobody knows even if you don't come.
Lunch ate continental spaghetti. he extended flight to next friday. so 11 days left. eeks. I'm happy counting.